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How to Choose the Right Size TV to Hang Above Your Fireplace

Principles of Designing a Stylish Living Room with a Big TV Over the Fireplace

Designing a stylish living room with a big TV over the fireplace is no simple task. To ensure that you get it right, there are a few key principles that you should follow. Here’s everything you need to know about creating an appealing, functional and inviting living space with the help of a fireplace and a large TV set.

Start with Scale: First and foremost, it is important to consider scale when designing your living room. If your television is too small for the size of the room, then it won’t offer adequate impact or be aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, if you go too big with your TV choice, then it can end up dominating the entire space. Your aim should be finding something that fits proportionally within your living area while allowing you to make the most of larger viewing experiences if needed.

Balance: Once you’ve taken care of scale and found the right sized TV for your space, now comes time to craft a strong sense of balance in the overall design. You don’t want either feature – that is, both fireplace or TV set – competing for attention in terms of design elements or texture use ; rather they should work together harmoniously as part of one cohesive unit When looking at different materials like stone or wood surround frames emphasize pieces which play off one another aesthetically instead of distracting from each other’s presence

Lighting: Depending on how natural light is distributed within your living room ,you may need to supplement different lighting fixtures around both features . There will almost always be great variations in brightness when relaying television images on their largest settings choose wall sconces flanking either side for more even brightness without sacrificing vintage feel

Furniture Placement & Accents: Finally , once all these foundations are lain out properly now brings furnishings into action Pay attention to how furniture orientates itself so that individuals don’t have awkward positioning issues determine themes (i .e coastal , traditional) and add some accentual touch – points such as throw blankets throws cushions rugs etc For example if looking towards more nautical atmosphere adding shells decorative anchors would heighten atmosphere

In summary : all said done styling along efficient practicality can go long way in terms rolling out best possible designs Take time go research layer plenty mood boards start finding pieces bring together best cohesive look

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing and Positioning Your Big TV Over the Fireplace

Are you considering installing your big television directly above your fireplace? If so, it’s essential that you position your TV correctly to enjoy the best viewing experience possible. To help you make sure that everything is installed properly and functioning, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide for installing and positioning a big television over the fireplace.

First and foremost, you’ll need to get the right mounting hardware. You can purchase an adjustable wall mount designed specifically for large TVs at most home improvement stores or online retailers. Make sure to measure the area where your TV will be mounted before making a purchase and be sure that the mount is strong enough to support the weight of your specific television model.

Once you’ve purchased all the necessary supplies, it’s time to start installing! Start by drilling into the wall or mantle near where you will install your TV mount; this ensure that it is sturdily secured in place. Carefully attach the brackets provided but make sure not to overtighten them, as this can cause damage to both your TV and wall mount. Next, take your further safety measures such as securing cables and cords away from each other using twist ties or zip ties so they don’t become tangled up when moving around

Now that our bracket installed let’s move on to connecting all of our devices securely. Use surge protectors with individual outlets for all of your media components like digital antennas, game consoles and sound systems – these will help keep electrical power outages from ruining any of these expensive pieces of equipment. Securely connect any HDMI cables (these are ideal if live streaming) between devices placed nearby such as DVD or Blu-ray players connected straight into your brand new big screen! Lastly `test` every device to ensure they are functioning properly before closing up behind bulkheads etc

The final part of securely positioning a big screen above a fireplace requires us carefully adjusting their view with their optimal height in mind. Professionally recommending eye approach level at 40 – 50 inches depending on seating arrangements localised those who are shorter / taller must also stretch half way up or lower slightly however overlapping too much means blurring images whatever classic movie we choose watch! Subsequently using rotation tools provided find congenial coordinates which enables maximum enjoyment watching favourite shows without stressing about picture quality today!

Tips for Selecting Appropriate Furniture and Decor for the Living Room With a Big TV Above the Fireplace

When decorating a living room with a fireplace and a big TV, it’s important to choose furniture, artwork and décor that will not only create visual balance and cohesion, but also complement the TV’s size. Here are some tips for selecting appropriate furniture and décor:

1. Measure all your existing furniture for size and scale to make sure the new pieces won’t look too large or too small in comparison. Choose classic silhouettes in timeless materials such as leather or wood veneers- these will age gracefully over time.

2. Opt for lighter colored upholstered pieces instead of darker ones so they don’t compete with the TV’s black bezel. This is especially true if your sofa has low arms or no arms whatsoever as dark colors will draw attention away from the TV visual center of focus.

3. Artwork should complement both the design style of the room as well as its purpose – meaning ideally, it should call attention to itself while not detracting from your viewing experience onscreen. If you need help selecting artwork that looks great near a TV, consult an interior designer who specializes in this type of work!

4. To create balance within the space while keeping focal point intact with the fireplace/TV combo consider adding framed symmetrical prints along one side of the wall behind each side-table rather than placing them directly across from each other elsewhere in totality of dahouse e room Furniture accessories such dustpans ashtrays and coasters can play rolein creating symmetry aroundthe corner seating area togetherwith rugs pillows bookshelves lights poufs etc With just right amountof thoughtand effortyou should beable tobuildup completeconceptualcohesiveenviroment What trulymakes and breaksindividualstyleis ‘Whatmatcheswhat? Whereismost visualbalancecreated? The important partis thatinthe endall elements worktogetherfor holisticbeautifullookmake sureyour items meetboth qualitativeand stylisticrequirements

Common FAQs About Designing an Elegant Living Room with a Big TV Above the Fireplace

When it comes to creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere in your home, few aspects of interior design can match the elegance and timelessness of an elegantly designed living room with a large television over the fireplace. While such a setup may appear daunting at first, many homeowners find that with a little bit of planning it is an excellent way to bring both comfort and style into any living space.

The first question most people have when considering placing their TV above the fireplace is regarding their choice of furniture for the room. Selecting pieces that harmonize well together is key, as mixing different textures and styles can make your home look cluttered and unfinished. Look for pieces that use similar color palettes and select complementary accent pieces like throw pillows or artwork to give balance throughout the room. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure that your chosen furniture will accommodate a larger television set if you’re looking to mount one directly onto your wall or mantelpiece.

Another common question is regarding positioning the television correctly within your living room setup. The best option would be to ensure that seating around the fireplace are comfortably positioned – avoid mounting TVs in places where viewers will constantly have to strain their neck while watching – while also accommodating enough space behind it for heat vents or other necessary equipment. Be mindful of lighting too, as bright spots caused by windows, lamps, or overhead fixtures may cause glare on the screen should sunlight enter through them directly onto its surface.

Safety should also be considered when designing an elegant living space with a large TV above the fireplace. Most walls won’t need reinforcement if only using lightweight televisions; however if you plan on using heavier units then be sure to consult professional installers prior to affixing them into place so as not to damage existing structures within your home.. Additionally, wires should always be kept out of sight – invest in good quality cords covers for keeping unsightly wiring tucked away from view when possible!

With careful consideration and thoughtful design elements, anyone can create an inviting living environment complete with beautiful yet practical elements like large TV just above their central fire feature! With great tips provided here now all you need are some imagination and confidence in yourself going forward!

Top 5 Facts to Consider When Designing a Stylish Living Room with a Big TV Over the Fireplace

1. Find a fireplace that fits the size of the television – When selecting a fireplace for your living room, it’s important to consider how big or small the TV will be. A large flat-screen can dwarf even the most grand fireplaces, so it makes sense to measure both and find a size that fits your desired aesthetic. Conversely, an insufficiently sized fireplace may look out of place with a smaller flat-screen, so take into account the measurements before purchasing any furniture pieces.

2. Pick out lounge furniture to tie together different elements – Lounge furniture can help to add texture and bring all components of your living room together aesthetically. Stylish couches and chairs are great conversation starters around a beautiful fireplace, especially when complemented with coinciding ottomans or throw pillows for extra visual appeal. Be sure to leave adequate space for people sitting in front of the television as well as those who are seated by the hearthside; overcrowding your living room is never ideal!

3. Ensure that wire management isn’t an issue – While connecting wires from various components like game consoles and Blu-ray players may not seem like much trouble initially, improper cable management could become an eyesore further down the line if not done properly on day one. Before affixing any part of the setup in place alongside the fireplace, double check placement and make sure that cords aren’t placed anywhere where they’re likely to tangle up or become visible too prominently afterwards (e.g., along edges).

4. Don’t forget entertaining guests! – Your stylish living room should be inviting and purposeful: Aim to incorporate enough seating space so guests don’t miss any exciting moments while they kick back around their favorite spot near you near-the-fireplace area! Make sure there’s ample cushion supports available; sagging chairs can ruin everyone’s viewing experience just as quickly as bad sound or picture quality…so choose wisely!

5. Augment lighting if necessary – Ambient lighting should be taken seriously when overhauling your living room: Complexions from almost all individuals tend to benefit from gentle hues which wrap people in warmth during cold winter months (wherein fireplaces usually come into play). Layering warm LEDs behind pictures frames or beside bookshelves are simple yet effective ways of helping natural light reach its fullest potential even during darker hours after sunset

Final Thoughts on Creating an Attractive Living Room That Includes a Large Television Over the Fireplace

Creating a living room with a large television over the fireplace can be a great way to bring your family and friends together for movie night or a gaming session. However, it can be tricky to get the design just right. To ensure success, there are some important tips and considerations to keep in mind.

First, when selecting furniture for your living room space layout make sure to choose pieces that complement the size of your television and fireplace. A larger television will require furniture with more substantial proportions; whereas, smaller televisions should have smaller furniture pieces surrounding them in order to draw attention up toward the focal point. It’s also important to consider how far away from the fireplace and TV people will staff themselves during viewing sessions: too close can become uncomfortably hot with both factors in play at once; too far away removes the coziness of being able to look out into an inviting warm room while watching shows or playing games.

Second, adding additional accents such as area rugs, wall art or throw pillows can help create an attractive living room space that both feature and tie-in with your television over the fireplace set-up. Consistency of color themes is key when using accent pieces – sticking with one primary earthy tone (such as browns or creams) allows everything to blend without overwhelming visitors’ senses. Working with two colors gives even greater depth to this effect; if you have autumnal colors in mind for instance – think oranges/reds paired off against easy neutrals like light browns or creams – this contrast provides a feeling of completeness despite busy accent pieces throughout the space and prevents contrast piecing from creating unwanted mismatch features. And speaking of features, don’t forget about stonework! Though nothing beats actual handcrafted stone installations added around fireplaces (if applicable in terms of cost/ease), it’s possible to use simulated home décor items such logs, vases filled with rocks etc., which helps further complete that dream ‘cozy corner-room effect’ inside whatever limited floor area guests may find themselves congregating around.

Ultimately, constructing living spaces fit for both entertaining shows/movies on screen combined with being able offer warmth through cozy fires is quite possibly one of life’s greatest joys: pulling these blissful management feats off however requires careful balances between aesthetics & practicality — but hey…where there’s effort rewarded we all reap benefits! And after focusing on these core concepts — plus adding creative flourishes according personal flair overseen by precision movements — reveling in communal happiness no matter where they soon happen awaits indeed promised guaranteed every time!

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