Decorating Ideas For What To Put On Either Side Of Your Fireplace Wall

Decorating Ideas For What To Put On Either Side Of Your Fireplace Wall Creative Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Introduction to Decorating Both Sides of Your Fireplace Wall: Exploring Different Options

Decorating both sides of your fireplace wall can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Although there may appear to be only two walls, the possibilities and results can be vast. Fireplaces are often considered the centerpiece of any room, so it is important to give them special care when decorating them. Depending on the look you want to achieve with your fireplace, you have many different options for decorating both sides of your wall.

One of the most popular approaches is to use large paintings or photographs that span across both walls in either an identical or complementary manner. This will help create a beautiful focal point in any room and draw attention to the existing architecture. If you’re interested in this approach, do some research into what types of images represent symmetry and balance best as they are key elements here.

Another great way to decorate both sides of your fireplace wall is with mirrors that reflect off each other during certain times throughout day because of incoming natural light sources such as windows adjacent to the fireplace wall if done correctly this combination can create interesting stories and energy depending on which type of frames you choose either coordinating metallic tones or richly textured wood accents that have additional depth layered within each new reflection. It’s an ideal option if you want an embracing atmosphere but don’t know exactly what piece of artwork would capture this concept best; one great conversation starter could easily become two!

If mirrors aren’t quite up your alley then try considering a gallery-style effect for both walls maybe by displaying multiple shelves filled with creative objects such as books sculptures small vases terrariums etc that represent who you are and how uniquely curated items from foundry supply stores thrift shops estate sales art galleries commiserate auction houses etc complete varied interests from soft blues hues framed photographs butterflies encased inside glass sculptures nodding horse chariots made from vintage metals all capture elements wholly integrated state so whether hued style design technique or item collection speaks easiest for personal preference choosing gallery presenting medium provides gentle reminder: variety being spice life no matter type display right now creating grand couple’s vision later cultivating incredible family tradition tomorrow image canvas ideas unlimited thanks fireplaces leading call time break bread & start gathering near one resulting perfect place stay warm beyond realm physical remains visually inviting forevermore fireside presence breathing palpably presence gathers body soul ever central familiar anchor wrapping arms around home hearth embraces while allowing exploration uncharted waters still travelers possible terrain beyond confines space simultaneously taking trip (plus stopping along journey purchase unique mementos source) surely provides fun everlasting project unlike any before involving even deeper connections those fiery flames than notice hear mere fuel power warming shift aspirations refocusing lifestyle appreciative anew journey graciously awaits

Five Creative Ways to Decorate Both Sides of Your Fireplace Wall

1. Hang artwork on both sides of your fireplace wall. Hanging art creates a visually pleasing and interesting focal point that can brighten up any room. Consider adding different kinds of art to make the area truly unique such as oil paintings, posters, or photographs in beautiful frames. If you hang similar pieces on each side of your fireplace, this will help balance the display while giving an eye-catching feel to the entire area.

2. Embrace texture with wallpaper or paint. Wallpaper is another fun way to decorate both sides of your fireplace wall and can add depth, interest and texture to the space. Consider going for a bold pattern like stripes to add definition which can be balanced out by lighter elements around it like furniture or accessories. Alternatively go for something more subtle like pastels for a classic and timeless look – either way it’s sure to make both sides of your wall stand out from the crowd!

3. Create an elegant display using mirrors and sconces One creative way to decorate both sides of your fireplace wall is by hanging large statement mirrors flanked by decorative sconces. This can create a stunning effect that makes it appear that much bigger than it actually is while adding depth, light and style to the area – all at once!

4. Add additional shelving above or below Your Fireplace Wall shelves are great not only because they provide extra storage but also open up so many possibilities when used as decoration too – they are ideal if you want to decorate both sides of your fireplace wall with equal amounts of effortless elegance and chic charm! Think about layering baskets or books over easy-to-swap artwork along with fresh flowers in vases for that infinitely inviting finish!

5. Install bonus lighting above We can never underestimate just how impactful lighting is when added into our home design scheme – so don’t overlook what extra task lighting may do for both sides of your fireplace too! Opting for slim fixtures mounted just above your fireplaces mantelpiece could really bring out some striking theatrical effects between all those warm tones whilst also highlighting every feature within its reach perfectly…

Step by Step Guide to Designing a Personalized Look for Your Fireplace Wall

Designing a fireplace wall is a great way to add personality, comfort, and style to your home. From traditional mantels to sleek, contemporary designs, there is no limit to how you can customize the look for your unique tastes. Whether you’re renovating an existing space or building from scratch, these steps outline the design process for a beautiful and personalized hearth.

Step 1: Utilize the Best of Both Worlds – Combining Living Room & Bedroom: For instance, if you have an open-concept living room that also connects to a bedroom, you have the perfect opportunity to incorporate elements of both spaces into your fireplace design. Consider using softer colors or furniture pieces on one side that reference the bedroom while keeping other accompanying pieces connected to the neighboring living room area.

Step 2: Choose Your Inspiration: When it comes down to really creating a beautiful space besides the basics like color palette and furniture selection, truly stand out with details like mirror placement and artwork selections in special niches. Most importantly pick something that sparks joy! Whether its nostalgic family photos framed around the hearth or chandelier placement just above a bookcase; this will be what creates your signature look in front of your fireplace wall.

Step 3: Small Touches Matter: Remember those little touches that add warmth and charm? Keep them in mind when designing around your new focal point For example rugs beneath seating areas near here can make for comfortable seating areas for visitors; making sure those pieces are strategically placed in relation to one another will aid in creating flow within any room whether its one large open-space or several small rooms connected by pathways. Lastly don’t forget false illumination such as sconces or wall lamps create ambiance when needed or in larger scale connect either side of one room with cordless light strings across mantle line’s directly off walls sides facing different spaces while connecting end points corner ceiling rows so they continuously loop in segments making enlightening wonder land during any season without needing too many electrical connections save power while creating symmetry enhancing visual queues throughout entire structure further accentuating desired formation continuance entered upon fireplaces installment completion perfectly blending all previously used sources warmth interior details infusion each compartment stimulating atmosphere right away justifiably appealing non invasive result any energy alterations materializing necessary fixation admastically constructing permanent foundation aesthetically constituted first made examples ultimate safety protection combined matching aesthetic charm each individual audience surrounding main frame essentials embracing equality presence extraordinariness replicating infallible stories magically alive stay precious memories ever after effects astonishingly entertaining view faithfuls around elegantly fitful scenes essentially eliminating cold exterior feel dangerous draughts strongly differing origin air drafts conceptually perfected design formation conducive lifetime heard friends especially inspiring ages gone beliefs relayed powerful messages forever more attentively precessed emotions treasured structures holding home sweet homes distinctive beauty destined dedication grace loving families alike expanding wisdom boarders greats resulting positive contribution outstanding residential requisites immaculately achieved glorious manner unifying shared dream fundamental customizable potential

Frequently Asked Questions about the Different Types of Wall Décor for Each Side of the Fireplace

1.What is the best type of wall décor to hang on each side of the fireplace?

The best type of wall décor to hang on each side of the fireplace depends on your personal style and how you want to create a visual balance with your other furnishings. If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, try arranging a gallery wall featuring a mix of framed artwork, photographs, and mirrors; this gives you the freedom to easily switch out or rearrange pieces as desired. For something modern and sleek, consider installing two floor-to-ceiling shelves stocked with any type of home accents that coordinate with your aesthetic, such as books, vases adorned with faux florals or plants, small sculptures, rustic decor pieces like driftwood sprigs—it all depends on what suits your individual taste. If symmetrical designs are more your speed, hang pleasingly symmetrical pieces like matching geometric art prints in coordinating frames on either side—but feel free to change up their scale and color schemes so they don’t look too identical. And if it’s just not working out on either side but works better centered above the mantelpiece instead? Even better!

2.Do I need to paint both sides of the fireplace with complementary colors?

No—you don’t necessarily have to paint both sides of the fireplace in order to bring together the space aesthetically; unless it helps bring out certain decorations otherwise hidden by other furnishings or just adds an overall cohesive touch without overwhelming your design scheme or taking away from any highlight features (like statement wall décor). Picking out wallpaper is another creative way to create synergy between walls while increasing texture within a space—you can even choose two different patterns that mimic or enhance one another’s tones depending on what type of look you’d like in there! Otherwise unpaintable materials such as brick can also benefit from light washes that add some much needed warmth without obscuring any existing architectural details present in the room.

3.Should all my wall décor be at eye level?

Not necessarily! While it’s important for accent pieces like family photos and artwork above couches or dressers be hung at eye level so they can be enjoyed from wherever people are seated in that particular area, next-to-the-fireplace wall décor doesn’t have to adhere strictly to this rule; if it pleases you aesthetically then move those pieces around different levels as many times as you please until it looks and feels right for your own unique sensibility. That said: Do keep practical considerations (like furniture placement) top o’ mind when deciding where exactly these pieces should go since trying to view art contorted around large behind armchairs can be quite difficult not just visually but physically too through having craned necks..

Top 5 Facts about Decorating with Visual Elements on Both Sides of Your Fireplace Wall

1. For rooms with fireplaces, adding a particular set of decor can transform the look, feel and character of the entire room. Visual elements such as artwork, shelves and mirrors placed on both sides of the fireplace can enhance a cohesive and symmetrical design in any home.

2. An effective way to create balance is to hang large pieces of art about 5 feet off the ground so that it’s equal distance from each side of the fireplace wall. This creates a majestic focal point and is ideal for drawing attention in large areas like great-rooms or large entryways.

3. When choosing wall units like shelves take into consideration what type accents will be used within them as well as how they’ll interact visually with one another when they’re placed side by side near your fireplace wall. Shelves filled with books look natural and inviting while those filled primarily with vases could seem contrived if not selected slowly but carefully to evoke an earn sense of charm and coziness around your fireplace living space.

4. Adding mirrors above your fireplace gives a much needed reflective surfaces since it also allows more light from other parts of the room to be reflected back into area highlighting any display items adding sophistication and beauty to your space design too making sure not just functional but pleasant view for anyone who chooses to sit before it instead of in front soon after smoke clear away)

5. Finally, accent pieces such as candles, lamps or even family photographs are great additions that bring warmth when grouped together on both sides or even centered directly above the mantel itself; since some typically go along pretty well with colors chosen for front places itself creating visual connection necessary for putting whole scheme together nicely thus keeping interior design goal you might have given yourself lower than onset concretely achievable

Summary: Bringing Together the Best Tips for Creating an Incredible Look for Your Fireplace Wall

When it comes to creating a thoughtful, inspiring and beautiful look for the wall of your fireplace, the possibilities are almost endless! However, it is important that you take your time when selecting the perfect element to complete your ideal space. After all, this could be one of the most defining features of your interior design scheme – so make sure that you get it right!

One essential tip to keep in mind whilst in the process of creating an incredible look for your fireplace wall is experimenting with texture. Whether implementing bold patterns or ridged structures – layering different textural elements gives rooms a diverse atmosphere. Furnishing such as rattan stools can give an effortless boho aesthetic whereas intricate art pieces can provide entirely different vibes. It’s up to you how far do you want to take tthis idea.

Incorporating colors along with textures is also crucial for establishing a successful décor scheme around season trends and celebrations. By integrating bright berries and welcoming sunsets – bedrooms instantly become styled in time for summer festivities, allowing happy memories alongside vibrant decorations to house any room’s appearance. Having said that go nuts but don’t exaggerate too much either – try minimalistic designs instead or get ready to embrace maximalist schemes when done correctly they too look amazing. Accents like crystal accessories bring added appeal too – you can always jump on deep blues , greens or pink etcetera pigments which have been trendy laterly but solid colors are just as strong here so being creative with what works in harmony together will protray subtle elegance at the same time .

Finally, having imagination plays an important part towards achieving master-pieces fit for anyone’s taste when decorating their living room walls by incorporating unique items from thrift stores or kept-in-attic collections will help step out from that traditional look many aim for at first glance; history does matter ! As opposed to matchy-matchy boxes there’s no limitation stepping up on expressions connected through wordplay – think outside . Living everything unique allows one self freedom of creativity whether blending familiar faces , mix fabrics mediums layouts placings aids into achieving personalised ‘wows’. Craft tech stained glass helps achieve timeless aesthetics even if grand design isn’t really top priority decoration matters and should play role despite focused tasks ahead up closeup details making rounds easily relative attempt enhance drab staring back at other wise golden framed opportunity awaits inner senses challenge requirements aesthetical impacts surrounding influences interplaying attentions mutual appreciation reworded attempt playful results timely update not overlooked wisely taken chance strive forward comfort levels maximum potential achieved

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