What to Hang Over a FireplaceHow to Decorate Above a Fireplace: Ideas for a Stylish Mantel

What to Hang Over a FireplaceHow to Decorate Above a Fireplace: Ideas for a Stylish Mantel Fireplace Surround and Hearth Materials

Introduction to What You Can Hang Over a Fireplace

A fireplace is often the centrepiece of a room, providing warmth and creating an inviting focal point for friends and family. But sometimes we may want to add a little extra flair or pizzazz with something unique hung above the mantle. There are many different options that can bring colour, character and style to your living space, and you don’t need to be limited to just photos. Here is a comprehensive guide to everything you can hang over a fireplace.

Wall Clocks – Wall clocks are an obvious choice for hanging over a fireplace but they don’t have to be your typical analogue clock in standard black or silver. With so many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles there will be one out there perfectly suited to your taste and space. Hang two if it’s a larger area or find one big enough that when alone speaks volumes about who you are as homeowner! Digital clocks also offer maximum convenience giving you the option of setting multiple alarms with ease – good morning sunshine!

Mirrors – Mirrors provide endless possibilities; from ornate gilded beauties perfect for traditional homes, sleek minimalistic options for modern styles or anything else in between mirrors open up all sorts of creative options for reflecting light, creating impactful centrepieces over fireplaces all year round. They look really stunning whether framed with metal studs, wooden frames or even no frame at all – depending on your look and feel pairing them with an appropriate sconce set either side will bring balance and symmetry that gives any room pizzazz!

Paintings & Artwork – Paintings can easily become art pieces if designed well enough but choosing the right one might be tricky (which is where knowing exactly what kind of style you wish to achieve becomes important). Abstractionism is great way go if you’re feeling experimental while real life works make better sense traditionally crafted interiors especially adding warm touches here monochrome paint our popular choice today utilizing contrasting elements spruce details not

5 Creative Ideas for How to Hang What Over a Fireplace: Step by Step

1. Barnwood sign: Give your fireplace an instant facelift by hanging a rustic-looking barnwood sign above it! This easy DIY project simply involves finding a piece of distressed wood and using acrylic paint to draw or paint your desired phrase or image. With this simple, yet elegant way of sprucing up the look of your fireplace, it’ll be the centerpiece of the room in no time at all!

2. Eclectic frame display: Do you have an ever-growing collection of frames that you’ve been wanting to showcase? For something truly unique, hang a mismatched collection of frames around the fireplace mantel! Choose different sizes and shapes for a more eclectic look. Empty frames can also create a great effect if their shape adds some extra contrast against other frames with images in them.

3. Repurposed artwork: Whether you find amazing vintage prints or use scraps of glam wallpaper, upcycled artworks add an unexpected twist to any room. Hang them over your fireplace as they will perfectly complement the beauty and charm of its surrounds while adding an interesting layer to its overall decorating style.

4. Colorful garland: Get festive quickly and easily with colorful paper garlands hung across the mantelpiece! This can be great for holiday décor but why not keep them up all year round? Paper garlands come in various shapes and sizes so pick one that matches your interior design theme and watch it instantly transform into a vibrant magic carpet that takes everyone’s eyes straight to the focal point: your fireplace!

5. Copper pot shelf: For those looking for practical ways to hang what over their fireplaces, look no further than copper pot shelves! Not only do these sturdy lightweight shelves serve as ideal storage solutions for all kinds of items; their smooth shiny surface ensures that they fit well with any home interior too!

Frequently Asked Questions on Hanging Something Over a Fireplace

Q: What kind of decor can I hang over a fireplace?

A: The possibilities are endless! An oversized painting or photograph, mirror, garland, decorative clock, sconces, lights, stone plaque or ceramic sculptures are all great choices for decor above your fireplace. It all depends on the size and shape of your available wall space and the desired aesthetic you wish to create. The most important thing is that it does not hinder in any way with the functionality of your fireplace. Additionally, if structural integrity is something to consider for what you’re hanging, be sure to consult with a professional contractor before attempting any installation.

Benefits and Drawbacks of What To Hang Over A Fireplace

The age-old question of what to hang over a fireplace has been around since the dawn of home decorating. There are many options available, however, some may have both benefits and drawbacks depending on your own preferences and the space you have available in your home.

One common suggestion is art or a framed painting. Whether it’s classical or modern pieces, this can be a great way to make your living room feel more special and create a focal point for the room. Art can be expensive though and it’s important to pick something that works with your existing style while still looking fresh when seasons change. Additionally, artwork may not be versatile enough if you plan on replacing furniture frequently; in this case, perhaps consider other options such as mirrors which blend well with almost any colour palette.

On the practical side of things, you may want to hang shelving alongside your fireplace as an alternative. Utilitarian yet stylish storage solutions can extend up to as high as two storeys tall so they can easily fit narrow alcoves without overcrowding the room. This option also gives you plenty of flexibility if deciding what to put onto shelves becomes difficult due to lack of wall space elsewhere in the house – using shelves over time will give you an idea of what decorative tactics work while avoiding overspending at once like when investing into artwork.

If shelves or paintings aren’t quite suitable for your home, there’s one genre left – outdoor lanterns! Not only attractive but also functional, outdoor lights bring coziness and illuminate reading corners that instantly create an inviting atmosphere for family conversations held at fireside gatherings – perfect for colder nights indoors during winter months!These lights might require certain power requirements that need professional installation though so make sure the appropriate precautions are taken during their installation process beforehand; otherwise their beauty could become risky should problems arise later down the line!

Top 5 Facts About Hanging Something Above Your Fireplace

1. Hanging something above a fireplace can be an excellent way to add character and style to a room. Depending on the type of artwork you hang and the placement, it can make the space seem more inviting and interesting.

2. It is important to pay attention to the size of your artwork when hanging something above the fireplace. If you have a small hearth area, choose art that’s proportional to the size of your hearth but don’t overcrowd it either. Using multiple pieces instead of one large piece will also achieve balance in your home décor.

3. Placing a television above the fireplace has become increasingly popular lately but be sure to take into account how much heat or cold air is coming off the fireplace while determining where best to position it in order to avoid any damage over time.

4. When choosing what type of material or platform your artwork should go on, keep in mind how heavy it will be both for its own safety plus for reducing stress on dry wall screws and anchors. Going with something lightweight like a wire display hanger might be your best option if you plan on changing out pieces often, or alternatively you could also purchase something heavier like an iron bracket if you are aiming to stick with one piece for good!

5. Finally, always ensure that whatever you decide on is properly secured so that nothing comes flying off due to temperature changes or regular daily use of the space; otherwise this beautiful statement piece won’t last very long!

Where to Find Creative Ideas for What to Hang Over Your Fireplace

A fireplace provides a wonderful focal point to nearly any room, but you can make it look even more special with classic or unique artwork. Whether you’re looking for something timeless and elegant, or modern and avant-garde, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect item(s) to hang over your fireplace. Here are some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

Personal Photos – Take a walk down memory lane by filling the wall above the mantel with pictures that tell the story of your life. This could include framed family photos from various milestones, portraits of children or even landscape photography from vacations taken together.

Works of Art – No mantle is complete without a few well-curated works of art. Visit an art gallery in person or order pieces online that speak most uniquely to your aesthetic style. A full painting can be an impressive statement piece, while smaller prints would work well if space is limited. Consider mixing and matching black-and-white art prints with vivid illustrations for interesting texture and depth on the wall.

Mirrors – Mirrors look great above fireplaces because they reflect light off both surfaces to create an unexpected touch of shimmer and shine inside any room. Look for mirrored frames with antiques details or clean lines depending on your preferences – ornate frames add elegance while simpler shapes have strong geometric appeal.

Memorabilia – If you have memorabilia from events such as sports championships, political elections etc., why not display these proudly in honor of what these historic moments mean (or meant) to you? Pictures, posters and ticket stubs can all be framed into a cohesive collection that will bring energy, life and spark meaningful conversations around them each time someone visits!

Wreaths – For seasonal distinction — especially during holidays— adding a rustic wreath made from natural materials like greenery, branches and pinecones adds interest without overpowering the rest of décor

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