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Transform Your Living Space with a Fireplace Wall Mount: A Guide to Installation and Design

How to install a fireplace wall mount: A step-by-step guide

A fireplace has been a cherished part of homes since times immemorial. It adds warmth and comfort to your living room, and the soft flicker of flames can transform any space into a cozy haven. Installing a wall mount for your fireplace is a great way to enhance its appeal and functionality. Not only does it help save floor space, but it also gives your living area an elegant look. Here’s how you can install a fireplace wall mount in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the right place

The first step in installing a fireplace wall mount is choosing the perfect spot for it. The location should be such that it allows proper ventilation and clearances specified by local building codes.

Step 2: Prepare the surface

Next, prepare the surface where you will be mounting your fireplace. It’s best to use rough sandpaper or grit paper on brick surfaces to allow better adherence for your mount bracket.

Step 3: Check if all components are included

Ensure that all components necessary for installation have been provided with the product package as mentioned in product manual instructions.

Step 4: Mounting Bracket Installation

With help from an assistant or second pair of hands, mark where the screws will go along with each corner point on brackets so that they align properly once on wall( Ideal height is between 50-60 inches above floor). Attach those brackets securely onto your walls using corresponding fixing screws provided making sure each screw goes through into either supporting joist or into approved anchor (use tested hardware approved somewhere).

Step 5: Attaching Fireplace Frame

Attach assembled frame onto brackets already securely mounted onto wall via pre-drilled holes with corresponding lag bolts provided by manufacturer( Slightly tighten them up while checking level every so often till completely tightened).

Step 6: Electrical Wiring

The next step would be running electrical wires via conduit within walls prior to attaching glass front panel according manufacturer’s owner’s manual instructions which describe techniques.

Step 7: Installing Glass front panel & accessories

Mount the glass front on fireplace frame while double checking smooth/secure fit. Attach and check all additional materials/accessories intended (i.e TV trays, mantels, log kits) are mounted securely with accurate spacing laid out within installation blueprint / owner’s manual instructions

Step 8: Final checks

Double-check that all electrical wiring has been completed according to your local building regulations. Then proceed to put aside any packaging or trash and test out effects of new wall mount fireplace!

In conclusion, installing a fireplace wall mount may seem like a daunting task at first, but with some basic tools and knowledge you can do it yourself saving money from a professional installation. This step-by-step guide should come in handy when you’re planning for this project. If you still feel unsure about proceeding then don’t hesitate to hire an experienced contractor who knows exactly how to safely install one for you.

Frequently asked questions about fireplace wall mounts

Fireplace wall mounts have gained immense popularity in recent times as they offer a convenient and stylish way to install a TV above a fireplace. It is no wonder they come with plenty of doubts and questions from enthusiasts on how to choose, purchase or install them. Despite the confusion, one thing’s for sure; understanding these frequently asked questions about fireplace wall mounts will undoubtedly guide you into making an informed decision.

1. What type of mount should I get?

There are many types of fireplace wall mounts available in the market. The most popular ones include fixed mounts, tilt mounts, full-motion or articulating models, and ceiling drop-downs. Before purchasing one, assess your requirements based on factors like budget, size of the TV, angle adjustment preference and location where it needs to be installed.

2. Is it safe to install a TV over a fireplace?

While mounting your TV over the fireplace might appeal to you aesthetically, it poses some risks if not done correctly. Heat rising from an active firebox may harm your television screen or electronics. Additionally, the heat can harm bystanders who are too close to the mounted TV or cause damage in certain cases.

3. How high should I mount my TV?

Viewing comfortability should always be paramount when choosing a mounting height for your television above the mantelpiece. Experts recommend that you maintain approximately 42″ -45″ inches height from floor level so that viewers experience optimum ease while watching without straining their neck or eyes.

4. How do I hide wires during installation?

Inappropriate wire concealment looks sloppy and may ruin your aesthetic appearance instantly upon installation completion. Therefore it is advisable to shop for kits specifically designed for hiding wires behind walls permanently.

5. Can I customize color and design based on my existing decor?

Most commercial standard models are available in basic shades like black and gray only or variations thereof according to varying manufacturers preferences given by professional interior designers. However, some specialized manufacturers or craftsmen can create customized fireplace wall mounts designed to complement your home’s aesthetics.

6. Can I use my current TV for the mount?

Regardless of whether it is a cable box or flat-screen television, you’ll need to select the proper hardware compatible with its weight capacity and dimensions before purchasing an ideal mount. Look for the manufacturers recommended maximum weight limit fo your desired unit then compare it to your electronics model number and specifications with appropriate technicians that know their stuff. Incorrect sizing could lead to potential hazards like mounting equipment failure or destruction of expensive electronics, so it is better to avoid such risks by getting expert opinions.

7. Can a wall-mounted TV compete with a mantlepiece focal point?

While there is no argument over mantelpiece focal points being grandeur in design features, when paired up with the right location,mounts can give them competition as far as visual appeal goes -especially where wall design changes are added by architects due to viewing angles/reserves. Make sure you choose fully adjustable kits complete with tilting functions allowing you versatile control while manipulating angles for comfortability while enjoying entertainment services without straining any part of your body during long viewings.

In conclusion,

Fireplace wall mounts are suitable for beautifying your home interiors whilst optimizing television viewing experiences based on varying factors depending on different installations like house plans but understanding more about them clears doubts and makes informed purchases leading to increased satisfaction in usage results every time!

Top 5 benefits of having a fireplace wall mount in your home

A fireplace wall mount is one of the best additions to any home. It not only adds aesthetic value but also offers numerous benefits that make it a functional and cozy part of your living space. Here are the top five benefits of having a fireplace wall mount in your home.

1. Warmth and Comfort

The primary benefit of a fireplace wall mount is its ability to provide warmth and comfort on cold nights. The heat produced by the flames creates an inviting atmosphere that helps to relieve tension, reduce anxiety, and enhance relaxation. With a comfortable source of warmth at your fingertips, you can curl up with a good book or watch TV all night without feeling chilly.

2. Improved Home Value

A fireplace wall mount is also an excellent investment as it increases the value of your home significantly. Whether you’re considering home improvements for yourself or looking to sell, adding a fireplace wall mount is an effective way to add beauty, functionality, and resale value to your property.

3. Saves Energy Costs

A well-positioned heater coupled with central heating could force you into paying high energy bills in winter; however, with the introduction of a wall-mounted fireplace as one source of additional heat in each room, this needn’t be so challenging or expensive anymore; thereby saving maintenance costs associated with central heating systems.

4. Saves Space

Fireplace Wall mounts have been designed with space conservation at their core – making them perfect for small-sized homes or apartments where floor area must be maximised judiciously.These gas-powered models come equipped with advanced features such as remote control operation functionalities – allowing homeowners complete control over how much heat they seek from their fireplaces.

5. Aesthetic Benefits

Lastly, another benefit worth mentioning is the aesthetic appeal they add to any interior décor – turning what might ordinarily be just another plain boring living room into something endowed utilizing elegance on steroids! Fireplace walls can come in different styles ranging from traditional brick designs to ultra-modern styles offering a unique look no matter what your interior’s style.

In conclusion, having a fireplace wall mount in your home is by far one of the best investments that you can make. It offers unparalleled benefits, including warmth and comfort, improved home value, energy-saving sustainability with central heating systems, and provides an aesthetic appeal that adds to the overall ambiance of any living space. Therefore if you’re considering giving your home an upgrade, invest in a Fireplace Wall Mount today!

Choosing the right size and style for your fireplace wall mount

A fireplace wall mount can add an elegant and cozy touch to any living space. It not only provides warmth but also creates a focal point in the room. However, choosing the right size and style for your fireplace wall mount is crucial. You don’t want to end up with a size that’s too small or a style that doesn’t match your home decor.

Size Matters

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a fireplace wall mount is the size of the space where it will be placed. Your fireplace should be the centerpiece of the room, so make sure it is large enough to make an impact. The height should be proportional to the ceiling height, while the width should be consistent with other furnishings in that area.

When determining the size of your fireplace wall mount, keep in mind that larger isn’t always better. A large unit can overpower a smaller room or misbalance furniture placement. Still, too small may look like an afterthought rather than becoming a statement piece.

Style Selection

Think about what you want out of your new fixture: do you wish for more storage shelves? More seating arrangement capability? Or simply ambiance to complement existing decor features?

Your wall mount should reflect your individual taste and augment rather than detract from your present interior design plan. Classic designs tend to fit well into any setting while contemporary styles provide distinctive visuals and sometimes introduce eclectic twists like added lighting elements.

You’ll want something that strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics which suits not just yourself but visitors who will admire its beauty; ultimately selecting whatever appeals most aesthetically while still suiting all aspects (size, positioning) based on practicality requirements.

Material Matters

Wall mounts are available in different materials including metal (chrome/ painted steel), wood veneers (MDF/particleboard), natural stone surfaces (marble/slate), or ceramic tiles – all deciding factors reliant upon aesthetic preferences as some materials blend better with specific types of furniture, wall colors, flooring types, etc.

For heated wall mount units, stainless steel or powder-coated carbon steel are commonly used due to their durability and heat resistance. Enamel coating is also common; it incorporates vibrant colors while still protecting against rusting or corrosion.

However a materials more suited for the warmer months might better off with traditional fireplaces not being turned on as often causing concerns about costs longevity and aesthetic wear.


Once you have chosen the right size, style and material for your fireplace wall mount your last consideration should be installation requirements. Will the unit require professional installations? If so what could be the approximate cost of these services?

While DIY assembly may seem tempting that usually means lighter materials making permanent chasms to walls unappealing disutility in daily use of it. Additionally those without carpentry skills risk costly damages during mounting either harming walls or breaking trim/mantle slats.

In conclusion selecting the best fit for your space’s existing design scheme requires careful attention to detail considering every aspect: from spatial measurements up through preferred stylistic themes and material composition all in agreement with one another play an important role while serving practical purposes such as heater operation logistics varying by placement options behind issues like floor layouts availability for quick remote access so make sure nothing stands out poorly among successful decorative additions which are simply perfect!

Maintenance tips for your fireplace wall mount

As the cooler weather sets in and we snuggle down inside our cozy homes, the use of fireplaces becomes a popular way to warm and add ambiance to our living spaces. And while it’s important to enjoy the warmth and comfort that fireplaces bring, it’s equally as important to properly maintain them for optimal performance and safety. Here are some helpful tips on maintaining your fireplace wall mount.

1. Clean Regularly
It’s essential to clean your fireplace regularly, as soot and creosote can build up quickly inside the unit over time. This buildup can potentially cause fires or blockages within your chimney or flue pipes. To prevent any hazards from occurring, sweep out loose debris and ash after each use, making sure not to leave any unburnt debris inside.

2. Check for Damage
Before using your fireplace wall mount for the first time this winter season, do a thorough check for signs of wear or damage that may have occurred since last year’s use. Look out for cracks in the masonry which could let smoke escape into other parts of your home or outside areas where they’re not supposed to be venting; wood warping/regression etc.

3. Clean Chimney & Flue Pipes
To avoid potential fire hazards caused by creosote buildup in your fireplace chimney or flue pipes system (the part stretching vertically from above the hearth pad), have these components checked/inspected/cleaned at least once per annum by professionals who specialize in servicing/maintenance of such facilities/systems. Be sure that no leaves, animals nests get stuck in it blocking passage hence hindering productivity of exhaust amongst others hence cleaning will assure their decline probability.

4. Consider Adding Glass Doors
Investing in glass doors is an excellent idea when installing a new fireplace unit on a pre-existing masonry sidewall as it acts as a protective layer filtering/preventing harmful smoke/control burns/aggressive flames so you will feel more secure as you turn up the heat. Moreover, this keeps pleasant flames visible to reduce air exchange making your home toasty warm in a cost-efficient way.

5. Keep Children & Pets at Safe Distance
Lastly, it’s important that you keep children and pets away from your fireplace wall mount to avoid any accidents or injuries caused by touching hot surfaces/leaving small toys etc that could cause fire/explosion inside the unit – this is far too risky so make sure everyone who uses such areas understands these risks prior upon admission!

To sum it all up, maintaining your fireplace wall mount is key for not only keeping your living space cozy and warm but also for ensuring safety standards are met. These tips should help you optimize performance whilst keeping your home safe and comfortable throughout winter season!

Enhance your home décor with a fireplace wall mount: Inspiration and ideas

Fireplaces have long been a symbol of warmth, comfort and luxury in every home. They have a timeless quality that transcends trends and seasons. However, many homeowners find that traditional fireplaces can be difficult to install or maintain, especially in smaller living spaces. This is where the fireplace wall mount comes in!

Wall-mounted fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular for their sleek design and ease of installation. They can transform any living room, bedroom or even bathroom into a cozy retreat with flickering flames and warmth. Moreover, they are energy-efficient and eco-friendly as they do not use any gas or wood to create heat.

Here are some ideas on how you can enhance your home decor with a fireplace wall mount:

1) Create an accent wall

A fireplace wall mount instantly becomes the focal point of any room it’s installed in. You can choose from various styles such as modern, rustic or traditional depending on your taste and interior design choices. By adding stone veneer panels to the adjacent walls surrounding the fireplace, you create an accent wall that highlights the beauty of the mounted unit while giving texture and depth to space.

2) Add ambiance

The glow of a wall-mounted electric fireplace creates a gentle and warm atmosphere ideal for relaxation or entertaining guests. Setting up candles or lanterns around your living area can bring more ambiance to space.

3) Increase functionality

If you have limited floor space in your home, having a mounted fireplace is an excellent way to save precious square footage while adding both beauty and warmth. This provides added room to include furniture items without creating clutter.

4) Modernize outdated fireplaces

Replacing old-fashioned fireplaces with contemporary-style wall-mount units is an easy way to embrace modern design trends without breaking too much sweat – plus it also includes cost savings since it’s easier than having renovation processes done which generally includes plumbing work etc.

In conclusion, enhancing your home decor with a fireplace wall mount is one upgrade that will undoubtedly transform your living space into a comfortable and inviting sanctuary. With endless options in styles, materials, and features available to homeowners today, you’re sure to find a unit that fits your aesthetic while also offering the practical benefits of heat and ambiance. It’s a win-win solution for every household!

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