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TV Mounted Above Fireplace? Heres Where to Put the Cable Box!

Introduction to How to Hide Your Cable Box When You Have a TV Mounted Above Your Fireplace

If you have a television mounted above your fireplace and you want to hide cable boxes, remotes, and other accessories and devices, it can be tricky. Luckily, there are some ways to do it and make your setup look great.

One of the best options is to purchase a specialty cabinet that is made specifically for this purpose. These cabinets have been designed to fit seamlessly between the TV mount and the wall or mantel shelf, allowing your cable box, remote(s), gaming systems, and related items to be tucked away while keeping them readily accessible. Many of these cabinets also feature adjustable shelving so you can customize them even further.

Another option would be adding in-wall storage space into the design of the room. This works especially well if you are renovating or building a new home because you can plan for additional cubbies that line up with where your TV will be mounted. Then all of your cables can run straight from their portals up onto shelves situated behind your television set. It’s an easy way to maintain an organized look without having lots of loose wires running across surfaces everywhere!

No matter what method you use – whether these specialty cabinets or built-in cubbies – making sure all cords and equipment are securely attached is essential for safety reasons. Vaguely dangling wires may pose an aesthetic conundrum but actually present a much bigger risk in the event someone trips over them or gets those cords tangled around their neck in any way!

Also check any local building codes that might apply as some jurisdictions require fire blocking measures between furniture/appliance installations near combustible materials like wood paneling, flooring or curtains/drapes near firesplaces as part of overall fire hazard mitigation strategies recommended by authorities such as local fire commissions & departments.

Step-by-Step Guide on Hiding a Cable Box When You Have a TV Mounted Above Your Fireplace

Hiding a cable box when you have a TV mounted above your fireplace can be tricky. Not only do you want to make sure it’s tucked away neatly, but you also need to ensure that your TV is still close enough to the box in order for it to work optimally. Fortunately, there are several creative DIY solutions that will help you keep both the TV and your cable box looking sleek and stylish without sacrificing functionality.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hide a cable box when you have a TV mounted above your fireplace:

1. Determine the Right Position & Height: First, measure where exactly your cable box needs to be installed in order for it to communicate with the television effectively. You’ll want to carefully consider where the best spot is— having too far away will lead to electronic issues such as signal interference while having it too close could be an eyesore against the wall or mantelpiece.

2. Choose the Proper Hiding Spot: Once you’ve determined where precisely the cable box needs to go don’t forget about styling! If possible, try tucking it into an existing shelf or cabinet near your mounted television (but not too close!). Alternatively, if necessary, you can also purchase recessed wall mounts that allow for easy integration of AV components as well our floating shelves which provide additional storage without detracting from visual space or disrupting cables behind walls.

3. Install Shelving and/or Cabinets Carefully: The next step involves installing any cabinets or shelves into which you plan on storing your cable box and other A/V components . Be sure to mount them securely into studs with appropriate hardware that can handle their weight — plus ensure they are aligned properly so they don’t look off balance once tucked away in place! Additionally, if needed make sure there’s adequate ventilation around these structures; electronics tend generate heat depending on usage and having proper air flow is essential for keeping everything cool and running smoothly.

4. Gather Necessary Wiring & Cables: Finally, double-check all necessary wiring has been plugged in correctly before neatly carrying cables behind walls or down receptacles such as baseboards or crown mouldings (depending on where they will accessed). This information should come with instructions from whoever installed the system originally; however many home improvement stores carry basic products specifically designed for hiding audiovisual cables that make this process much easier!

By following these simple steps you’ll be able to hide a cable box perfectly when mounting a TV above your fireplace! With careful planning ahead of time and knowledge about how certain products work together, this type of set up doesn’t have be complicated – all while maintaining aesthetics every time someone walks past!

Common FAQs About Hiding Your Cable Box When You Have a TV Mounted Above Your Fireplace

When it comes to watching TV, there’s nothing better than a cozy fire burning in the background – especially when you have a television mounted above your fireplace. But one challenge that presents itself is figuring out how to hide the cable box without making it too difficult or inconvenient to access. So let’s take a look at some common FAQs about hiding your cable box behind or above a fireplace.

Q: What’s the best way to hide my cable box?

A: This ultimately depends on your specific layout and home design, but generally speaking, the best way to hide your cable box is either behind the TV or mounted somewhere near the TV mount itself (such as an upper wall shelf). If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, consider buying an enclosed mount cabinet like those from NewAge® Wall Cabinets – this will keep all of your cords and devices stowed away neatly and out of sight.

Q: Can I mount my cable box above my fireplace?

A: Yes! It’s definitely possible – just be sure to allow ample ventilation space so that the device isn’t over-heating while using it. If you choose this mounting option, make sure to use quality hardware and durable materials since heat rises through chimneys and can damage electronics if not properly vented. Another thing to keep in mind is air flow – make sure there are no obstructions blocking air flow around any wires/cords near where they connect into the back of your device; this will help ensure things stay cool while being used.

Q: Are there any decorative solutions for hiding my cables?

A: Yes! There are various decorative coverings available such as grates/mantel sleeves and corbels which can be installed around wires/cables that lead up from your cable box to create a more aesthetically pleasing visual experience for guests in your home theater space. This type of design element also helps create an illusion that all of your AV components were part of an intentional installation process rather than having cables running up from floor level every which way (which doesn’t exactly scream sophistication!).

Top 5 Facts About Hiding Cable Boxes When You Have a TV Mounted Above Your Fireplace

1. Hiding cable boxes behind the television mounted above a fireplace is a great way to reduce clutter in your living space. Even if you have the most stylish wall-mounted TV, all of your wires can detract from its sleek look. Tucking them away neatly and out of sight will help keep your home looking organised and inviting.

2. Wall-mounted TVs are often more vulnerable to overheating due to their proximity to the mantle and flue, which is why hiding any boxes that use heat-generating components such as DVRs or other streaming devices will help extend their life and save you money in repairs or replacements down the line.

3. Cable boxes should be kept as far from an open flame as possible, as even if it has one of those fancy fireproof covers on it, sparks could still jump out could ignite something nearby; this is true whether it’s behind the TV or elsewhere in your room.

4. You’ll also want to make sure that whatever technique you choose for hiding your cable box won’t interfere with reception — avoid placing metal objects directly between them, such as shelves or walls; instead opt for a wooden or glass surface such as shelf brackets which won’t block signals but still provide a pleasing aesthetic look without detracting from the décor of your home.

5. If your cable box has limited options when it comes to mounting placement (due to not having enough ports facing downward), consider mounting it from the ceiling with adjustable hardware so that all cables are secured properly and don’t dangle down too much on either side; this will also give you more flexibility for shifting around furniture, artwork, and other decorative pieces without worrying about entangling cords or cables getting damaged in the process!

Alternative Solutions for Hiding Cubes and Cables with TV Mounted Above Your Fireplace

We all know that mounting a television above your fireplace looks beautiful and modern, however, this presents quite the challenge for all of our cords and cables – no one wants them on display! Hiding cubes (like AppleTV or Chromecast) and cords adds an extra level of complexity. Fortunately, there are some easy and alternative solutions to get it done without compromising your aesthetically pleasing décor.

The first solution is to hide the cubes and cables within the mantel itself. This could mean moving any electronics you want behind the mantel or potentially replacing the bottom part of the mantel with a hinged door which provides access to store your cords and cubes. The drawback here is that if you had a flush mounted or recessed TV, you may have to sacrifice some of that sleek look in order to accommodate this option.

Another alternative solution is designed specifically for those who have opted for a full wall mounted TV setup as opposed to top-shelf mounting above a mantle. This involves running your wires through engineered insulation posts just like electrical wire passing through plumbing walls – sure beats having visible line drops hanging down from your TV! You can also install loft supports connected perpendicularly along the sides of these posts which will give you enough room between your wall surfaces and ceilings so that none of those unsightly wires ever cross sight lines at lower heights if viewed from any angle when not using tall furniture pieces inbetween.

If space permits, another suggestion would be to purchase some additional cabinetry along the sides or outwards towards where your cable connections reside – such cabinetry can then come equipped with various forms of accent lighting, allowing you to show off any artwork etc stored within its interior.. Not only does this provide aesthetic value but provides sufficient cover for keeping cables cradled away from view as well.

So next time you’re faced with how best to hide those cubes & cables from view whilst still getting an optimal television viewing experience while also preserving aesthetics ; thankfully we now have several practical options available designed both as individual permutations or solidifying as a complete entertainment system choice… Now turn off those pesky tech troubles worries and enjoy being truly “entertained!”

Knowledge Checklist – What you should know about Hiding Your Cable Box when You Have a TV Mounted Above the Fireplace

When it comes to mounting your TV on the wall, you may find yourself wondering how to hide your cable box. After all, having a large black box staring out at you from beneath your perfectly mounted television can take away from the aesthetic appeal of the setup. Fortunately, there are a few options available when it comes to hiding your cable box while still achieving optimal viewing pleasure. So what do you need to know about hiding your cable box when you have a TV mounted above the fireplace?

First, consider whether or not you need direct access to the back of the cable box. If so, then it would be wise to mount it in an area that has enough open space for someone to maneuver behind and access any ports which require frequent adjustments (e.g., HDMI ports). However, if easier access is not necessary, then there are various creative strategies for concealing the device entirely. Depending upon individual preferences and pre-existing décor schemes – such as in a fireplace mantel or media console configuration – there are plenty of clever options for visually disguising both small and large devices alike.

Take for example simple cable concealment devices like recessed shelves or fixing plates that fasten directly onto walls and provide discrete secure spaces in which electronic boxes can be positioned without interfering with overall design plotting structures. Alternatively, homeowners could opt for camouflaging systems that allow hands-free external remote control of nearly every brand while simultaneously keeping components tucked away out of sight directly underneath their televisions settings. In addition, wall-mounting cases offer another option for discreetly tucking away equipment near entrances and exits into interior spaces; whereas free standing enclosures provide localized containment solutions suitable for plant platforms and narrow corner arrangements.

Ultimately when it comes hiding your cable box when you have a TV mounted above the fireplace, remember that always blending in with existing décor benefits preferred setups whilst maintaining integrity throughout entire living quarters systemizations status configurations planned therein indoors; making coordination between hardware appliances an easily predicted future asset reliability resource evaluation enterprise endeavoring objective thereby allowing practical amenity inclusion assimilation towards effectively obtaining optimal home entertainment delivery success!

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