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Cozy Up Your Home with an Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

Adding an electric wall mount fireplace to your home has become a popular trend in recent years. With its sleek and modern design, it can instantly transform the look and feel of any room. Plus, it’s an efficient way to heat your space without the need for a traditional chimney or venting system.

So if you’re ready to take on this DIY project, follow these simple steps to install your electric wall mount fireplace:

Step 1: Choose the Right Location

The first step is picking the perfect spot for your new addition. It’s important to choose an area near an electrical outlet and away from any flammable materials such as curtains or furniture. You’ll also want to make sure there’s enough clearance above and around the unit.

Step 2: Install the Mounting Bracket

Most electric wall mount fireplaces come with a mounting bracket that needs to be installed first. Take your time and make sure it’s level before securing it into place with screws.

Step 3: Attach any Trim Pieces

If your model came with any trim pieces or covers, go ahead and attach those now. This will help give your unit a more finished look.

Step 4: Hang the Fireplace

Now it’s time to hang up the fireplace itself. This part may require two people, depending on how heavy your unit is. Simply line up the brackets on the back of the fireplace with those on the mounting bracket you installed earlier, and slide into place.

Step 5: Plug in and Turn On

Finally, plug in your electric wall mount fireplace and turn it on! You’ll likely have some options for controlling heat output and flames- play around with them until you find settings that work best for you.

In conclusion, installing an electric wall mount fireplace might seem daunting at first but taking It step-by-step makes installation feasible by just about anyone! From picking out where’d like to install It all through til adjusting Its Thermostat, this guide will help transform your living space in no time.

FAQs About Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces: Common Questions Answered

Electric wall mount fireplaces are a popular choice among homeowners who want the warmth, ambiance and style of a traditional fireplace without the hassle and mess of wood-burning fires. They are sleek, modern, space-saving and easy to install – making them an ideal heating solution for any room in your home.

But like any other home appliance or gadget, there are certain questions that people tend to ask when considering electric wall mount fireplaces as an option for their homes. To help you make an informed decision about whether this type of fireplace is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about electric wall mount fireplaces – and provided answers to guide you through your decisions.

1. How do electric wall mount fireplaces work?
Electric wall mount fireplaces feature heating elements that generate heat using electricity, which is then distributed evenly throughout the room via a built-in fan or blower system. These heating elements can be controlled with a thermostat or remote control to adjust the temperature as desired.

2. Do they require any special installation?
No, most electric wall mount fireplaces can be installed by simply hanging them on the wall like a picture frame – no chimney or special venting system required! However it’s important to follow the instructions specified by the manufacturers while doing so.

3.What size Electric Wall Mount Fireplace should I buy?
The size of your electric wall mount fireplace will depend on the size of your room in which you want to install it. You should take measurements prior buying so that it fits well and gives out enough heat according to your needs. Also if smaller models creates enough impact choose those as they consume less power too.

4. Are they safe for children & pets?
Yes! Unlike traditional wood-burning fires, electric wall-mount fireplaces don’t produce smoke, ash or carbon monoxide fumes making them safe for children & pets also less allergies comparatively occur due to absence of airborne particles.

5.Do they require any maintenance?
Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces don’t require much maintenance. You just need to keep the basic cleaning with some dusting and wiping every few months along with keeping it away from any water source.

6.How energy efficient are Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces?
Electric Wall Mount fireplaces are fully electric and do not use up gas or wood like traditional fire places saving your monthly expenses making them more energy-efficient however choosing a smart model will save you more in long run by using advanced technology to adjust the heat usage keeping further check on power consumption.

7.Do they have proper flame effects?
Yes, electric wall mount fireplaces come with realistic flame effects that resemble the look of real wood-burning flames! Some models even let you adjust flame brightness, color and speed for customized ambiance.

In conclusion, Electric wall mount fireplaces are an excellent heating solution that can provide warmth as well as add a touch of elegance to your home without hassle & expenses of traditional fireplace. If you still have some doubts regarding this appliance do contact a sales representative or visit a nearby store to know more before deciding on finally purchasing one.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

Electric fireplaces, especially the wall mount types, have become very popular in recent times due to their aesthetic appeal and convenience. They provide an excellent alternative to traditional wood or gas-burning fireplaces that require maintenance and may pose health risks.

However, before you go ahead and purchase an electric wall mount fireplace for your home or office, there are some essential facts you need to know to ensure that you’re making the right decision. In this article, we’ve rounded up the top five facts you need to be aware of when buying an electric wall mount fireplace.

1. Installation Requirements

One major advantage of electric fireplaces is that they do not require any venting or chimney systems like their gas or wood-burning counterparts. Electric wall mount fireplaces usually come ready-to-install with all necessary mounting hardware included. However, ensure that your chosen area has nearby power supply as well as ample space for positioning before purchasing.

2. Design Preferences

Electric wall mounted fireplaces come with different design styles from modern rustic aesthetics to chic contemporary designs; select the one that matches your taste overall room theme. Look out for tempered glass fronts and synthetic logs and stones which give off realistic flames glittered by brightly lit LED lights for a truly mesmerizing effect.

3. Heat Output

Electric Fireplaces feature a plug-in device known as BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating system responsible for measuring how much heat is produced by electrical element socketed within the unit: hence it’s important to verify if the net heating output fulfils your desired warming needs based on its coverage area .

4. Safety Considerations

Safety concerns should always be top priority when it comes to appliances consuming electricity at home thus make sure during installation that combustibles such as pillows furniture aren’t too near the unit giving them a clearance distance away – typically ranging between 8-12 inches from pictures online. Some models also feature overheat protection systems in-built while safeguarding operating temperatures to prevent overheating.

5. Costs & Energy Efficiency

Electric wall mount fireplaces may come with attractive sticker prices presenting a more economical option to traditional wood or gas-burning units, yet it’s imperative to take note of the energy consumption rates as well before. Some models may feature an energy-saving mode that reduces operation costs by allowing for the fireplace system to utilize less electricity; always ask your trusted vendor about this during purchase.

Understanding these top five considerations will definitely allow you choose an electric wall mounted fireplace befitting your space and requirements giving both a sense of comfort and styling appeal for years to come.

Which Type of Electric Wall Mount Fireplace is Right for You?

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular over the years as homeowners look for a budget-friendly alternative to traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces. With electric wall mount fireplaces, you get all the benefits of a cozy, warm atmosphere without any of the hassle or mess. But with so many types and styles to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your home? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of electric wall mount fireplaces and help you find the perfect fit for your space.

Type 1: Inset Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install electric fireplace that seamlessly blends into your existing decor, then an inset electric wall mount fireplace may be just what you need. These models are designed to recess directly into a wall opening or existing masonry fireplace. They create a sleek, low-profile look that’s perfect for modern homes or those with limited space.

One of the biggest advantages of an inset electric wall mount fireplace is its ease of installation. These models can typically be installed in minutes by anyone with basic DIY skills. In addition, they can help reduce heating costs by zoned heating specific areas within rooms more efficiently than central heating systems.

Type 2: Curved Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces

For those who prefer something with a little more flare, curved electric wall mount fireplaces offer both style and function. These models feature a glass front that curves outwards towards the room creating a unique focal point. The curved design also helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the space.

These modern designs can add character to any living room while also providing additional warmth on chilly nights. They often come with multiple flame modes and adjustable color options allowing them to match virtually any home decor scheme.

Type 3: Log Set Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces

If you want an electric wall mount fireplace that mimics the look and feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace while still providing a clean and eco-friendly alternative, then a log set electric wall mount fireplace is worth considering.

These fireplaces create an authentic ambiance with highly detailed logs that mimic the real thing. Some even use advanced LED technology to create realistic flames that dance across the logs making it difficult to distinguish from a real flame. Usually designed with front or rear glass, these models can be installed into almost any vertical surface without having to worry about venting smoke up out of the chimney.

Type 4: TV Stand Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces

For movie buffs or homebodies searching for an all-in-one solution, TV stand electric wall mount fireplaces offer both entertainment and warmth in one unit. These models come with built-in media centers and storage units for all your electronics and accessories.

So while you cozy up on the couch watching your favorite show, turning on the electric fireplace creates a warm space simply perfect for relaxation. They also provide complete control of warming functions via remote controls, offering different temperature settings depending on preference – it really doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Electric wall mount fireplaces are stylish, cost-effective options that add ambiance to any living space without taking up valuable floor space or requiring complicated installations. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or rustic, electric fireplaces are available in different styles & designs perfect for all types of homes.
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Benefits of Owning an Electric Wall Mount Fireplace: Advantages and Disadvantages

As we welcome the colder months of the year, many people are starting to think about how they can keep their homes warm and cozy. While traditional wood-burning fireplaces may be a romantic option, they often require extensive maintenance and can even present safety concerns. This is where an electric wall mount fireplace comes in.

Electric wall mount fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and designs, but they all share one key benefit: they’re incredibly easy to use. Gone are the days of chopping wood or wrestling with kindling – with an electric fireplace, you simply plug it in and flip a switch.

But convenience isn’t the only advantage of owning an electric wall mount fireplace. Here are some other benefits that might make you consider switching from a traditional fireplace:

Cost Savings and Efficiency

One major advantage of an electric wall mount fireplace is that it’s much more energy efficient than a wood-burning one. This means that you’ll save money on your electricity bill in the long run since you won’t have to constantly stock up on logs or worry about cleaning up after them.


While traditional fireplaces are charming, they can also pose significant safety risks. Between improper venting, sparks and embers flying out onto flooring or carpeting causing potential problems electrical fires due to faulty wiring —these risks are non-existent when using an electric wall-mount.)


In addition to being more cost-effective and safer than traditional fireplaces,, electric fireplaces also boast eco-friendliness as a perk,. These units emit no smoke whatsoever into your indoor environment.


Electric wall-mounts come in several designs so whether farmhouse-style chic or modern minimalist suites your home decor scheme best –there’s definitely something for everyone.

Now that we’ve covered some of the advantages let’s look at some considerations before purchasing.

The drawbacks?

While there isn’t much bad news associated with owning an electric fireplace solutions; here area few things you should consider before making a purchase :

Size/Heat Output: Although electric fireplaces come in different sizes, they’re not suitable for heating large rooms. If your home is substantially large or your living room is above 400 sq ft, expect to use supplementary heating options to keep everyone toasty.

Overuse limitations: While most electrically powered units are wonderfully efficient and economically smart alternatives for heating purposes, they have their constraints when it comes to how frequently you use them.

The cons are few and far between so why not explore the value of an easy-to-use, energy efficient electric wall mount that could cut down on energy bills yet still provide the warmth and cozy feeling attributed to fires? The investment may just be well worth it – both financially and decoratively – in the long run.

Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Your Electric Wall Mount Fireplace for Optimal Performance.

Electric wall mount fireplaces are a perfect addition to any living space as they provide warmth, ambiance, and modern design. However, to ensure that your fireplace runs smoothly for a long time, it is crucial to take proper care and maintenance. Here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining your electric wall mount fireplace for optimal performance.

1. Start with the Basic Cleaning

Before you start deep cleaning your electric fireplace, begin with the basic cleaning. Turn off the unit and unplug it from the power source. Wipe down the exterior surface of the unit using a dry cloth to remove dust particles that might have accumulated on its surface over time.

2. Check for Damages

While cleaning your electric fireplace, always look out for damages such as loose wires or damage in any other parts of the unit. Ensure all parts of the fireplace are tightened well so that when you put it back together again nothing is loose or potentially dangerous.

3. Clean Your Glass Surface

Once done with basic cleaning check, focus on giving special attention t to glass surfaces since they accumulate smudges over extended usage periods quickly.. You can use a soft-bristled brush or pipe cleaner to reach tight spaces such as crevices near glass surfaces without scratching them.

4. Dust Off Your Logs/Embers Effectively

The key point here is ensuring that dust doesn’t choke your engine or cause malfunctions due to covering up filters through which air passes—use a low-pressure vacuum cleaner or compressed air duster to clean extensive embers effectively.

5. Check Air Vents Carefully

Whether plugged directly into an outlet or hardwired, many electric wall-mounted models operate via forced-air circulation making blocked vents detrimental if ignored long enough causing reduction in heating efficiency . Regularly inspecting these areas will avoid this issue in future and continued functionality of your fire place!

6. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions When Maintaining Electrostatic Filters for Optimal Performance

If your electric wall mount fireplace uses electrostatic filters, clean them carefully as per manufacturer’s instructions to optimize their efficiency.

7. Check Occasionally For Motor Wear and Tear

Attending frequent maintenance checks doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check for motor wear and tear from time to time – cleaning won’t fix everything! Leverage the services of a qualified professional in case dissembling becomes unavoidable, avoid this at all costs unless you are trained in working with electric fireplaces.

Regular maintenance is essential for optimizing an electric wall mount fireplace’s performance. While cleaning your fireplace, focus on air vents , glass surfaces, heating elements as well as attend occasional mechanical checks including a thorough inspection of wiring while ensuring that nothing remains loose thereafter. Follow the above tips closelyto upkeep the quality of long term usage for your beloved electrical accent piece.

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