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Cozy Up Your Home with a Wall Mount Fireplace: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect One

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Your Own Wall Mount Fire Place

A wall mount fireplace can really change the ambiance of any room, and they look beautiful while providing warmth to your home. Installing one isn’t as hard as it may seem, and with just a few steps you can have your own beautiful fireplace in no time! Here’s how:

1. Choose the Right Spot

The first thing you need to do is choose a suitable location for your wall mount fireplace. You want to make sure that there’s enough space on the wall to mount it and that it will be centered properly in the room.

2. Check Your Surroundings

Before installing, check what substances surround where you plan on hanging your new purchase. Prying eyes should note that nearness to flammable materials such as wood or fabrics could pose a hazard.

3. Electrical Outlet Placement

Gas-based fireplaces need utility hookups, but electric options use existing electrical outlets rather easily and wirelessly. When mounting an electrically powered option, positioning near an available outlet is key–otherwise, additional wiring will be required for installation.

4. Mark The Mounting Bracket Placement

Measure out an appropriate distance from floor level using measuring tape (usually within recommended range), and hold up your mounting bracket against the wall so that its pre-drilled holes align with your desired placement coordinates; mark them with a pencil.

5. Make Pilot Holes

Using pilot bit drill instructively-sized holes into each marked spot along the bracket surface area; slots will then snake through these same locales allowing easy pressure relief.

6. Secure Bracket In Place

Attach molly bolts before coating screw tops in wood glue by threading them underneath screws then insert both items diagonally at scheduled places already chosen by marking earlier; move until tight while avoiding stripping current anchors altogether.

7.Connect The Fire Place Unit

Align insert brackets atop backside of hardware corresponding to respective cut-out indentation on top interior part of fireplace mouthpiece flange; twist knobs together until tightly bound then let cool overnight.

8.Hang The Fire Place Unit

Position fireplace unit over installed channel which would soon serve as an entry point for electrical connection, repeat for bottom brackets making sure weight is evenly distributed throughout each mount–with help from a friend or family member of course!

9.Connect To Electrical Power Source

Plug in firebox electrical cord then fish through wall conduit and ultimately to power source. Liven up home by hitting power button on remote control until flames ignite!

That’s it! By following the above steps, you can have your very own wall mount fireplace installed in no time! It’s important to mention that if you’re not comfortable installing it yourself, always make sure to hire a professional who can help you along the way. Otherwise grab your tool belt and get started with some fun DIY fireplace installation antics today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Mount Fire Places

Wall mount fireplaces are a popular addition to modern homes. They provide warmth, ambience and style, without requiring any maintenance or installation work. However, because they are a relatively new technology, many people have questions about these innovative heating solutions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about wall mount fireplaces and their answers:

1. What is a wall mount fireplace?

A wall mount fireplace is an electric or gas powered unit that hangs on the wall like a TV or picture frame. These stylish appliances mimic the look of real fireplaces by producing artificial flames through LED lights or gas burners, as well as simulated heat to warm up your living space.

2. How do I install a wall mount fireplace?

Wall mount fireplaces require no special installation; you simply hang them on your walls like you would with a painting or other décor piece using brackets and screws provided in the box.

3. Can I use my wall mount fireplace for heat?

Definitely! Wall-mounted fireplaces come with built-in heaters to effectively warm small rooms to supplement central heating systems without having to worry about cutting wood or getting ash inside your house.

4. Do I need venting for my wall-mounted fireplace?

Wall-mount fireplaces don’t require venting; because they don’t generate dangerous carbon monoxide gases from fossil fuel combustion such as natural gas or propane fueled units.

5. Can I control the temperature of my electric fireplace?

Most models come with thermostatic controls which allow you to set temperatures between 62°F-82°F according to your needs and preferences, giving you control over the level of warmth that fills your living space.

6. Is there anything special I need to do when cleaning my wall mounted fireplace unit?

Cleaning these kinds of fireplaces won’t be much trouble for you compared to their traditional counterparts since most models can separate all important elements in one go with just mild soap and warm water.

7. How energy efficient are wall mount fireplaces?

Electric models use around 1.5-2kW of power, which is around the same as a standard breaker but will lower your heating bills compared to traditional fireplaces because you only need to heat one room at a time.

8. Can I get sound effects with my electric fireplace?

Some models feature sounds of crackling or snap, and some have built-in Bluetooth speakers which will allow you to stream music or other audio content via wifi from any device without bothering about tangled wires or complicated set up.

In conclusion, whether it’s for ambiance or warmth, installing a wall-mounted fireplace in your living space is always an excellent idea. With plenty of models to choose from in electric and fueled types and designs that mimic traditional fireplaces, these appliances make for practical home décor elements that can be tailored to any taste!

Five Surprising Facts About Wall Mount Fire Places You Didn’t Know

As a modern homeowner, the idea of adding a wall mount fireplace to your space is quite tempting. Not only do these fixtures act as heat sources, but they also add an element of design and elegance to any room they are installed in. However, there might be some surprising facts about these fireplaces that you didn’t know. Here are the top 5 revelations that will give you an even deeper appreciation for wall mount fireplaces.

1. Wall Mount Fireplaces Are Extremely Cost-effective

Wall mount fireplaces don’t require a chimney or costly heating ducts to operate like traditional fireplaces. Instead, they run on electricity which can be much more affordable than natural gas or propane-fueled alternatives. Even the energy consumption to power these devices is minimal which helps save on utility bills.

2. You Have A Range Of Design Options To Choose From

There has never been a better time to choose wall mount fireplaces, thanks to the breadth of designs and styles now available within the market. Some models come with LED lighting features while others integrate backlit flames and acrylic embers that make them look stylish and modernistic.

3. Wall Mount Fireplaces Are Eco-Friendly…

Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplace options that release tons of carbon emissions each year, wall mount electric fires leave virtually no pollutants behind so you can feel good about using one in your home without negative impact on our planet’s environment. Also worth mentioning – since electric fireplaces use no actual combustion (i.e., burning), there is no destructive ash or other byproducts created.

4…And They Can Be Placed Virtually Anywhere!

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes making it possible for homeowners to place them anywhere they want securely and safely without having to worry about venting smoke out through a chimney or needing structural modifications made around their home’s existing construction layout.

5.No Expensive Maintenance Or Clean-Up Costs

With traditional fireplaces, homeowners would need to invest in regular maintenance and cleaning services to ensure proper upkeep of the structure. However, with wall mount electric fireplaces, there are no such costs or worries as all you have to do is click a switch or remote control and enjoy the cozy warmth it provides.

In Conclusion…3

If you’re on the hunt for a classy looking fireplace for your home with low maintenance costs and environmental features that make you feel good about using it, then wall-mounted electric fires are definitely worth considering. With an array of design options available in different shapes and sizes – there’s something suitable for everyone! Plus when compared to their traditional counterparts; they provide functional heating without grimey marks from soot around your décor or smelly smoke wafting through your home. So don’t let another winter season go by without investing in a worth-the-while fireplace option that also benefits both the environment and utility bill expenses alike!

The Benefits of Owning a Wall Mount Fire Place for Your Home

As the temperature starts to drop, individuals begin their search for ways to warm up their homes. One such way of adding warmth and ambiance to your living space is through a wall mount fire place.

The idea of having a fire place in your home has always been associated with luxury and comfort. However, traditional fireplace installations can be expensive and require high maintenance. This is where wall mount fire places come in – they deliver all the benefits of a traditional fireplace at a fraction of the cost.

Here are the benefits of owning a wall mount fire place for your home:

1) Energy Efficient: Compared to traditional fireplaces that lose more heat than they generate, modern wall mount fireplaces are energy-efficient. They draw less power while generating maximum heat output which results in lower energy bills.

2) Cost-Effective: When compared with traditional fireplaces that require extensive installation jobs, chimney cleanings, or refills on gas or wood logs, wall-mount fires are extremely budget-friendly. Top-rated brands like Dimplex offer quality electric models ranging from 0-0.

3) Flexible Installation: Wall-mounted fires come in an array of sizes and styles ranging from electric, LED flames, bio ethanol gel fuel burners etc., ensuring there is one perfect for each individual’s need. They also provide flexibility on how you would like them installed- wired-in which will require professional installation or plug-in systems perfect for DIY enthusiasts!

4) Great Ambiance: Nothing is more captivating than flickering flames emanating from a glowing ember bed! Not only does this add warmth but it provides an instant atmosphere and aesthetic appeal to any given living space creating ambiance wherever it’s installed including living rooms, bedrooms or even outdoor patios!

5) Safe To Use – Compared to traditional log-based fires where soot buildup could lead to chimney blockages causing carbon monoxide leaks; our modernized version comes equipped with safety features such as overheat protection features, ensuring that they are safe for use and provide peace of mind.

6) Easy to maintain: Unlike traditional fireplaces, wall mount types are easy to clean and maintain. They do not require professional cleaning services nor any mess compared to a wood-burning or gas fireplace which can leave ash behind making it an alluring option for those who run on tight schedules.

In conclusion, owning a wall-mounted fire provides both practicality and aesthetic appeal at the same time while being affordable. It is an energy-efficient way of creating warmth and ambiance without hefty spending while adding comfort to your home. So why not join the trend of taking advantage of these great benefits by purchasing one and enjoy cozy warm nights all winter long!

Choosing the Perfect Style and Size of Wall Mount Fire Place for Your Space

Wall mount fireplaces have become a popular choice for homeowners because they offer a stylish and modern solution to heating their homes. They come in various styles and sizes, making them suitable for different rooms and interior design schemes. When it comes to choosing the perfect style and size of wall mount fireplace for your space, there are several factors that you need to consider such as functionality, aesthetics, heating capacity, and safety features.

The first thing to consider when choosing a wall mount fireplace is its functionality. You need to determine the purpose of the fireplace. Are you looking for additional heat source or simply a decorative element? If you want a functional fireplace that will provide ample warmth during cold winter nights, then you should pick one with high heating capacity. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about aesthetics than function, then you can choose an electric model with realistic flames but low heat output.

After determining the functionality of your preferred wall mount fireplace, the next factor to consider is its aesthetics. Wall mount fireplaces are available in different styles and designs ranging from traditional models with realistic flame effects or sleek modern designs with clean lines and minimalist features. To ensure that it complements your existing decor scheme, select one that matches your room’s overall aesthetic appeal.

When choosing the perfect size of wall mount fireplace for your space, consider two essential factors: room size and ceiling height. The rule of thumb is that larger rooms will require larger fireplaces while smaller spaces demand smaller-sized models since it needs less heating capacity.

Additionally taken into consideration safety measures – Choose a wall-mount product certified by safety organizations like CSA (Canadian Standards Association) or UL (Underwriters Laboratory). As an important note do not install any kind of appliance behind curtains or too close to furniture which endangers yourself from accidental burns.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect style and size of wall mount fireplace entails taking into account several aspects: functionally serving as both heat source direct to you and also as an alluring decor that will elevate the vibe of your living space. Make sure you consider factors like heating capacity, aesthetics, room size, ceiling height, and safety features when making your final choice.
With these tips on hand take the time to choose wisely to enjoy unforgettable fireplace experience ahead!

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Wall Mount Fire Place in Top Condition

As the temperatures begin to drop and the frost starts forming on our windows, we all crave for a cozy and warm ambiance in our homes. The sound of fire crackling in the fireplace while enjoying a good book or movie is hard to resist. And with modern designs integrating technological advancements, getting a wall mount fireplace has become more accessible than ever before.

Wall mount fireplaces not only offer warmth, but they add elegance and style to your home as well. However, like any other appliance, these sleek innovations require maintenance to prolong their lifespan and ensure that they continue to operate at optimum efficiency. Here are some simple tips to keep your wall mount fireplace in top condition:

1. Read the manufacturer instructions – Before installing or attempting any maintenance on your wall mount fireplace, make sure that you have thoroughly read through the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines. This will help you understand how your unit works and avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

2. Keep it clean – Wall mounted electric fireplaces accumulate dust over time which can cause a decrease in performance and lead to overheating hazards. To prevent this from happening, take some time once a week to wipe down the exterior of your unit with a damp cloth.

3. Avoid overuse – Daily usage is perfectly fine; however, extended use may result in excess wear-and-tear on electrical wiring within your wall-mounted unit.

4. Check for damage – Over months or even years of constant use minor damages such as frayed wires or switches can occur within your wall-mount fireplace leading it to malfunction if left unchecked . Regularly checking for these issues helps ensure safe operation.

5.Be Mindful Of What You Place On Your Mount Fireplace- Placing items around the fan grill can obstruct air circulation making it harder for heat distribution.Our experts recommend having atleast 3 feet free space around them when placing objects near them

In conclusion, owning a wall mount fireplace brings many benefits but maintaining its condition is crucial for safe and efficient operation. By following these simple tips outlined above, you can be sure that your wall mount fireplace provides warmth and comfort throughout the winter months while keeping your home safe from any hazards associated with the unit’s upkeep.

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