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Revamp Your Kitchen with a Corner Electric Chimney: The Ultimate Guide

Step by Step Guide on Installing a Corner Electric Chimney

In today’s world, the sleek and elegant corner electric chimney has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen. Not only does it add a modern touch to your interiors, but it also provides ventilation that helps keep cooking fumes and bad odours at bay.

If you’re planning on installing a corner electric chimney in your kitchen, fret not! We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide that will ensure a smooth installation process.

1. Choose the Right Spot and Height – The first step in installing a corner electric chimney is choosing the right spot for it. You would want an area above your cooktop where there is no obstruction from cabinets or other appliances. Make sure to measure the distance between the gas/electric hob and the base of the cooker hood before finalizing its location.

Once you have identified the location, mark the center point of where you want to install it. In terms of height, it needs to be mounted at least 22 inches above the stovetop if you have an electric hob or 24 inches if you have a gas stove.

2. Purchase The Right Materials- Now that we know where to mount our newly bought corner electric chimney let’s talk about what “hardware” we’d need-

• Screws
• Wall Plug
• Electric Drill Machine
• Masking Tape
• A Pencil/Marker

These materials will come in handy during various phases of installation.

3. Check Your Bedroom- Perceive prevailing airflows both inside your house and outside while choosing your bedroom/kitchen space as it affects how well circulated ventilation gets through naturally occurring airflows

4. Prepare For Installation: Before commencing with actual fitting drill holes in corners with masking tape on marks around them using high-speed bits readying up base fixing brackets aligning wall bracket screw into place making use of all necessary screws provided beforehand by manufacturers ensuring perfect fitting without any damage, and test if appropriately mounted before starting work.

5. Hang Up The Electric Chimney – Once you have established the correct height and position, it’s time to mount your electric chimney. You will need help from someone else to ensure proper alignment with the mark on the wall. Take a pen or pencil, use it to draw its surrounding contour so you don’t lose any drilling points that will give stability support during fitting.

6. Joining The Electrical Components- Before attaching electric chimney, initiating with coiling wires secured around posts ensuring tight crocheting of fasteners keeping them organized for within the space provided without hovering far-off these targets or perpendicular
with may cause hazards due to improper wiring that could initiate fires due to short-circuits or other electrical malfunctions

7. Test For Functionality- Lastly once you’ve successfully fitted your corner electric chimney, switch it on straight away and make sure there is no issue with airflow control as well as noise levels commencing then cleaning vent filters in exhaust units check all other components making sure they’re giving out clean fresh air making all electrical utility switched off when not in use.

Following these steps precisely will help you install your corner electric chimney without any hiccups. Remember, seeking professional assistance is always an option if needed; however completing installation yourself saves precious time and money while also instilling much-needed confidence handling home decor projects!

Frequently Asked Questions about Corner Electric Chimneys

Electric chimneys are the perfect addition to every modern kitchen. They offer several benefits over traditional exhaust fans, such as capturing smoke, oil, and grime before they spread across the cooking area. Moreover, electric chimneys come in various designs and sizes to suit your kitchen’s decor and layout.

However, like any other appliance or gadget, electric chimneys may induce some doubts or queries among users. This blog aims to highlight those Frequently Asked Questions about Corner Electric Chimneys with a detailed professional response for each.

1. What is an electric chimney?
A: An electric chimney is an overhead appliance that removes smoke, fumes, steam, and smell from your cooking area by drawing them out through ducts or filters while retaining the grease and oil.

2. Why should I opt for an electric chimney?
A: An electric chimney offers several advantages over traditional exhaust fans; it eliminates harmful fumes that can cause breathing difficulties and keeps your kitchen cleaner with its air preservation/circulation mechanism. It adds versatility to your kitchen as well since you do not have to moderate flame heat or the amount of food being cooked due to reduced steam/smoke.

3. Are there different types of electric chimneys available in the market?
A: Yes! There are broadly three kinds- wall-mounted chimney (most popular), island-type chimney (for free-standing kitchens), and corner-type chimney (ideal for those looking for space-saving options)

4. What kind of maintenance does my electric chimney require?
A: The upkeep of a chimney solely depends upon its usage factor; however, in general terms;

* Check/Apart/Replace filters often
* Clean outer surface periodically with mild detergent/hardware wash
* Professional servicing every few months

5. Can I install an Electric Chimney by myself?
A: While some companies market DIY installation kits when it comes to electrical appliances like this one(safety hazards included), we strongly advise against trying it by oneself since the Chimney’s set-up process can be both time-consuming and intricate.

6. Can I customize my electric chimney as per my kitchen design?
A: Yes! Most reputed brands of chimneys offer customizable options to choose from, including sizes, colors and shapes that match your kitchen decor.

7. Do I require a special type of duct for an electric chimney?
A: Yes! Chimneys work best with rigid aluminum or PVC pipes that are wider in diameter than the unit outlet- impedance-free flow is key.

8. What is the approximate lifespan of an electric chimney?
A: It varies with usage pattern, brand quality of unit, maintenance history and includes scheduled cleaning

In conclusion – Electric chimneys have simplified life to a great extent by providing kitchens with smoke-free and clean environment; it also adds charm to the overall visual appeal of any household. While investing in one might seem like an uphill task given its varied options available in the market today; being well-informed is always better than repenting later.

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Corner Electric Chimneys

A corner electric chimney is an excellent addition to your living space. Not only does it elevate the aesthetics of the room, but it also provides warmth and coziness. If you’re considering purchasing a corner electric chimney for your home, there are some important facts that you need to know before you make your decision. Here are the top 5 facts about corner electric chimneys:

Fact #1: They Come in Various Styles and Designs

Corner electric chimneys come in various styles and designs, so you can easily find one that complements the overall decor of your room. From traditional to modern, there’s a design for every taste and preference. Some designs feature sleek glass panels, while others have rustic finishes.

Fact #2: They are Easy to Install

Unlike traditional fireplaces, corner electric chimneys require minimal installation efforts. Most models come with simple plug-in features that make them easy to set up without any professional assistance or additional construction requirements.

Fact #3: They Don’t Require Chimney Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages of a corner electric chimney is that it doesn’t produce smoke or ash like traditional fireplaces. Hence, you don’t need to hire a professional chimney cleaner regularly.

Fact #4: They Provide Efficient Heating

Corner electric chimneys use electricity as a fuel source, which means they don’t produce harmful emissions like gas or wood-burning fireplaces. Additionally, they utilize advanced heating technology that efficiently warms up your room with minimal energy consumption.

Fact #5: They Offer Customizable Heating Options

Most corner electric chimneys feature adjustable heat settings and flame options so that you can customize the heating level and ambiance according to your preferences. Some models even come with remote controls for convenient adjustment from across the room.

Overall, a corner electric chimney is an excellent option for anyone looking to add warmth and style to their living space without all the hassle associated with traditional fireplaces. With its easy installation, customizable heating options, and sleek designs, you’ll be able to enjoy a cozy and elegant living space all year round.

Benefits of Installing a Corner Electric Chimney in Your Home

Installing a corner electric chimney in your home is a sophisticated and intelligent way to elevate your cooking experience while also increasing the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. This modern marvel of technology is designed to keep your kitchen free from smoke, steam, fumes, and lingering odors while you cook, making it an essential appliance for every modern household.

Here are some benefits of installing a corner electric chimney in your home:

1. Effortless Cooking Experience
The installation of an electric chimney helps in enhancing the cooking experience by keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. With an electric chimney installed at the corner above the stove or gas range, you won’t have to worry about smoke filling up your kitchen space.

2. Eliminates Odors
Cooking different kinds of food can leave unpleasant smells that might linger around in the house for hours even after you’re done eating. Installing an electric chimney eliminates those lingering odors by absorbing smoke as well as bad smells that occur during cooking.

3. Aesthetic Appeal
Corner electric chimneys come in various styles, which make them versatile when it comes to fitting into any kitchen décor effortlessly. It adds an element of sophistication and modernity to any space with its sleek design.

4. Easy to Clean
Electric chimneys typically come with removable filters that are easy to clean and maintain without much effort on your part. These filters help trap impurities like dirt, grease or oil leaving no residue behind making cleaning them an absolute breeze.

5. Cost-Effective Solution
As compared to traditional brick chimneys, electric chimneys are much cheaper both when buying them and maintaining them over an extended period.When it comes to power-saving features these appliances consume little electricity so say goodbye massive bills!

6. Healthier Alternative
Not all health hazards come from what we eat but also how it’s cooked – uncontrolled exposure to smoke makes one susceptible diseases such as asthma,increase heartbeat rate,and itching sensation in the eyes, nose and throat etc. An electric chimney provides a healthier alternative by keeping your kitchen environment clean and smoke-free.

In conclusion, installing a corner electric chimney is an important investment to make in today’s modern world. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal to your home but also helps you maintain a healthy and safe living space while saving energy! So why wait any longer? Invest in your own corner electric chimney today and enjoy these benefits first hand.

Corner Electric Chimney vs Traditional Fireplace: Which One is Better?

When it comes to heating up your home during the cold winter months, there are a few options that homeowners typically turn to. Two popular choices are corner electric chimneys and traditional fireplaces. Both are used for keeping your home warm and cozy, but the question remains: which one is better?

First, let’s take a look at corner electric chimneys. These appliances are known for their convenience and ease of use. They require no actual fire burning inside the unit; instead, they use electricity to create a realistic flame effect. These electric flames are quite convincing and can add an ambiance similar to that of traditional fires.

Corner electric chimneys also come equipped with heat settings, allowing you to adjust them as needed in order to keep your space comfortable throughout the day or night. This feature provides further convenience because you can switch off the heat when not required.

One factor in favor of electric chimneys over traditional fireplaces is safety. The lack of real fire means there is no chance of errant sparks or embers jumping out onto flooring or furniture- items that could threaten potential fires.

When it comes to maintenance, corner electric chimneys come out well ahead again since they do not produce smoke that will dirty walls or leave ash behind to clean up afterward (unlike a wood-burning fireplace). All you need is electricity for these devices to work properly without requiring any chimney cleaning woes.

On the other hand, fans of traditional wood-burning fireplaces adore them because they offer a level of warmth and ambiance unmatched by any electrical gadgetries like Corner Electric Chimney if appropriate precautions have been taken into account.

Traditional fireplaces produce natural flames around real wood logs burning inside which adds a crackling sound-effect creating more natural sensations enhancing cozy warmth while imparting a subtle fragrance aromatizing the room beautifully.

Many prefer spending time building such fires- campfire enthusiasts among them favouring congregating around naturally unfolding moments catching up with newspapers, hot chocolate or wine. Traditional fireplace fans stress they’re more environmentally friendly than electric Chimneys for wood-burning fireplaces don’t rely on fossil fuels.

But as incredible as it seems, not every home comfortably hosts the ability to build a proper fireplace, then this becomes a moot point.

In conclusion, both corner electric chimneys and traditional fireplaces have their own specific advantages making their argument for purchase. Your final choice eventually depends solely upon personal preferences and conveniences like cost-saving measures too. Further considerations such as ecology come into play for those who endeavor are going green when possible.
Deciding which one is better really comes down to your lifestyle needs over your wants – an easier cleanup vs natural sensory delights with the added responsibility of keeping the house clean and safe if opting for traditional fireplaces.

How to Choose the Best Corner Electric Chimney for Your Home Décor.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and a chimney plays a crucial role in keeping it smoke-free and comfortable. With many options on the market today, choosing the right electric chimney for your home can often be a challenging task.

A corner electric chimney has become increasingly popular in modern homes, as it seamlessly blends into any kitchen decor while providing adequate ventilation. In this guide, we will share some tips on how to choose the best corner electric chimney for your home decor.

Size Matters

When considering an electric chimney, size is one of the essential factors you should keep in mind. Always ensure that you measure your kitchen space accurately before making any purchase. This will help you pick out an appropriately-sized chimney that aligns with both functional and aesthetic requirements.

For smaller kitchens, it’s best to opt for compact models that won’t take up too much space or overpower smaller countertops. Large chimneys work well in more spacious kitchens with high ceilings and wide countertops.

Suction Power

Suction power represents the amount of smoke or steam that your hood can collect while cooking. The higher the suction power rating of a particular model, the better its ability to collect all fumes and odors generated while cooking. A reliable electric chimney should have enough suction level to efficiently mitigate smoking during various types of cooking operations you perform regularly.


Electric chimneys always require regular cleaning to remain efficient and long-lasting; otherwise it may lead to problems such as clogging filters which will reduce suction efficiency significantly over time. Look for models easy to clean so as not to make maintenance feel like a chore every time you use them.

Design And Colour Options

The design and colour scheme choice of an electric chimney are among other important factors when looking for this appliance. Whether going for sleek minimalistic designs or colorful ones with digital controls/additional lights built-in; there are various design profiles available across brands offering different amounts of functionality and ease-of-use beyond its primary function of smell/smoke removal.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best corner electric chimney for your home decor involves taking into consideration many factors, ranging from suction power, size and maintenance. It can be a daunting task trying to choose the most suitable model while balancing all these features. We hope that our tips provided in this article will help make this process easier so as to get an appliance which meets up with both your functional expectations and decorative preference, creating a lovely ambiance in your kitchen.

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