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Cozy Up Your Home with an Infrared Electric Fireplace Insert

Step-by-step guide to installing an infrared electric fireplace insert in your home

Are you tired of having a boring, conventional fireplace that requires constant maintenance and cleaning? Have you ever considered installing an infrared electric fireplace insert in your home? Not only are they easy to use and maintain, but they also provide a realistic flame effect without the emissions that traditional fireplaces produce.

So, let’s get started on the step-by-step guide to installing an infrared electric fireplace insert in your home!

Step One: Measure and Choose the Perfect Insert

Before purchasing an electric fireplace insert, make sure you measure your existing fireplace to determine which size will fit correctly. Once you have found the correct fit, choose an insert with enough heating power to heat your space comfortably.

Step Two: Turn Off Power

Before any electrical work is done, turn off power at the breaker box. This precautionary step ensures there is no chance of electrocution during installation.

Step Three: Remove Old Fireplace Grate

To make room for the new electric insert, remove the old grate from inside the fireplace. Be sure to wear gloves or protective clothing as this process can be dirty and dusty.

Step Four: Install Electric Fireplace Insert

With the area cleaned up from debris and dust from removing the old grate unit properly install your new electric insert into your existing opening. Depending on the model, there may be brackets or screws provided by manufacturer available in manual upfront may take assistance from someone else during initial placement due to its heavy-weight design.

Step Five: Connect Electricity & Test The Unit

Connect electricity while making sure wires are tidy leading away out of sight with some assistance from zip-ties/clamps. Afterward being super careful one should stay safe while turning on their new electric unit – safely inspecting that everything turns on properly including flame effects then testing all options such as temperature control or changing light/coloration settings may put joy in heart knowing how marvelous it looks!

In conclusion:

Installing an infrared electric fireplace insert can transform a boring, high-maintenance fireplace into an efficient and stylish heating element in your home. With correct measuring, diligent cleaning and thoughtful installation steps mentioned above, one can completely revamp your traditional fireplace into a more modern electric version of luxury making everyone wanting to snuggle around it on a winter evening!

Frequently asked questions about using an infrared electric fireplace insert

As the winter months approach, staying warm becomes a top priority for many. One popular method of doing so involves the use of an infrared electric fireplace insert, which provides both heat and ambiance to any room in your home. However, if you’ve never used one before, you may have a few questions about its operation.

To help guide you through using an infrared electric fireplace insert, we’ve put together a list of some frequently asked questions:

1. How do I turn it on and off?
Most models come with a remote control where you can choose different heat settings or turn it on or off. Some also have buttons right on the unit to control the temperature.

2. Can I adjust the temperature output?
Yes! Most models offer different heat settings, allowing you to find just the right level of warmth that suits your needs.

3. Do I need ventilation when using an infrared electric fireplace insert?
No! This is one of the benefits compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces – because there are no fumes or ash created by an electric fireplace insert, there’s no need for external ventilation!

4. Can I leave it on overnight for additional warmth while sleeping?
It’s not recommended as most models aren’t designed for all-night use – however some specific ones might be built with auto-switch-off timers or other special features which allow safe usage overnight.

5. Can I mount my infrared electric fireplace insert onto my wall?
Most models are meant to stand up their own and hence don’t have provisions for being mounted on walls – double-check first if this option is available with your selected model.

6. Will the flames look realistic?
Yes! These inserts feature LED displays that mimic real flames perfectly without any actual burning happening – but instead using lighting effects simulated flames are created.

7. Does an infrared electric fireplace insert require maintenance?
Regular cleaning to get rid of accumulated dust is necessary but it’s usually not a complicated task, and unlike wood-burning fireplaces there are no chimney-equipment maintenance requirements.

Overall, an infrared electric fireplace insert is a safe, clean and affordable way to add warmth and ambiance to any room in your home. With proper usage and care, it can offer many years of enjoyment for you and your family. Just make sure to read the product instructions clearly before operating it!

Top 5 benefits of choosing an infrared electric fireplace insert for your home

Winter nights are getting colder, and what better way to keep yourself warm than snuggling up around a cozy fireplace with your loved ones? Traditional wood-burning fireplaces may provide warmth and ambiance, but they come with a whole host of drawbacks like messy cleanup, smoke inhalation and time-consuming maintenance. In today’s digital age, the perfect solution is at your fingertips – an infrared electric fireplace insert. Here are the top five benefits you can enjoy if you choose to go for an electric infrared fireplace insert:

1. Safe Operation

Open flame fireplaces can pose threats to children or pets as well as burn potential hazards. Choosing an electric infrared unit eliminates this risk entirely as there are no dangerous gases, flames or sparks involved.

2. Easy Installation

Unlike traditional wood-burning units that require construction changes to be made to your home to install chimney builds or realistic hearths, most electric fireplaces simply plug into standard wall outlets without any hassle enabling quick installation straight after purchase.

3. Energy-Efficient

Throughout winter days, heating bills tend to skyrocket often being one’s concern while using heaters for long periods.However,making use of an electric infrared insert utilizes less energy compared to burning fossil fuels in a classic wood-burning unit providing you cost effective energy bills every month.

4. Customizable Settings

Electric infrared inserts offer creative digital designs such that which simulate different customized settings allowing flexibility according to individual preference and needs.Temperature regulation permits altering settings according to your mood whether you’d prefer high heat levels on chilly days or minor heat also perfect for summers.

5.Instant Heating ,Relaxation & convenience

Given all the myriad advantages above,purchasing an Electric infrared Unit provides tense-free moments where one doesn’t need matches or woods necessarily.There’s nothing more fulfilling than putting on a movie,your favorite book by the side accompanied by some hot coffee while having comfortable relaxing moments alongside family under safe warmth from fires emitted by the electric infrared.

In conclusion, an electric infrared fireplace insert proves to be an excellent alternative as it offers the best of both worlds providing classic warmth from a unit that’s safe to use, cost-effective and convenient. There is no doubt that this such a needful investment for a family-friendly environment within the main confines of your relaxing space, throughout those chilly winters months; ensuring keeping warm surrounded by loved ones creates moments filled with blissful memories!

How to maintain and clean your infrared electric fireplace insert

Infrared electric fireplace inserts are the perfect way to add warmth and coziness to any room in your home. Not only do they provide the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, but they are also more efficient and environmentally friendly. However, just like any other appliance in your home, infrared electric fireplaces require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them running smoothly.

Below are some tips on how to maintain and clean your infrared electric fireplace insert:

1. Turn off the Power

Before you begin cleaning or maintaining your infrared electric fireplace insert, make sure that it is turned off and unplugged from the power source. This will help prevent any electrical accidents or injuries.

2. Dusting

The first step in cleaning your infrared electric fireplace insert is to remove any dust or debris that may have collected on it. You can use a duster or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to gently clean the exterior of the unit.

3. Cleaning the Glass

To clean the glass on your infrared electric fireplace insert, mix warm water with a small amount of mild detergent soap in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture onto the glass then wipe it down using a soft cloth or paper towel.

4. Clean out debris

It is crucial to check for debris inside since undesirable things such as spider webs could ruin your system’s functionality over time by causing blockages within its ventilation ducts.This could lower its efficiency thus require more energy thereby driving up energy costs.

5.Clean logs/embers/burners (if present)

If you have logs, embers or burners within your infrared electric fIreplace, ensure that they are cleaned regularly since grime buildup often affects their performance.Also consider checking if any parts needs replacing once past their useful shelf life in order for everything such as flame height etc continues as expected.

6.Regular inspection

Regular checks ensure easier management before problems escalate to unmanageable ones.Consider committing at least an hour over weekends to check if there are any damages or signs of wear and tear.

7.Careful Handling

Finally, handle your infrared electric fireplace with utmost care at all times. Harsh handling often results in costly repairs,replacements et al. So when disassembling parts for cleaning be careful not to scratch surfaces since this could lead to fading of colors etc. .

In conclusion, maintaining and cleaning your infrared electric fireplace insert is essential for its functionality and longevity of use. With these tips, you can keep your fireplace looking great and running efficiently for years to come! Happy Cleaning!

Choosing the right size and style of infrared electric fireplace insert for your space

An electric fireplace is an excellent addition to any home as it can provide both warmth and ambiance without the hassle of having a real fire. An infrared electric fireplace insert is versatile and can be used in various rooms, making it easier to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere when you need it most.

However, choosing the right size and style of infrared electric fireplace insert for your space can be challenging. Fortunately, we have put together a guide covering everything you need to know about selecting the appropriate size and style of infrared electric fireplace insert for your home.

Size Matters

The first thing you need to consider when choosing an infrared electric fireplace insert is its size. You want one that will fit seamlessly into your room without looking out of place or overpowering the other furniture.

To determine the appropriate size of an infrared electric fireplace insert that would work in your space, measure the width, height, and depth of the area where you are planning to install it. This measurement should give you guidance on which model size will fit snugly in your space.

In general terms, if you have a large room with high ceilings, then choose a larger-sized inset model that provides better heating output than a smaller one. Similarly, smaller spaces may require smaller models as they produce less heat but still deliver just enough warmth for such spaces.

Style Speaks Volumes

After figuring out what dimension best fits suitable with your living area; next up is finding an appropriate style that complements both aesthetics and functionality. Infrared electric fireplaces come in many different styles from traditional-looking units with mantels similar to actual wood-burning fireplaces or ultra-modern designs like flat screen TVs.

If you’re looking for something more conventional or rustic-appearing, consider getting inserts with authentic-looking logs included inside them. A sleek wall-mounted option might be better suited if contemporary styling fits within your decor theme.

How Much Heat Do You Need?

Lastly, determining how much heat is needed in the room and how often an electric fireplace insert is used is important. Infrared electric fireplace inserts come with different heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature to your preference easily.

If you want something that can work all year round, choose a model with a low enough heating output that won’t overheat the room in summer months. For residents in colder climates, models with higher wattage outputs may be necessary to provide ample warmth for those icy winters.

The Right Fit Every Time

Choosing an infrared electric fireplace insert might initially seem overwhelming, but by considering size, style and required heat output you can confidently make an informed purchase. It’s essential to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your living space before investing as various models are available on the market.

When selecting an appropriate size or style of infrared electric fireplace insert for your house – get it right once, and enjoy its warmth days on end.

Comparing different brands and models of infrared electric fireplace inserts: Which one is right for you?

If you’re in the market for an electric fireplace insert, you’ve probably noticed that there are a bewildering number of options to choose from. With models by different brands and at different price points, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the right one for you.

One of the main factors to consider when choosing an infrared electric fireplace insert is heat output. To put it simply, the more heat the insert puts out, the warmer your room will be. However, more powerful inserts tend to cost more money and use more energy.

Another important factor is flame realism. After all, a big part of why people love having a fireplace in their home is because it adds ambiance and coziness. Some models have very realistic looking flames, while others fall flat.

Here are some of our top picks for infrared electric fireplace inserts:

1. Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro: This high-end model uses patented technology to create flames that look incredibly realistic. It also puts out plenty of heat (up to 4,692 BTUs) without using too much energy.

2. ClassicFlame 23EF031GRP: The ClassicFlame 23EF031GRP doesn’t have quite as advanced flame technology as the Dimplex model, but it’s still fairly convincing looking. It’s also very affordable and easy to install.

3. PuraFlame Alice: If you’re looking for something with a modern design aesthetic, check out the PuraFlame Alice. Its flat glass front creates a sleek look that would fit in well with contemporary décor styles.

4. Touchstone Onyx: Finally, if you want something that can be mounted on your wall instead of inserted into an existing mantle or hearth, check out Touchstone’s Onyx model. It boasts both realistic flames and plenty of heat output (up to 5,118 BTUs).

Ultimately, choosing an infrared electric fireplace insert is a matter of weighing your priorities in terms of heat output, flame realism, cost, and design. By doing some research and considering all of these factors, you’ll be able to find the perfect insert for your home.

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