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The Secret to a Clean and Clutter-Free Living Room: Hiding Cords from Wall Mounted TVs Above Fireplaces

Introduction to How to Hide TV Cords Above a Fireplace

Many people are looking for ways to improve the visual look of their living rooms, but one often overlooked area can be around a fireplace. Even if you’ve put a modern, clean-looking electric or gas fire in there it still doesn’t solve the problem of the unsightly TV cords all snaking down from your wall-mounted flat screen. In this blog post, I’m going to show you a simple and effective way to ‘hide’ them using an above-the-fireplace mantel shelf.

The main problem with TV cords when placed above a fireplace is that you don’t want them visible as they tend to detract from the overall look of a living room. Instead of just tucking them away behind the cabinets or sticking them into an open gap between counters and walls, consider adding an aesthetically pleasing mantel shelf right over top of the fireplace itself. This not only creates more space for decorations and pictures but also provides an excellent home for those pesky cords!

The best part about installing a mantel shelf is that it offers plenty of variability—you can either go with classic wooden designs or opt for something sleeker such as metal or glass shelves with integrated cable channels. Depending on your needs, you can choose either fixed mounting brackets or adjustable versions— whatever looks better in your home! Plus, if you’re on budget then check online stores where they sell cheap readymade solutions as we’ll—it’s just important to make sure they are strong enough to support both your TV and its cables. Regardless of what you choose, once installed your cables will remain out of sight yet within easy reach should any issues arise during future maintenance and repairs.

So next time you’re gearing up for a redecoration section definitely don’t forget about those pesky cords—a stylish above-the-fireplace mantel shelf could prove invaluable in improving both overall aesthetics and functionality!

Step-by-Step Guide to Hiding TV Cords Above a Fireplace

1. First, turn off the power to your television and its components if you plan to be working nearby. This is an important safety step as you move your cords around and install them into the walls.

2. Locate the walls that contain a stud behind where you plan to mount your television. Put a small pencil mark on one of them at least four feet above the floor. This will help guide where you should attach supports for your cords along the wall.

3. Cut two thin sheets of wood (plywood or MDF) so they fit either side of your fireplace area and that extend from roughly 6 inches up from the floor to just above your ceiling line, or alternatively buy ready cut TV cord covers specifically designed for this task and follow their instructions for installation as required.

4. Once these are installed then feed all of your TV cords – power cables, HDMI cables etc – up through the back or underneath each side of it making sure that none are visible from either side when finished (for example by taping together some multiple cable connectors such as HDMI extender leads). Make sure they reach high enough up that they would clear the edge of any mantle pieces at least 10 inches higher than their highest point otherwise needless forcing causes cable damage with physical strain over time! Secure firmly with cable ties if needed to keep everything neat and hold it all in place against accidentally being pulled down by young children etcetera which might hurt them as well as potentially cause cable damage too…

5 . Now measure out approximately 16 inches between each support bracket along the wall directly beneath both sides of where you plan on mounting your television exactly level before pounding in some nails to secure them in place such that they can act like anchors for mounting hooks or cord clips onto soon afterwards using either screwdrivers and/or drills depending on which particular hardware you bought earlier for guiding / holding tv cords safely away until needed again without ever having looked tangled up messes anymore during inactive times at least! Make sure there’s plenty relating slack towards those plugging areas once everybody has been attached securely before repeat-pasting same process across any other remaining sides requiring help too plus perhaps looping any extra length around itself instead if space isn’t available yet new outlets nonetheless desired still anyway…

6 . Last but not least, go ahead now & mount your television bracket/s themselves according matching manufacturer’s specifications ASAP per usual, followed closely thereafter directly incorporating all related listed equipment except audio systems requiring additional work elsewhere normally depending upon users’ individual condo unit layouts inevitably or whatever else might’ve influenced space availability actually though so always best double check first prior taking any chances really just saving trips unnecessarily wasted over something that wouldn’t have even mattered initially cause doesn’t fit unfortunately found otherwise shouldn’t be forced anyways advised timely wise warn ya!

Common FAQs About Hiding TV Cords Above a Fireplace

Q. Can I hide the TV cords above my fireplace?

A. Yes! Hiding TV cords above a fireplace is possible and an increasingly popular practice due to modern conveniences such as remote-controlled motorized lifts that allow you to move your TV up and down, giving you full access to neatly tucked away cords. This method not only permits easy access, but also prevents any unsightly wires being exposed. Utilizing a wall mount or articulating bracket, you can secure your flat screen securely to the mantel and adjust the mounting bracket from side-to-side articulation for perfect positioning when watching movies or listening to your favorite tunes. Or if having a large television on top of the mantle isn’t your thing, simply use a traditional cord cover that will keep all those cables concealed but accessible behind the wall.

Q. Do I need specific tools for this job?

If you already own a wall mount or articulating bracket, then no specialized tools are needed for installation. However, if installing a cord cover behind your wall then basic hand tools such as screwdrivers, drill bits, hammer and chisel may be required depending on your desired application technique and wall composition (drywall/brick).

Q: What material should I consider using?

Generally speaking, most materials are suitable for hiding TV cords above a fireplace; however we suggest utilizing something durable yet non-flammable such as hard plastic cord covers or stainless steel conduit tubing since both materials are resistant against heat generated by fireplaces without compromising function or style. Ultimately though it’s important to take note of local municipal building codes regarding safe construction practices in relation to device near fire sources prior to starting any project involving combustible substances like wood, fabrics etc…

Top 5 Facts about Hiding TV Cords Above a Fireplace

1. Electrical cords are a necessary evil when it comes to displaying a television above your fireplace – no one likes the mess and lack of aesthetics that the accompanying cords provide. However, by hiding those cords above your fireplace, you can streamline the look of your space without compromising on functionality. The following are five interesting facts about hiding TV cords above fireplaces that you may not have considered:

2. Firstly, It is important to know most electricians recommend leaving at least 6 inches between the cords and any flammable materials such as wood mantels or cabinetry where they could possibly come in contact with a spark or heat release from an electrical component. Additionally, additional clearances may be needed around hoods or other items on the wall near your entertainment center before cord concealment can even begin

3. Secondly, depending on the model of your TV mount , you may be able to purchase extensions specifically made for wiring concealment behind televisions mounted above fireplaces . This type of extension is typically higher quality than traditional cord dressing methods used for standard sized TVs , making it safer for surround areas.

4. Thirdly, there are several options available to hide TV cables including painting them off-white or black so that they blend in with walls or attaining long thin boxes that fit perfectly over any set of wires while still allowing access when needed . For an even cleaner look though, try running wires inside false columns which dual as storage spaces as well !

5. Lastly , adding power outlets is also another great option if you want total cable control when hiding TV wires over a fireplace! Adding outlets just beneath the television leaves no trace of a wire exposed and eliminates any need for extended wiring during setup . Not only does this save time but money too -– win/win!

Pros and Cons of Different Solutions for Hiding TV Cords Above a Fireplace

Hiding TV cords above a fireplace can be challenging, as the cord clutter can detract from your ideal décor. Thankfully, there are several solutions for concealing cables and wires to keep your space feeling clean and organized. Here, we examine the pros and cons of each method so that you can select the best option based on your individual needs.

TUBING: Installing tubing is often one of the simplest solutions for covering cables above a fireplace. The tubes can be installed directly over the cord cluster along your wall to give it a neat appearance while still allowing easy access if any maintenance needs to be done on the cord connections. A major advantage of this solution is that tubes are typically easy to install, even by those with only basic DIY skills. However, some people may find it an eyesore to have exposed tubing in their living room or other entertaining spaces.

CORD COVERS: Cord covers offer a slightly more aesthetically pleasing way of hiding cords above a fireplace than just using tubing alone. Covers come in many styles and colors designed to Integrate perfectly with modern walls and other decorating touches throughout your home. Like tubing, covers provide easy maintenance access for any repairs or adjustments needed down the line. On the downside, however, installation requires more technical knowledge since you must securely fasten each component together into its respective outlet box or behind-the-wall frame before continuing with hooking up new wires or cords bundled together within its wire mesh sleeve . This could make DIY installation difficult depending on one’s skill level and experience with electrical wiring systems like this one in particular Hiring professionals might also cost more money than expected if they charge by job instead of hourly rate making this method less budget friendly overall

DECORATIVEBOXES: For an elegant way of hidding TV cords where aesthetic matters most , decorative boxes could be used as another potential solution , Especially when strategically placed around a wall mounted tv set up . These objects come in many different shapes , sizes , materials ( such as Aluminum , Plastic & Wood ) and designs akin to outdoor planters . Adding these boxes makes it easier for hiding unsightly cables while giving more sense of style compared against either Tubing or Cord Covers Although installation mostly involves plugging it next to an exisiting wire while concealment might not work very effectively as some length of wires could still poke out showing behind these items plus needing untidiness if not properly adjusting beforehand make it sometimes challenging at times unlike other two methods specified earlier Yet these reasonably priced options definitely make it worthwhile buying when considering their aestethic features

Summary and Conclusion: How To Hide Your Television Wires Safely Above the Fireplace

The best way to hide your television wires above the fireplace is by using an adjustable conduit fit over. an adjustable conduit fit over is a flexible, easy to install solution and one of the safest ways to conceal TV wires above a fireplace. It slips easily over the pendant from the wall mount and provides extra protection against heat, dirt and flammability. Additionally, this type of conduit comes in various sizes so you can customize it for any size of television or fireplace area.

By hiding your wires with a conduit fit-over, your home will be both more aesthetically pleasing and safer for anyone who lives in it. Not only are the wires less visible but the insulation prevents fire from potentially spreading, making it much safer than just tucking away cables behind a piece of furniture or weaving them into other wiring in the walls. This is especially important if you have young children in your home or pets who might accidentally cause damage to exposed wiring.

In conclusion, an adjustable conduit fit over is one of the most effective ways to keep your TV wires safely concealed above a fireplace. Not only does this provide extra protection against heat, dirt and fires but it also gives you control over creating a secure and attractive space overall which will become one of your favorite features in your home! Taking that extra step to ensure safety around wiring near fireplaces will provide peace of mind and help make sure everyone remains safe when enjoying time around it!

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