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Cozy Up Your Space with a Corner Electric Fireplace: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect One

How to Install Your Corner Electric Fireplace: Step by Step Guide

Installing a corner electric fireplace is an excellent way to add warmth, comfort and style to your home. Electric fireplaces are a popular choice because they require less maintenance than traditional fireplaces, and they’re more cost-effective to operate. Installing your own corner electric fireplace may seem daunting, but with the right tools and knowledge, it’s actually quite easy!

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to install your corner electric fireplace:

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Location

First things first, you need to decide where you want to place your new electric fireplace. Corner units are ideal for saving space while adding ambiance, so choose a location that’s already out of the way but still leaves enough room for furniture placement.

Make sure there’s an electrical outlet nearby because electric fireplaces use electricity as their primary fuel source. Once you’ve chosen the perfect location for your electric fireplace, lay down some cardboard or drop cloths to protect any furniture from dust or debris that may occur during installation.

Step 2: Assemble Your Fireplace

Once you have found the perfect spot, it’s time to assemble your new corner electric fireplace! If you purchased a pre-assembled unit, then this part will be relatively easy.

However, if you bought one in pieces and need to put them together yourself follow these instructions:

– Lay out all parts carefully
– Read through assembly instructions slowly
– Attach legs and other floor stands (if included) onto bottom piece of fireplace.

Attach side panels/frames together using screws or any assembly hardware provided by manufacturer.
– Set top panel in place on frame assembly carefully.

Remember that every brand has assembly specifications unique to their product. So make sure you read through the instructions before putting everything together.

Step 3: Mounting The Mantle

Mounting the mantle correctly is crucial as it sets up a proper base for your new chic corner electric heater. Ensure that both sides of the mantle and cabinet are of equal height to give a symmetrical feel to your corner electric fireplace. After marking the precise location for the mantel, secure it onto drywall using sturdy wall anchors or screws.

Step 4: Wiring and Power Connections

Before you get ready to plug in your new heating unit, you need to ensure that all wiring is correctly fastened, so there’s no risk of any electrical hazard post-installation. Most electric fireplaces come with power cords pre-attached. You only require a plug-in window within four feet of your unit.

If hardwiring is required, best consult with an expert technician for electrical installation as they have the tools and expertise needed to install such appliances safely into residential circuits without compromise.

Step 5: Inserting The Firebox And Decorations

Finally, once all wiring has been completed and sealed either into walls or floorboards (if deemed necessary) it’s time for the exciting part! It is now time to insert your electric firebox into its resting place on top of mantel shelf.

While doing this step, add any customized decorative touches while positioning realistic-looking logs or ornamental glass doors where you like them most!

Voila — With these steps out of the way, you’ve successfully installed an awesome-looking corner electric fireplace in your living area!


With proper planning and careful execution, installing corner electric fireplaces can be just as simple as putting together flat-pack furniture — only with better results! The addition of enjoying year-round ambient warmth throughout makes them worthy investments too!

We hope this guide helps in simplifying your installation process when setting up a new chic cornerstone heating unit. If not? Don’t hesitate—consult a professional who will be able to assist further in setting up your dream fireplace safely ensuring everything’s secured efficiently towards satisfying its potential homeownership purpose!

5 Key Facts You Need to Know About Corner Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces serve as a source of warmth and ambiance in our homes. They provide us with comfort during those chilly winter nights and add elegance to our living spaces. In recent years, corner electric fireplaces have gained popularity among homeowners because of their convenience and versatility.

Here are the 5 key facts you need to know about corner electric fireplaces:

1. Easy Installation: Corner electric fireplaces do not require any special venting or chimney installation, making it easy for homeowners to install them anywhere in their homes. Unlike traditional fireplaces, which require professional installation and may even require building permits, corner electric fireplaces come ready for plug-and-play installation.

2. Cost-Effective: Not only are corner electric fireplaces easy to install, but they are also cost-effective compared to traditional fireplaces. They don’t require any special construction or maintenance costs like chimney cleaning or repairing flues or damper systems.

3. Customizable Options: Electric corner fireplaces come in a variety of sizes, designs, and styles that can complement different home décor themes. With modern technology advancements, these units feature adjustable flames that simulate natural fires using LED lights while producing heat without burning up real wooden logs.

4. Safe-to-use: One of the most significant advantages of corner electric fireplaces is that they pose no risks concerning health & safety hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks or house fires caused by rise embers from wood-burning alternatives.

5. Economic Heating Solution: Although small in size compared to traditional fireplace options, these models generate ample heat output ranging from 4kW up to 9kW electricity rating depending on your room’s size and features installed in the unit – this saves on energy bills by offering only focused heating inside your home!

In Conclusion

The five facts mentioned above prove that investing in a high-quality corner electric fireplace is an elegant yet cost-effective solution with limitless design possibilities capable of turning heads while taking minimal space in your home. They are safe to use, easy to install, and customizable to match any style while offering natural-looking flames and heat that provides warmth and ambiance during the winter months. Without a doubt, corner electric fireplaces are a modern solution for homeowners looking for an innovative heating source with no compromises on elegance!

FAQs About Corner Electric Fireplaces: All Your Questions Answered

Corner electric fireplaces are a popular addition to any home, particularly those with limited space. They can provide both warmth and ambiance without the hassle of wood-burning or gas fireplaces. However, if you’re new to the world of electric fireplaces, you may have some questions about how they work and what features to look for. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about corner electric fireplaces.

1. How do corner electric fireplaces work?
Corner electric fireplaces are powered by electricity and use LED lights to create realistic flames on a screen or insert in the fireplace unit. These units typically come with a heater as well, which can be turned on to produce warmth in addition to the visual effect of flames.

2. Are corner electric fireplaces safe?
Electric fireplaces are generally considered safe for indoor use as long as they are used according to manufacturer instructions and guidelines. Unlike traditional wood-burning or gas-powered fires, there are no open flames, so there is less risk of accidental fires.

3. Do corner electric fireplaces require any special installation?
Nope! Corner electric fireplaces are designed for easy installation – all you need is an AC outlet nearby for power supply.

4. Can I use my corner electric fireplace year-round?
Yes! Most models have a flame-only setting that allows enjoyment of the visual effect without heat during warmer months when extra warmth isn’t required.

5. How do I clean and maintain my corner electric fireplace?
The good news is that corner electric fireplaces require little maintenance beyond dusting off regularly with a soft cloth when not in use.Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before using any cleaners on your unit..

6.What size should I get for my room size?
It’s important that you measure your available space prior purchasing a corner fireplace so it fits perfectly over that empty corner while giving ample spacing around it . The delivery company, may not accept returns on shipped electric fireplaces, so make sure to measure twice and order once!

7. What are some benefits of corner electric fireplaces?
Electric fireplaces offer several benefits: easy installation, versatility to use year-round with or without heat, customizable flame intensity, and no messy or dangerous fuel required.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a stylish and practical heating solution that can maintain your space’s cozy ambiance—at an affordable price point— then look no further than the corner electric fireplace! With numerous design options and features available over various brands , it’s essential to research and work out which model suits best for your requirements. Remember to follow manufacturer instructions when maintaining the unit for optimal performance & safety.

The Benefits of Choosing a Corner Electric Fireplace for Your Space

As winter approaches, we all start looking for ways to make our homes cozier and more welcoming. And nothing can define coziness better than a warm and inviting fireplace. However, not everyone has the luxury of owning a traditional wood-burning fireplace or has the opportunity to install a gas fireplace. This is where electric fireplaces come in handy.

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular over recent years due to their convenience, affordability and efficiency. They are perfect for those who want to enjoy the ambiance of a real flame without any hassle or mess associated with traditional fireplaces.

Corner electric fireplaces, in particular, are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maximize their space while still enjoying the warmth and visual appeal of a traditional fireplace. Here are some benefits of choosing a corner electric fireplace for your space:

1. Perfect Space Saver
One of the main advantages of choosing a corner electric fireplace is that it helps you save valuable floor space in your room while still adding charm and character to your space. Corner electric fireplaces fit perfectly into small living spaces such as apartments or condos and make an ideal addition to any room layout.

2. Versatile Design
Another benefit of corner electric fireplaces is their versatile design which compliments almost every home decor effortlessly, whether it be modern or classic styles. The sleek designs help enhance any interior whilst providing plenty of warmth during winter months.

3. Energy Saving Features
Electric Fireplaces offer energy-saving features which make them cost-effective solutions compared to other heating systems on the market today’. With adjustable heat settings, you can easily customize your heat output according to your needs at different times of day so that you don’t have to run it all through an unlimited time period.

4) Installation Quick & Easy
A lot less complicated than installing traditional wood-burning or gas alternatives.. If DIY isn’t your forte’ many providers offer professional installation services too so that you won’t have any hassle at all.

In conclusion, fireplaces are undoubtedly a valuable addition to any home that wants ambiance and comfort. Corner electric fireplaces provide an affordable and convenient solution that adds functionality as well as aesthetics to your space. It requires less maintenance, consumes less power in operation compared to traditional options, easy installation and provides endless beauty at the minimum cost. This way you can enjoy a cozy environment during the colder months while enjoying warm conversations with your family or friends!

How to Choose the Perfect Size and Style of Corner Electric Fireplace

Corner electric fireplaces are the perfect addition to any home. Not only do they provide warmth and a cozy ambiance, but they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space. However, selecting the right size and style for your corner electric fireplace can be intimidating.

The first step is determining what size you need. The size of your corner electric fireplace should complement the room in which it will be placed. A small fireplace may look out of place in a large room, while a large fireplace can overwhelm a smaller space. Measure the area where you plan to place your fireplace, leaving ample room for furniture and other décor pieces.

After determining the size, it’s important to select a style that matches the décor of your home. There are many styles available – from modern and minimalist to traditional and classic – so take time to figure out which works best with your personal taste.

Traditional corner electric fireplaces often resemble classic wood-burning fireplaces with ornate mantels and decorative elements like scrollwork or artful glass doors. These are perfect for those looking for a classic touch in their home décor.

For those seeking more updated options, modern electric fireplaces boast simple designs with clean lines that work well in contemporary spaces. Sleek marble or metal mantels enhance an elegant design while eliminating cumbersome details.

Another consideration is how functional you want your corner electric fireplace to be. If you want it only as decoration without heating function, choosing one with adjustable flame settings enables you to create an ambiance regardless of weather outside; however, if using as secondary heat source then choose one equipped with various heating options such as high or low heat setting for flexibility based on temperature demands rather than just installing features that offer aesthetics alone.

You must have heard about ethanol-fueled fireplaces lately these days? These provide emissions-free options greatly preferred by environmentally conscious people. A popular variant of this has pebbles embedded in them creating smokeless fireplaces without the use of gas, wood or electricity.

Ultimately, when choosing the perfect size and style of your corner electric fireplace, it’s essential to consider your space’s overall aesthetic and how much functionality you need. The right fireplace will be a worthy investment that is sure to enhance your home for years to come.

Top Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Corner Electric Fireplace

As winter approaches, nothing is more cozy and relaxing than snuggling up in front of your corner electric fireplace. However, like any other piece of furniture inside your home, it’s important to maintain and clean it regularly to ensure its longevity and functionality. Not sure where to start or what steps to take? Here are some top tips for maintaining and cleaning your corner electric fireplace.

1) Turn off the Power

Before starting any cleaning or maintenance tasks, make sure that you turn off the power first. This is especially important when you’re working on the inside parts of the unit. Unplugging the unit itself from the socket will also save you from any potential electrical shock accidents.

2) Clean the Glass Surface

One obvious component that requires attention is the glass surface. It is bound to collect dust and debris over time so it’s essential that you wipe off these small particles weekly using a microfiber cloth. For tougher stains or marks, use a non-abrasive cleaner specifically made for glass surfaces.

3) Scrub Away Mineral Stains

If you see mineral deposits accumulating on your glass screen or inside components, act immediately by scrubbing away with a solution made up of equal part vinegar and water with 2-3 drops of lemon juice added in for its acidic properties.

4) Remove Excess Dust

Besides cleaning the glass surface, make sure you vacuum out any excess dust buildup within components such as air vents or heating units every six months or weekly if used very often. Use an extension wand on your hoover which can reach deeply inside each vent area without damaging anything else nearby!

5) Replace Filters Regularly

Maintain top-notch performance by changing filters periodically as indicated in your manufacturer’s guidelines (usually every three months). A dirty filter can obstruct proper airflow which leads to inadequate heating efficiency causing higher energy bills and decreased lifespan overall.

6) Check Wiring Connections Periodically

Check all wiring connections periodically to make sure they are tight and intact. In case you find any loose wire connections, it’s advisable to call in an electrician for professional assistance.

7) Keep Area Around the Fireplace Clear

Don’t forget about the surrounding area! Keep things tidy and clear by removing any flammable items such as blankets, rugs or cardboard material which could pose a fire risk. Make sure there is enough airflow around your unit too!

In conclusion, maintaining and cleaning your corner electric fireplace regularly will ensure its optimal performance while keeping it aesthetically pleasing even after prolonged use. Remember to follow these tips whenever you need to clean or maintain your unit, and enjoy the cozy warmth offered by your corner electric stove all winter long!

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