The Perfect Decorations to Hang Above a Fireplace

The Perfect Decorations to Hang Above a Fireplace Creative Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Introduction to What Can Be Hanged Above the Fireplace: A Guide to Creative Ideas

When it comes to decorating your fireplace, hanging items above the mantel is an important part of creating a stylish look. From traditional pieces like mirrors and paintings to more eclectic delights such as animal skull sculptures or a festive wreath – the possibilities for creating an eye-catching display are nearly endless. But with so many options, deciding what to hang above your fireplace can be daunting task.

To help narrow down the choices, it’s important to consider both style and purpose. For instance, while art prints and wall hangings may create a beautiful visual aesthetic in your room, they can also serve as conversation starters. On the other hand, large mirrors may be used mainly for bounces light around the room to reflect natural light – but also provide an attractive focal point when placed on the mantel. Other considerations could include personal tastes, such as incorporating family photos or meaningful artwork into your design.

Another popular option is sculptures; from large abstract pieces made with ceramics and metal to smaller whimsical objects crafted from driftwood or even recycled materials like old pipes and lumber. While the themed design might be slightly overwhelming at first glance, this type of statement piece can establish a theme that runs throughout other elements of your home décor for continuity or contrast: For example highlighting lighter colors with darker tones near them or vice versa – making sure all sides have something visually appealing in common can help add depth balance to any interior setting.

Choosing something unique will always draw attention… such as mounting antlers on either side of the fireplace mantle – showing off its rustic charm in an unexpected way while remaining timelessly elegant. Asymmetrical arrangements are also becoming increasingly popular which could mean mixing two different sized items together – something tall on one side and low profile item on the other – how daring you want it depends on you!

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DIY Projects and How-To’s: Making Unique Decorations to Hang Above Your Fireplace

The fireplace is often the centerpiece of the home, and it is a focal point not only for those who use it to warm their homes, but also for visitors and guests. To create a truly cozy environment in your home, why not add some unique decorations to hang above your fireplace? DIY projects and how-tos can help you transform a regular fireplace mantle into something special.

When considering what type of décor should hang above your fireplace, think about what kind of colors work well with your existing décor or wall color. A simple approach can be to choose colors that accentuate the structure surrounding it – you might opt for warm browns and oranges if you have brick walls or other earth tones; cool blues and purples may be better suited if you have pale walls. If possible, try to bring together existing colors within the room instead of completely introducing an unexpected color palette.

After deciding on colors, think about which materials to use in making unique decorations. Texture could help draw attention to the space above the mantle: consider adding ribbons or laces that are complementary in color with fabric flowers or shells as textural components. Additionally, consider working with natural materials such as sticks, stones and petals from plants around your garden – items like these are quite inexpensive yet they provide an organic feel when arranged properly. You could also experiment with using old newspapers or magazines – popular wordings could be transferred onto canvas to provide shapely designs combined with graphic elements on this fashionable back drop.

Small items such as keychains or Christmas tree decorations can also be used for a more eclectic vibe – but don’t overdo it!

Your final touches should reflect personal interests: insert family photos into frames featuring cheerful colors in order create memories full of emotion while simultaneously honoring family history. Display meaningful quotes on boards; framed mementos from cherished trips; save up-cycled materials such as ribbons and beads…the list goes on!

Creating unique decorations doesn

In terms of home décor, there are few elements as important as the fireplace. It’s often the centerpiece of any room, be it in a living room, family room, dining room or just about any other space. Therefore, when it comes to designing for your space, it pays to give special attention to this key feature. Recently, popular trends in home decoration have moved away from traditional designs in favor of something more modern and stylish over your fireplace.

The mantel has become one of the most sought-after pieces for fireplaces today and when done well can completely change the look and feel of a space. The good news is that there are so many different options available today – minimalistic shelves to intricate designs with elaborate carvings – so you are sure to find something that matches your particular taste and budget. You may also enjoy adding lamps or sconces on either side of the mantel shelf to increase light within the room while still keeping decor minimalistic. One effective strategy is pairing simple mantels with an intricate mirror above it – giving you an accent piece without introducing too much clutter into your design.

If a contemporary look is what you’re going for then consider using geometric shapes in tile form as accents above your fireplace. This can create visual interest without being overly distracting and make a nice conversation starter with guests too! If tiles aren’t up your alley then consider wall hangings like art pieces or tapestries – the latter having been popular for centuries now and still making quite a bit of an impact this season. Some people even opt for plants if they don’t want their décor too vibrant – although avoid opting for real trees or succulents as these do not fit well over fireplaces due to smoke emissions from burning logs which can damage plant life more quickly than normal conditions would allow them to survive healthily.

Above all else however, it’s important that whatever you choose adds value rather than detracts from

Shopping Tips and Where to Find the Best What to Hang Above Your Fireplace

When decorating your home, it can be tricky to decide what to hang above your fireplace. Whether you have a modern or traditional style, finding the right piece of art or decoration to match can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you find the perfect piece and make an impact in any room.

First, think about the background of your fireplace. Is it brick, stone, or wood? What type of mantelpiece do you have? ALL of these factors can help you choose which item will fit best. If you’re going for a traditional look with dark brown wood and detailed carvings on your mantelpiece, try incorporating a classic painting such as a classical portrait or tranquil landscape with complementary color tones and similar textures.

For Modern décor styles, try colorful abstract paintings or wall decals that play off of bold shapes and eye-catching patterns like stripes and geometric shapes for your artwork placement. You can also easily mix-and-match different pieces from eclectic prints that you found either through vintage shops or thrift stores – but just be cautious not to overwhelm the space by having too much artwork competing for attention in one area.

If budget is an issue due to their specialty sizing requirements; then consider scouring local galleries and inventive artists who may offer more inexpensive options such as organic metal pieces that serve as conversation starters, handcrafted decorative tile work composed into oversized mirrored frames that evoke memories of past times or oversized photography mixed media canvas prints all offering various depths depending upon ones individual taste levels regarding aesthetics.

Finally – no matter which direction you take – make sure that whatever is chosen reflects both personal preference (what makes you happy) yet compliments / coordinates together with the rest of room decor while providing good size / shape proportions relative to the existing mantle size selections itself – preventing overbearing ‘bib’ pieces that may consume too much caloric visual spaces when looking directly at the fire place area itself!

FAQs About Hanging Items Over Your Fireplace

1. What Can I Hang Above My Fireplace?

Above a fireplace you may choose to hang artwork, sconces, or even a piece of furniture such as an open shelf. However, because this area is close to heat and smoke, you’ll want to make sure whatever piece you choose is made of materials that can be safely hung near fire. Metal items or specially treated wood or fabric may be best here.

2. How Do I Decide On A Layout?

When deciding on the layout for the items you’ll hang above the fireplace, first consider the size of your mantle or wall niche. Measure it out to get an idea of how much space you need to fill with decor pieces. You can create symmetrical displays with multiple pictures or prints in similar sized frames, or incorporate unique shapes and sizes for more eclectic style displays as well as smaller decorative accessories like sculptures and candles for added interest.

3. Should I Hang Items Directly On The Wall Above The Fireplace?

Hanging items directly on the wall above your fireplace requires extra precaution if there is heat present from burning logs in a natural gas starter unit behind them. For safety reasons, it’s best not to hang anything directly over combustible material like wood tiles used around electric fireplaces equipped with metal boxes for concealing TV wiring and air venting direct vent gas-burning appliances which are designed exclusively for use inside existing masonry fireplaces . When hanging art at this spot, use picture rail mounting hardware instead that takes up no space within the combustible zone while keeping objects secure and spaced away from generating heat by 1″ – 2″ inches off both sides of the object into nonflammable materials such as metal framing screws and locking anchors which can withstand elevated temperatures much higher than traditional drywall suction cups or nails could handle should an emergency arise next time it will be safe goods are securely put in place guards against any potential hazards created by sparks that

The Top 5 Creative Ideas for What to Hang Above Your Fireplace

Sometimes a fireplace can be an intimidating focal point in your room, especially when there is no artwork or other decorations around it. A blank mantel may scream for something to make the corners match, to fill up the free space, or to add some extra eye-catching elements – preferably something creative and unique. Here are five creative ideas for what to hang above your fireplace:

1. Mirrors: with endless shapes, sizes and styles, mirrors are a great way of adding both shape and light to any room. When it comes to hanging a mirror above the fireplace, overlapping the rectangular shape of the mantel creates an interesting visual effect and adds texture without crowding any space. For more impactful looks, carve detailed frames around mirrors using woodwork or gild their edges with metal materials such as bronze or gold leafing.

2. Tapestry Art: If you’re looking for something bold and attention grabbing – not only aesthetic but also meaningful – consider hanging an artistic tapestry above your fire place. Whether it’s a favorite patchwork blanket that has been part of your home collected artifacts for years or you opt for couture tapestries made of quality fabrics; this option is sure to attract the eyes of guests towards your statement piece

3. Seasonal Wreaths: winter holiday season isn’t year round however; you can easily create gorgeous seasonal wreaths which will provide a chic backdrop during spring time all through summer time with bright colors and natural materials like dried flowers or wooden leaves such as maple’s classics look great alongside modern take on wreath designs involving succulents, burlap ribbons and felt flower details inspired by traditional fabric motifs from certain areas around Europe such as Provence in southern France

4. Abstract Wall Hangings: another idea that screams creativity when comes exploring “what-to-hang-above-the –fireplace” theme is providing funky abstract wall

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