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Where to Put the Cable Box When You Have a TV Above the Fireplace

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Design a Stylish Living Room with a TV Above the Fireplace

Step 1: Pick Your Fireplace – Figure out what kind of fireplace you would prefer in your living room. Whether you choose a traditional, contemporary or anything in between, this will be the anchor piece of your design. When selecting the right one for you and your family, consider factors such as size and how much space it will take up.

Step 2: Select Your TV – Once you have decided on the perfect fireplace, look at TV sizes that are compatible with it. Determine the best placement for both the LCD television and the fireplace to ensure everything is functional and aesthetically balanced. If there is already an existing stand for your television, make sure it works both with a mantle as well as being fitted above the fireplace.

Step 3: Designing a Mantel – To properly install a flat-screen above the fireplace, create additional support by adding proper shelving or constructing a custom mantel to make room for cable box hooks and other equipment. You may even consider wallpaper or fabric backdrops to decorate either side of the TV in order to create a more polished look also ensuring durability if hanging pictures or other décor items atop its side walls.

Step 4: Wall Mounting– Now its time to get mounting! Get help from an expert when considering potential issues that can occur with wall mounting your flat-screen such as being able to connect all necessary wires while keeping them exposed only where they need to be seen; like how many screws you’ll need in order to properly secure into place; any insulation threats posed due to heat near combustible materials; even making sure that there’s no danger of electrical shock– these components will help prevent potential disasters resulting in expensive repair bills later down line . §§

Step 5: Set Up Furniture & Décor Pieces -Once everything is mounted properly consider seating locations when experimenting with furniture placement ideas like stools directly beneath console areas wherever feasible so guests can watch their favorite shows conveniently . Choose décor pieces like artwork that evoke relaxation so viewers can find tranquility while utilizing modern day conveniences like multi-for mats plasmas also adding extra cushions & throws further providing homey vibes without compromising style credentials (pinky promise!).

Where to Put the Cable Box: Considerations and Best Practices

When it comes to deciding where to put the cable box in your home, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Not only is this little black box a necessity for you and your family members’ entertainment needs, but it can also be an eyesore if not properly placed. To ensure that both your viewing preferences and aesthetics remain intact, here are some best practices for placing your cable box in your space:

First, consider the location of television set in relation to other furniture or electronics. Cable boxes are usually powered by non-rechargeable power cords, meaning once plugged in they should stay where they were placed; otherwise, plugging and unplugging them will prove a hassle. Therefor placing the cable box close enough to the TV won’t require frequent movement is paramount; it’s usually recommended that 2-3 feet clearance from both devices should suffice.

Second, pay attention to furniture placement when deciding where you want the cable box to go. If your living room has more seating/furniture on one side than the other, placement somewhere near couch cushions may prove beneficial when attempting access. Alternatively, if you plan on using an audio/visual receiver—this could include soundbars too—to better project sound during movie nights and game days; then consider connecting all equipment such as DVD players and gaming systems directly through this device rather than through the TV separately. This way you’ll only need worry about a singular source point when powering up leisurely events (and less mess with cords!).

Lastly yet just as important as any other factor however is taking into account your own visual preference (Yes—personal taste does matter here!). When arranging cables boxes or phones hubs make sure their look blends with surrounding décor; try camouflaging them atop shelves flush against walls for example or equipped beneath tables discreetly depending upon available space constraints or arrangements already present throughout a given area like bedrooms for instance! With these simple steps we guarantee peace-of-mind knowing both audible excellence coupled technical organization will always come hand-in-hand ensuring whatever spot chosen will ultimately satisfy on every level: form versus function enjoyment (at its finest!)

FAQs on How to Design a Stylish Living Room with a TV Above the Fireplace and Where to Put the Cable Box

A living room with a TV above the fireplace can be an attractive feature in any home. However, when it comes to mounting and connecting the television, there are several important considerations. To help you design a stylish living room with your TV mounted above the fireplace, here are some frequently asked questions to consider:

Q: Is it safe to put my TV above the fireplace?

A: When done correctly, installing your television above a fireplace is perfectly safe. Make sure that you choose a mounting system that is designed for this purpose, keep any electronics away from heat sources, and follow all safety instructions for installation. Additionally, ensure that adequate ventilation exists behind the television for any heat build-up.

Q: How high should I mount my TV above the fireplace?

A: There is not one definitive answer as it depend on many factors such as size of room, seating distance from screen and average height of viewers within the space – but generally speaking we recommend 60”+ televisions being mounted no higher than 44inches off ground & smaller than 55” televisions being mounted no higher than 40″ off ground – but use caution depending on layout and take measurements if possible.

Q: Where do I put my cable box if my TV is mounted above the fire place?

A: An optional shelf setup or wall mount bracket can be used to house a cable box behind your Television (inflation brackets also available). Alternatively you could look into using alternative streaming options as well as TIVO which allows storage of programs for viewing at later times – both offering an easy way to cut down mess & cables!

Top 5 Benefits of Having a TV Above the Fireplace

1. Aesthetically Pleasing: There is no denying that an Entertainment center with a TV above the Fireplace can bring a modern, sleek and classy look to any living area. By placing the television within eye-level range, it creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere in any home. The combination of the two traditional elements has become increasingly popular over the years and can be seen in many luxurious homes for good reason – it looks great!

2. Space Saver: When mounting a television above your fireplace, you have much more freedom with space to use as you please. By leaving ample room, this allows for couches or chairs to be placed where ever you’d like which makes for easy maneuvering of furniture if needed at any given time. This also prevent having bulky entertainment centers taking up too much floor space making your home look cluttered and cramped.

3. Easy Access & Placement: With having your tv above the fireplace, you can easily access all wiring behind it as opposed to being tucked away in an entertainment center stand. This way there’s less hassle when needing to plug any electronics into their power source avoiding nasty tangles and knots caused by cords being piled up on one another resulting in a neat set-up idealized quality of life – especially those who are tech savvy!

4. Ventilation & Heat Reduction: Having a TV above the fireplace reduces heat loss through vents resulting in better efficiency and less energy consumption- reducing both cost & waste for homeowners alike! This also ensures that no heat reaches your television therefore avoiding overheating issues caused by prolonged hanging closeby potential hot sources such as radiators etc- so now everyone can relax knowing their components are safe from harm’s way despite being positioned near open fireplaces often found within our homes these days!

5. Comfortability & Safety: Having your television mounted at eye level directly facing outwards creates an optimal viewing experience adding comfort & ease while ensuring safety across all aspects involved with installation (i.e not having wires draped down from ceiling fittings etc). Additionally when hung higher than usual units, accident hazards posed by children reaching up towards moving screens can essentially eliminated altogether providing protection for both children & adults alike – further reinforced when used alongside anti-tilt or locking systems which will most definitely put not only minds but hearts at ease too!!

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Placing a TV Above Your Fireplace

Placing a television above your fireplace may seem like a convenient and stylish solution for your entertainment needs. However, there are some potential problems that can arise if you’re not careful when installing the unit. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when mounting a TV above your fireplace:

1. Not testing the connection between the TV, cable box and other components before installation. Before installing any hardware related to your TV mounting setup, it’s important to check all the connections in advance. This way, you can avoid any surprises when installation is complete.

2. Not properly securing the structure that holds up the TV. Make sure all screws and bolts used in building the structure are securely tightened or connected using appropriate adhesives like silicone caulk so that everything stays firmly attached in place even after years of use.

3. Installing a wall mount without taking into account factors such as airflow requirements or stud spacing on walls/ceilings. When placing anything above an open flame, it is essential to consider potential heat sources and make sure there is enough room for proper ventilation around your electronic equipment for it’s safe operation and longevity . If stud placement isn’t available within where you originally planned to place your wall mount then additional support such as blocking behind drywall should be taken into consideration . Having too much weight on one single area of a wall couldn’t prove structurally

Tips for Hiding Cables and Wires Associated With Your TV Above the Fireplace

If you’re like many homeowners, you want your television to look as neat and clean as possible. Installing it above the fireplace is a great way to achieve that desired look with minimal fuss. However, unsightly cables and wires often find their way from these two pieces of equipment, ruining the aesthetic. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can hide the cables and wires associated with your TV above the fireplace–keeping your space looking spick and span!

1. Look for recessed outlets: One clever yet underrated way of hiding wires associated with a TV mounted over a fireplace is to install recessed outlet boxes. Not only do they blend well into almost any type of wall surface, but they also keep all cords tucked away in one convenient and (most importantly) unseen spot.

2. Invest in cable raceway: When mounting your TV over a fireplace involves more complex wiring than necessary (for instance, may be running power lines in addition to device connections) cable raceways can easily do the trick! This device conceals cables within durable plastic channels that simply hang neatly along whatever area contains them—so you won’t have to worry about those bulkier electrical or networking cords constituting an eyesore on your wallscape.

3. Utilize cord covers: For fireplaces with just one or two components connected via smaller gauge wires or coaxial cables, cord covers provide an easy cover-up solution without sacrificing convenience or style. Choose from adhesive-backed models for low traffic areas, decorative hard cases for heavier installation applications (i.e., further down near the base of the chimney), or simple fabric sleeves so walls preserve classic appearances while protecting cords at their core!

4 Egg crates: If dusting off an old egg carton seems like taking things one step too far when it comes to home décor experimentation…. fear not! Egg crates offer affordable solutions when routed alongside other walls containing larger items inset within frames—since they actually make good use of awkwardly sized gaps around windowsills and doorways! Best still—these lightweight mesh grids easily bend into shapes that fit snugly over industrial grade stores like tubes where excess wire tangles tend towards greater visibility over complicated backdrops… providing both secure anchoring points for taps plus decent camouflage for flowing coils heading up towards the TV screens overhead .

Hopefully these tips will turn out helpful in maintaining a satisfactory visual appearance when it comes to concealing cords from TVs placed atop fireplaces! By thinking outside the box (no pun intended!), any awkward technical rabbit holes can be transformed into streamlined beauties ready to weekend gathering enjoyment throughout lands populous with decorations which made sense initially—if only our eyes could know their subtleties too

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