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How to Easily Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

What Is a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

A wall mounted electric fireplace is a modern appliance that provides a realistic fire experience without the need for traditional gas or wood fuel. These electric fireplaces are extremely energy efficient, as the electricity used to power them requires no burning of such fuels. Many of these electric fireplaces come as complete units that include either an interior wall installation option or a plug in version to hang on the outside of any wall. The electric fire used in these appliances is generated from an infrared quartz crystal heating element which produces intense heat, yet requires minimal energy use when compared to other standard electric home appliances.

Wall mounted electric fireplaces generally come in two styles – the built-in and dangling type. The built-in types are built right into the wall’s surface with their mantles and fireplace box providing a full seamless look between your living space and the fireplace itself. The dangling type hangs just below the ceiling when installed so it doesn’t take up floorspace, and also gives off a certain ambiance to your living room or office area as it dimly lights up it’s surroundings with soft lighting effects depending on unit purchased. Most models also come equipped with adjustable heat settings, ranging from low to medium intensity heat, so you can enjoy whatever level of warmth you prefer throughout any given season. Furthermore, many contemporary designs offer features like auto shutoff capabilities for added safety assurance if left unattended for too long periods of time.

In addition to providing ample support for temperature regulation during chilly months and direct supplemental home heating solutions further out into wintery conditions when the heaters begin humming; most models even provide additional modern style amenities like remote controls that allow you complete control over all usage settings while giving off its ambient glow unaffected by user tampering thus offering both functionality and convenience optimized all within one set package.

So whether you’re looking for stronger supplemental home heating due to a power outage in cold weather conditions, needing some extra warm undertones thrown around your personal space during those

Advantages of Installing a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Installing a wall mounted electric fireplace is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to add more ambience, heat, and aesthetic charm to their home. Wall mounted fireplaces are both modern and stylish and can be placed in virtually any room of your home. Here are five great advantages of installing this type of fireplace:

1. Heat Efficiency – Wall mount electric fireplaces provide efficient heating with little energy loss. This can result in substantial savings on your energy bills over the long term because you don’t have to use traditional HVAC systems as frequently or at very high temperatures. They also tend to be quite inexpensive compared to other types of fireplaces, particulary gas models which require far more installation work and energy costs.

2. Easy Installation – Unlike other types of fireplaces, wall mounted electric fireplaces can be easily installed by anyone with just basic DIY skills without the need for extensive construction work or hiring expensive contractors. Therefore, it is hassle-free and extremely convenient for homeowners who want a beautiful decorative feature without much fuss or cost associated with it.

3. Adaptability – As these fireplaces take up no floor space, they have become increasingly popular in small homes where larger versions may not fit appropriately within available space restrictions – such as studio apartments or townhouses – making them an excellent heating solution even if you have limited area for decoration or construction purposes.

4. Aesthetic Appeal – With its modern features, simplistic design and chic appearance wall mount fireplaces offer a stylish décor option that will beautifully complement any contemporary living area while providing extra warmth when needed during winter months amidst increasing cold weather conditions outside.

5 Reduced Maintenance – Another benefit of owning one is that they require minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan since they run entirely on electricity so there’s no smoke created and thus clearing regularly clogged flues isn’t necessary which makes them hassle-free when it comes to upkeep costs or repairs down the line. Furthermore

Preparing to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Most people who are considering adding a wall mounted electric fireplace to their home recognize the many advantages that this type of fireplace offers – from efficient heating to ease of installation. When it comes to preparing for the installation, there are a few things homeowners should keep in mind.

Before prepping the install, it is essential to determine whether the wall can adequately support the weight of the firebox and any extra components (for example, if you have chosen a model with an optional fan). The manufacturer’s manual will provide specific weight details and should be consulted beforehand. If necessary, reinforcing studs or other construction materials may be added as part of your preparation.

The expected location of your electric firebox should also be determined prior to your installation project. Analyze where wires, cables and/or building controls may lead into or out of it: Is there an existing power source (e.g., an outlet) nearby? How much space is needed on either side for additional components, or for simply passing inspections? Remember that typical wall mounted electric fireplaces must ideally sit 14-18 inches from floor level in order to comply with code requirements; plan adequately according your individual model’s specifications.

Additionally, review all safety warnings thoroughly before beginning – such as keeping flammable objects away from heat sources – and confer with local regulatory agencies about any permits required for installation completion in some areas. Be sure that you are familiar with electrical wiring instructions related to your model (these may include instructions on how to properly secure wires inside certain box covers).

When done correctly with due diligence into all considerations stated herein, installing a wall mounted electric fireplace can be quite easy – success depends upon appropriate research and preparation!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Installing wall mounted electric fireplaces is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, as they provide extra warmth in many different areas of the home. Plus, installation of these fireplaces requires no venting, no chimney, and minimal maintenance. Knowing this, let’s jump into a step-by-step guide to installing a wall mounted electric fireplace!

Step One: Choose Your Electric Fireplace

The first step is to choose which type and size of electric fireplace you’d like to install. You should measure your walls before purchasing and make sure that it will fit the pre-existing space in the room. Additionally, ensure that any electrical outlets necessary for powering the fireplace are locate within reach or nearby.

Step Two: Preparing The Wall Space

You’ll want to start by removing all outlet covers surrounding where your new electric fireplace will be installed. Then patch up any holes or cracks in the wall around its planned area with spackle or joint compound. Use sandpaper to smooth out the area after it has dried completely and then use primer/paint over it to get an even finish for a clean backdrop for your project ahead.

Step Three: Attaching The Brackets To The Wall

Follow directions included with your specific model so that you know exactly how far apart from each other you need to place brackets on either side of your chosen wall space. Be sure there are no wires running behind it before securing them with screws into the studs of the wall (Note: If there is not enough studs in that particular area try attaching them directly into drywall using screw anchors). Mark off a level line across both brackets where they meet in order to accurately hang on the mounting frame later on.

Step Four: Installing The Electrical Outlet Box

Depending on your model you may have an electronic outlet box comes attached onto the frame itself or separately placed near your desired location of installment along with accompanying wiring and instructions needed such as

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Installing a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Installation of a wall mounted electric fireplace is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative heating solution to traditional fireplaces. The installation process itself can present certain challenges, however, ranging from simple installation issues to larger problems like wiring incompatibility or improper venting. Here are some tips and advice for troubleshooting common issues when installing a wall mounted electric fireplace:

1) Installation Incompatibility: If your wall mounted electric fireplace does not fit correctly into the space that you’ve designated for it, then you may be dealing with an installation incompatibility issue. The first step in resolving this is to determine whether or not the width and height measurements of your selected space will accommodate the size of the unit – if it does, then the next step is to be sure that there are no other obstacles blocking the appropriate location.

2) Wiring & Venting: If all seems well but you’re still unable to get power running through the unit or proper ventilation, then it’s likely that either your existing wiring isn’t compatible with the new unit or that additional vents have not been installed in order to provide proper airflow. To address this issue, check to see if you need a new compatible wiring setup and/or install additional vents where needed in order to achieve successful operation.

3) Higher Than Normal Electric Bill: If your newly installed electric fireplace causes your electrical bill skyrocketing even though you haven’t made any changes in usage patterns post-installation, then something might be wrong with its current settings. Check for any potential problems such as insufficient power supply due to inadequate wiring/voltage capacity or faulty housing insulation causing heat loss.

4) Poor Temperature Regulation/Heat Distribution: Finally, if your wall mounted electric fireplace cannot generate and regulate temperature evenly throughout its surface area, then this could suggest several causes such as incorrect placement away from walls (which would impede air circulation), lack of required superior insulation between walls/interior surfaces and improper sealing of air leakage locations around the

FAQs About Installing a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Q: What are the benefits of installing a wall mounted electric fireplace?

A: Installing a wall mounted electric fireplace offers a range of benefits. Primarily, they provide an easier and cleaner way to heat your home – especially compared to traditional wood burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces often require little to no maintenance, and generate supplemental heat without requiring much energy. Plus, since they’re wall-mounted units, you don’t lose precious floor space as you would with a standard hearth-style unit. Perhaps most importantly, electric fireplaces offer the look and feel of real flames without releasing smoke, ash or odors into your home that can easily occur when using a wood burning setup.

Q: Where is the best location to install my wall mounted electric fireplace?

A: To get the most out of your wall mounted electric fireplace, it’s best if it’s installed in an area where you spend most of your time (such as a living room or family room), since these areas typically require a greater amount of heat output than less-trafficked spots like hallways or bathrooms. Wherever you decide on installing yours, just remember to check restrictions about proper installation clearance with local building codes before determining its exact spot in your home.

Q: What type of installation will I need for this type of appliance?

A: For safety reasons and proper operation, all electric fireplaces must be hardwired directly into either an existing 220V outlet in the walls or have their own dedicated circuit wired from box in the electrical panel depending on voltage requirements. Always consult with an experienced professional who won’t only help with the appliance installation but will also perform wiring safely and up to code standards applicable in your area.

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