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Cozy Up Your Living Room with a Fireplace and Built-Ins on Each Side

How to Achieve the Perfect Fireplace with Built Ins on Each Side for Your Home.

Fireplaces have always been the heart of any home. Apart from providing warmth during cold seasons, they also serve as a beautiful centerpiece that complements the interior décor of your home. With built-ins on both sides, fireplaces can be even more functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is because built-ins provide extensive storage options to display your family’s cherished keepsakes, prized possessions or store everyday essentials.

If you’re considering adding built-ins on each side of your fireplace, there are a few key things to consider in order to achieve the perfect look.

1. Plan for Space and Scale
The first thing you’ll want to do is assess the amount of space available in the room where you plan to build the fireplace with built-ins on both sides. It’s essential to ensure that everything will be proportional and not overwhelm the room. Start by taking detailed measurements of the space around your fireplace and sketching out possible layouts for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

2. Consider Your Style and Theme
Once you’ve taken stock of how much space you have, consider what style best fits your home decor theme: traditional or modern? Sleek or rustic? Whatever style speaks most represents you should be incorporated into plans when designing built-ins around your fireplace.

3. Choose Quality Materials
Another critical thing when designing built-ins is selecting quality materials that complement the existing features of your home such as trim work, molding colors or flooring types.Arrange samples alongside each other till finding a harmonious blend before making final decisions towards purchases.

4.Utilize Lighting
Built- ins with lights enhance focal points like photographs or displays within it’s shelves.Showcase styling pieces tastefully through proper lighting installations which couples up well with tinted glass fronts if fitted neatly into cabinets installed beside overall structure

5-Thinking Ahead
When remodeling an area in mind think ahead about its appeal; that includes leaving enough real estate functionality without being cluttered while foreseeable renovations or upgrades catered to in the future.

In Conclusion
Achieving a perfect fireplace with built-ins is something that takes careful planning and expertise. By focusing on space, style, materials, lighting, and how your home might change in the future you will be able to build a beautifully functional centerpiece that brings warmth and visual appeal into any room. With these tips in mind, start designing an elegant fireplace design with sleek, high-quality built-ins that work perfectly together for aesthetics while increasing practicality for everyday family life.

Step by Step: The Process of Installing a Fireplace with Built Ins on Each Side.

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace, especially when it’s paired with stunning built-ins on either side. Not only do these features make for a beautiful focal point in any room, but they also serve as functional storage solutions. If you’re considering installing a fireplace with built-ins on each side, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Assess Your Space
Before diving into any major construction project, it’s important to assess your space and determine where exactly you want your fireplace and built-ins to go. Consider factors such as ceiling height, available wall space, and how the layout will flow with the rest of the room. Once you have a clear vision in mind, consult with a professional contractor or architect to help create detailed plans.

Step 2: Choose Your Fireplace Style
There are countless options when it comes to fireplace styles – from traditional brick hearths to sleek modern units. Research different types of fireplaces and choose one that matches your personal style and aesthetic preferences. You’ll also need to consider whether you want a gas or wood-burning unit – both have their pros and cons.

Step 3: Create a Plan for Your Built-Ins
The best built-in designs are those that blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the room while providing ample storage space. Take precise measurements of your planned installation site so that your custom-built cabinets fit perfectly into the space without looking awkward or bulky. Plan out shelving units, drawers, cupboards and other design elements that would be useful in storing items around your living area.

Step 4: Choose Materials
A good rule of thumb is that if you already have hardwood floors or walls made from stone or brick materials; use complementing materials for your mantel made up from complementary colors like marble or natural granite tile finishes around the chimney area enhancing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Step 5: Work with a Professional
Perhaps the most important step in installing a fireplace with built-ins is working with an experienced, licensed contractor. They will have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the project safely and efficiently, while ensuring that all codes and regulations are met.

Step 6: Install Your Fireplace and Built-Ins
Once you have worked out all the details of your fireplace installation plans, it’s time to put everything into action. Skilled craftsmen will be able to install your chosen fireplace with accuracy and precision; then proceed by integrating these structural elements with your chosen built-in design.

These six steps are just a rough guide for installing a fireplace with built-ins on each side of it. It may take more steps or processes depending upon individual preferences like adding tiling or extra cosmetic detail customization like granite slabs or decorative paint options so pick according to what best suits your style aspirations! Not only will this addition enhance the aesthetics of any living space; but it also provides practical functionality as well. With proper planning and professional help, you can enjoy the beauty of this timeless feature for many years to come!

Fireplace with Built Ins on Each Side FAQ: Common Questions Answered.

Fireplaces with built-ins on each side are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add both warmth and style to their homes. Not only do they provide an elegant focal point for any room, but they also offer additional storage space and enhance the overall look of your home.

If you’re considering a fireplace with built-ins, you may have some questions about this setup. Here are some common queries that we’ll answer in this blog:

1. What is a fireplace with built-ins on each side?

2. What are the benefits of having a fireplace with built-ins on each side?

3. How can I incorporate a fireplace with built-ins into my current décor?

4. Are there any downsides to having a fireplace with built-ins?

What is a Fireplace With Built-Ins on Each Side?

As the name suggests, a fireplace with built-ins on each side features cabinetry or shelves surrounding the hearth. These cabinets/shelves are usually custom-designed and will vary in style depending on your preferences and budget.

You can opt for open shelving, closed cabinets, glass doors or even add in media equipment to use as an entertainment center (for TVs or sound systems). Additionally, mantles above fireplaces could either be flush mounted, elegant bookshelves spanning over your sofas or even game tables!

The Benefits of Having A Fireplace With Built-Ins On Each Side

Having storage space available while keeping things un-cluttered as well provides versatility across many occasions just– adds brilliance! You won’t find it hard to store books or family photos in neatly designed spaces designated to nurture elegance within them.

Moreover, fireplaces serve as heating source creating cozy ambiance indoors which makes guests long stay at gatherings during cold weather-seasons – Homes transform into warm havens showcasing one’s personality through interior design architectural balances & superior large sized wall-fit mirrors installed just at the right angles reflect them!!!

How Can I Incorporate A Fireplace With Built-Ins Into My Current Décor?

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a fireplace with built-ins into your current decor.

One option is to match with the existing elements within the room, you can create a cohesive feel by using similar colors and materials. Consider selecting tailored framing, rough-cut forests or even subtle-patterned wallpaper lining so everything including chairs & sofas fits like pieces of artwork rather than individual furniture components that stand out from one another.

If you have a traditional space, opt for custom-designed cabinetry with intricate details that complement the symmetric finish of your space. Whereas minimalistic homes can benefit from simple designs focused on high-quality materials painted in more organic color ways. It’s always best to know what works well and looks great for YOU- oh wise one!

Are There Any Downsides To Having A Fireplace With Built-Ins?

One downside is that it does cost more money upfront; nonetheless, this adds to an overall profitable value for when it comes time to sell your home as our eyes often track towards homes worth ‘falling in love’ with!

Another negative aspect could be if done incorrectly or rushed– having design faults will undoubtedly give negative impressions on guests which never really disappears (unless they’re incredible story-tellers!)….so it’s best done right rather than done quickly 😉

In conclusion, fireplaces with built-ins on each side provide both aesthetic benefits and added storage space creating a natural balance between home functionality and style. Whether you stick with traditional styles or creatively think beyond these design boundaries; each addition-oriented step is an edit in crafting something perfect just for you!!

Top 5 Facts About Fireplaces with Built Ins on Each Side: What You Need to Consider Before Installing.

Warm, cozy and romantic – these are just some of the words associated with fireplaces. It’s no wonder why many homeowners dream of having one in their homes. If you’re fortunate enough to have space for a fireplace that can be complemented with built-ins on each side, then it’s definitely an appealing feature to add during your home remodeling or redesigning venture.

But before you jump right into the installation process, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are the top five facts about fireplaces with built-ins on each side:

1. Determine the Purpose

While a fireplace primarily serves as a source of heat, it can also be used as an aesthetic piece. It adds character to any room and creates a warm ambiance that’s perfect for family gatherings or intimate nights in.

When adding built-ins to your fireplace, ask yourself what purpose they will serve. Are they purely decorative or do you plan on using them for storage? Knowing the answer will help determine the type and number of shelves you’ll need.

2. Consider the Style

What style do you want your built-in shelves to have? Do you prefer something minimalist or rustic? The design should complement both the fireplace and overall interior décor.

3. Measure Accurately

One mistake people make when installing fireplaces is inaccurate measurements. Be precise when measuring every inch of your space so that your fireplace fits snugly between two walls or wherever it’s being installed (make sure you seek professional advice). This will ensure that everything fits comfortably as per expectation creating an appropriate focal point inside your living quarters.

4. Materials Matter

Opting for high-quality building materials is important when installing fireplaces with built-ins on each side especially if this job requires cement panels, refractory bricks and steel beams hence working with experts helps ensure sturdy construction if done correctly at first go.

5. Hiring Professionals

If all of this seems like too daunting a task—or if you simply don’t have the requisite skills and knowledge to pull it off–you can count on professional contractors to get every aspect of your dream fireplace exactly how you envision it.

In Conclusion

Fireplaces with built-ins on each side are a touchstone for any modern home, but knowing how to execute properly is key. Remember these five factors before embarking on this endeavour, so that you’ll have a warm and cozy fire glowing in the heart of your abode all winter long.

Trendy and Functional: The Benefits of Having a Fireplace with Built Ins on Each Side.

In the world of design, function and trend often find themselves at odds. It can be challenging to add functionality without sacrificing on aesthetics or vice versa. However, with a fireplace and built-ins on each side, you can achieve both with ease.

A fireplace has long been synonymous with warmth, comfort and coziness in a home. Whether it’s gas or wood burning, traditional or sleek modern design – the ambiance of a fire burning in the hearth adds charm to any living space. And by adding built-ins on each side of your fireplace, you’ll not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also maximize its functionality.

The inclusion of built-ins provides many practical benefits like additional storage, display areas as well as organizational opportunities. In today’s fast-paced world where we’re always running out of storage spaces in our homes, shelves along each side can provide ample room for displaying family heirlooms or decorative items while making effective use of space.

Another advantage is that it helps clear up clutter within your living room. With everything neatly tucked away in cabinets and drawers hidden discretely behind cabinet doors, the space retains its polished look without compromising functionally.

What makes built-ins so desirable is its versatility; they are flexible pieces that add depth to any home décor style. They come in an array of designs ranging from country-style farmhouse chic to geometric modernism. And since these custom-built bookshelves/cabinets can be made using different materials such as wood, metal or glass – it’s relatively easy to create a cohesive look that goes well with other elements in your space.

With a functional and stylish solution like this one equipped into your home decor arsenal – you’ll never have trouble keeping track of all those books you’ve been collecting for ages or finding that matching set of gloves once winter hits hard!

Fireplace + Built-Ins = Maximum Coziness!

Also known as “cozy nooks,” these corners’ primary purpose is to bring extra warmth and relaxation to your home. Picture this: on a cold winter night, you are curled up in a cozy armchair by the warm glow of the fire with everything you need right beside you!

Built-ins also offer practicality outside of aesthetic advantages by making more space available for seating when entertaining guests. With large or small gatherings, multiple seating options are essential; these nooks add that touch of extra comfy (not to mention Instagramable) chairs that everyone will be fighting over.

In conclusion, incorporating built-ins around your fireplace offers immense benefits beyond mere aesthetics – enhancing your living room’s functionality while maximizing space saving. A perfect example of form meets function or where style and substance intermingle seamlessly! It’s a win-win scenario for any living space looking to level up its game on home decor ambiance, ambiance and enjoyability. Add some coziness to your nest today!

From Cozy Nights In to Impressive Entertaining: Transform Your Space with a Fireplace and Built Ins on Each Side.

A cozy night in by the fire is an age-old pastime that has become a staple of modern living. There’s just something about the soft flicker of flames and the comforting warmth emanating from a fireplace that makes any space feel more inviting and cosy. However, a fireplace can do more than simply add warmth to your home; it can transform an entire room into an impressive entertaining space if paired with built-ins on either side.

By adding custom built-in bookshelves or cabinets to either side of your fireplace, you’ll create a focal point around which everything else will revolve. This will give your room a sense of balance and symmetry that adds both elegance and sophistication. You may choose to fill these bookshelves with your favorite books, movies, art pieces or decorative items; the possibilities are endless!

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, having built-ins on either side of your fireplace also provides ample storage for all your entertainment needs while keeping clutter off surfaces throughout your living room. Your guests could be entertained without ever needing to leave this one beautiful space! Whether you’re hosting game nights or movie marathons, having everything at arm’s reach enables you to relax and enjoy yourself rather than wasting time constantly fetching things.

Additionally, when installed properly, built-ins provide additional insulation for those chilly winter nights when all you want is a snug little corner to hibernate in. Built-ins with proper woodwork make great sound insulation given their thickness compared to lighter furniture like tables or chairs.

In conclusion, transforming your living space by adding fireplace with matching custom-built shelving units or cabinets transforms simplistic coziness into sophisticated options capable of accompanying memorable entertainment nights at home without sacrificing comfortability or aesthetic style points across each element involved in creating this masterpiece family living room plan. The combination not only strengthens design continuity but also saves floor-space significantly besides making excellent use of wasted areas around office equipment nobody wants but doesn’t know what better place to put except in parts of the blank walls. With ample creative ideas available, a flexible bookshelf or open-unit design can offer the practicality you need with the modern stylishness you desire when building your perfect entertainment area around a chic fireplace centerpiece.

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