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Cozy and Convenient: The Benefits of a Corner Electric Fireplace with TV Above

How to Install a Corner Electric Fireplace with TV Above: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installing a corner electric fireplace with a TV above can be a great way to add both warmth and style to your living room, without sacrificing on space. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get the job done right.

Before we start, here are some important things to keep in mind:

– Safety first: Always turn off the electricity before beginning any installation work.
– Check your local building codes: Some areas may have specific regulations about fireplace installations.
– Measure twice, cut once: Make sure you have accurate measurements of the space where you plan to install the fireplace and TV before starting.

Step 1: Choose Your Spot

The first step is to choose where you want your corner electric fireplace and TV. Look for a spot that’s far enough away from furniture, curtains or other flammable items. Consider how traffic will flow around the area so that everyone can comfortably watch their favorite shows while enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Step 2: Find Your Power Source

Next, determine your power source. You’ll need an electrical outlet near your planned location. Check if it is functioning properly or if there are any repairs needed.

Step 3: Assembly

If your corner electric fireplace comes in multiple pieces such as legs or frame around it; assemble each part in appropriate position according to direction being dictated by manufacturer’s manual so that they are secured properly into place.

Step 4: Mount Your TV Brackets

Mounting brackets should be attached securely onto wall at proper height and distance from heat source to ensure maximum comfort for watching television while still maintaining safe distance away from flames generated by electric fireplace unit.

Step 5: Install Fireplace Unit & TV Above It

Attach all necessary hardware (brackets or stand) onto back side of flat-screen ­TV; then align well with mounting brackets fastened on wall behind, so that both visual appeal and safety are reached simultaneously.

Step 6: Connect Electrical and turn on unit (plug in)

After installation make sure that fireplace and TV are properly plugged in, switched on, and functioning correctly. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for how to do this.

In conclusion, installing a corner electric fireplace with a TV above can add both warmth and style to your living room. Take the time to measure correctly, choose a safe location, install all necessary parts securely , connect all electrical parts well then you’ll be enjoying your cozy new addition in no time!

FAQs About the Pros and Cons of a Corner Electric Fireplace with TV Above

Corner electric fireplaces with a TV installed above them are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. While they look stylish, efficient and can help to maximize space, many homeowners still have some queries about the advantages and disadvantages of these units. Therefore, before investing in one for your home, it is vital to know what you are getting into.

To ensure that you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this blog as a go-to guide on everything there is to know about corner electric fireplaces with TVs ‘above’ it.


1. Saves Space: One of the primary reasons a corner electric fireplace with a TV installed above it is popular is because they preserve space while delivering functionality. With many modern homes featuring open concept spaces or smaller living quarters, you want an appliance that can save every bit of space possible.

2. Easy Installation: Another advantage is how easy this unit is to install compared to traditional fireplaces; You don’t need any major renovations or professional installation services; all you need is a nearby electrical outlet.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: A corner electric fireplace with an integrated TV adds sophistication and style to your living room décor – this combo unit complements both contemporary and traditional décor effortlessly.

4. Safe for Kids and Pets: Electric fireplaces pose less danger than gas or wood-burning alternatives since they don’t produce smoke, fumes or sparks which could cause harm or damage when in use. Plus, these types of units typically come equipped with child lock features ensuring your children don’t access them easily.


1. Electrical Power requirements: Since corner electric fireplaces consume electricity throughout their operation lifespan, they require plenty of power to run smoothly consistently – which translates into increased energy consumption at home (although still cheaper than gas).

2. Reduced Ambience: Corner electric fireplaces may not exude the same enticing warmth as real fires do; This might prove disappointing if ambiance matters to you.

3. Limited Heat Output: Electric fireplaces are not as effective as a primary heat source for large rooms since they emit low amounts of heat.

4. Placement Restrictions: One of the main drawbacks of corner-mounted electric Efireplaces is that while you achieve a cozy spot amidst your living room furniture; However, mounting the TV above it could make your neck strain or crane when looking up for long periods.


Corner electric fireplaces with an integrated TV above it is a great way to add functionality, aesthetic appeal and save space in modern homes. However, before investing in one, consider their installation requirements, energy consumption levels and reduced heating output compared to traditional alternatives- if ambiance matters to you. We hope this go-to guide has been helpful and insightful enough so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this unit would suit your home perfectly!

Top 5 Facts to Consider When Choosing a Corner Electric Fireplace with TV Above

Corner electric fireplaces with TV above are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. They provide a cozy atmosphere and can also act as a decorative focal point in any room. However, choosing the right corner electric fireplace with a TV can be overwhelming. There are various options available on the market and selecting one from them could be difficult. In this blog section, we’ll highlight the top five facts to consider when choosing a corner electric fireplace with TV above.

1) Size of your room

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a corner electric fireplace is the size of your room. If you have a small room, it’s wise to choose a compact fireplace that blends well with your space while providing enough warmth for everyone. On the other hand, if you have ample space in your living room or bedroom, consider going for larger models that exude grandeur and make an impressive statement.

2) Heating Capacity

It’s natural to expect an electric fireplace to produce heat; however, not all fireplaces are created equal when it comes to heating capacity. Before making any purchase, ensure you do some research on heating capacity best suited for your needs so that everyone who spends time in your home feels comfortable and cozy during winter months.

3) Quality Matters

Another important factor you should keep in mind is quality. Ensure that you invest in high-quality products as they will last longer and function better than those cheap knockoffs available on discount websites like Amazon or eBay.

4) Electric Fireplace Technology

In today’s world where energy conservation efforts are at the forefront, technological advancements have led to several energy-efficient alternatives such as LED lighting which consume less power than traditional filament bulbs or halogen lights yet provide brighter illumination without compromising on aesthetics.

5) Style Factor

Last but not least, style factor plays a crucial role as well depending upon personal preferences of an individual which determine how aesthetically pleasing their choice has been made over choosing a fireplace with top-notch quality outputs. There are different styles and designs to choose from, such as contemporary or traditional, which can completely transform a living space. Therefore, it’s essential to keep in mind your style preferences while selecting the best electric corner fireplace for your home.

In conclusion, there are several aspects you should consider when choosing a corner electric fireplace with TV above. From room size and heating capacity, quality, technology advancements to style factor; each of them plays a significant role regarding the overall appeal of the product. With these top five factors in mind, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that will enhance your space and give you endless comfort throughout winter months like never before!

Designing Your Living Room around a Corner Electric Fireplace with TV Above

Designing your living room around a corner electric fireplace with TV above can create a stylish and functional space that will become the heart of your home. A corner electric fireplace is the perfect addition to any living room, providing warmth and ambiance while saving valuable floor space. Pairing it up with a TV placed above it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows for comfortable viewing without straining your neck.

Here are some helpful tips on how to get started in designing your living room around a corner electric fireplace.

1. Choose the right spot

Find the best location for your corner electric fireplace that will complement other furniture pieces in the room. This often means finding an underused or overlooked corner of your living room, whether it be near a window or behind a sofa, where you can build out an integrated wall unit featuring both the TV and the fireplace.

2. Determine the best size

The size of your electric fireplace should match perfectly with that of your television screen overhead, considering not just their dimensions but also their proportion. Aim for at least 6 inches of space between them so they don’t look cramped together or visually clash when turned on simultaneously.

3. Consider style & finishing

Pick out styles, materials and finishes that work well together both in functionality and design-wise as well. Contrasting colors like black or white against wood tones such as walnut or maple could give you two distinct looks depending on what works best for you aesthetically.

4. Create built-in storage

Incorporating ample storage into this integrated media wall can keep cords organized, hide components and reduce clutter in general especially since there are likely to be many devices connected to the TV – Gaming consoles, streaming boxes etcetera may need specific types of ports which require dedicated cubbies or shelves into which they’re discreetly tucked away

5. Accessorize with décor items

Accessories like vases, plants, pictures frames etc. placed on top of the unit, can give it a personalized look and feel while integrating seamlessly with the surrounding space. Strategically selected statement pieces like large artistic objects, sculptures or statement lighting fixtures could be added to complete the look.

In conclusion, designing your living room around a corner electric fireplace with TV above creates a modern and stylish atmosphere that is not only functional but also cozy and practical. With these helpful tips in mind, you are well on your way to creating a beautiful and unique living space that you can truly enjoy!

The Benefits of Modernizing Your Home with a Corner Electric Fireplace with TV Above

In today’s modern world, our homes are no longer just a place of refuge and relaxation. They have become hubs of entertainment, family bonding, and social gatherings. With the rise of home theaters, game rooms, and smart TVs, we’ve seen a significant shift in the way we interact with these spaces. However, incorporating these technological advancements into our homes can be tricky when it comes to maintaining design aesthetics. That’s where a corner electric fireplace with TV above comes in – one of the best ways to modernize your home with both style and function.

When it comes to location awareness and space optimization, nothing beats a corner fireplace. It occupies an underutilized area of your room while providing visual warmth and ambiance that is unmatched by any other home appliance. And when paired with an integrated TV above it creates an elevated level of coziness and convenience that every homeowner craves.

With the advent of electricity-powered fireplaces, gone are the days when one had to go through all the hassles of installation, cleaning up ash residue or gas connections requiring ventilation systems which were not only time consuming but also posed safety hazards as well.

Moreover having an electrical fireplace ensures better air quality inside your home; eliminating pollution caused either by charcoal-based logs or fumes escaping from natural gas! And let’s not forget about unplugging yourself from combating seasonal/festive outdoor pollution since you can enjoy indoor festivities just as comfortably while comfortably nestled around this corner electric fireplace!

And while converting traditional wood-burning chimneys or burning stoves weren’t very user-friendly for small apartments or houses who could do without one altogether given their urban surroundings where they have several fuel alternatives readily available.For instance- you could avoid cramped living spaces by investing in this compact yet fully functional corner electric fireplace adding style elements like hand-carved mantel pieces; stone surround finishes; glass doors with optionality for thematic nature surrounding such as pebbles or faux log embers.The designs can go from elegant and sophisticated to contemporary chic making it a perfect option for every homeowner with diverse preferences.

Additionally, corner electric fireplaces save home owners money after the initial investment as there isn’t any ongoing factory upkeep or maintenance fees attached to it. It’s not only visually sleek and an excellent conversation/piece of beauty but also adds economic value in terms of heating your room efficiently without driving up your electrical energy bills sky high- What’s even better is that electrical fire places consume much less power than regular gas-operated ones allowing you to enjoy a cozy night without stressing about paying excessively high heating bills! By leveraging this smart alternative source, you are might be surprised when you check how much money you end up saving annually !

Last but not least one of the best features that come with having a corner electric fireplace that comes built-in alongside a TV affords homeowners more flexible watch options irrespective of their angle view. As in some cases, Television sets on open shelves may cause screen distortions with angles; thus by piercing below the wall-mounted screens above your electric set helps reduce visual strain caused by these limitations altogether!

In summary, modernizing your home may sound like an expensive ordeal but upgrading it with a corner electric fireplace should now definitely sit higher up on your “to-do list.” These convenient appliances offer various benefits ranging from saving money & preventative costs while offering stylish space-saving methods whilst providing easy installation! Not only do these units give off cozy vibes during winter seasons, but they act as focal points around which families bond over dinners /chatting sessions-or have long-overdue movie nights uninterrupted by external disturbances.

Make sure to invest in one to see what suits your total décor scheme best – since when done right- an electric corner fireplace bears no benefit limits for every homeowner wanting to leverage a perfectly harmonious retrofit into their homes!!

Making a Statement: Showcasing Your Style with a Corner Electric Fireplace With TV Above.

There’s no denying that a fireplace can add a stylish and functional touch to your home. It not only provides warmth but also creates an ambiance that can transform any room into a cozy space you’ll love to snuggle up in. But what about when you have limited space or don’t want to sacrifice floor space for a traditional fireplace? Enter the corner electric fireplace with TV above – this innovative solution will add both style and practicality, making it the perfect statement piece for your home.

Firstly, let’s talk about the design of the corner electric fireplace with TV above. Often, when we think of a fireplace in a traditional sense, we picture them on the main wall, taking up most of its surface area. However, with cramped apartments and limited living spaces becoming more common in modern times, designing rooms around smaller furniture items has become essential. A corner electric fireplace provides everything you need from a traditional one but takes up less space, freeing up other valuable areas. By using previously unused corners as opposed to dominantly protruding out from walls like regular fireplaces do – it maximizes available layouts.

Moreover, combining an electric fireplace with TV increases saves time needed to install separate tools like cable conduits which clutter wall surfaces or use lots of vertical room height by placing each appliance independently using shelves or brackets. In fact mounting televisions directly above fireplaces is now one of the top trends for maximizing small interiors today and yet still maintain that element of drama inside our households- thanks to the combination sleek LED lights creating that relaxing glow on cold long nights.

Another benefit is that an electric model offers flexibility- unlike its gas counterpart which would require major construction work such as adding gas lines etc., installing an electrical-powered heating system is straightforward- connect it into an outlet and voila! You’re ready to go -and with extra added features such as remote control functions over temperature settings digital thermostats plus how easily replaceable the LED screen material is, it makes such fireplaces an effortless home appliance experience.

Decor-wise a corner electric fireplace with TV above offers a plethora of design opportunities as well -due to its uniqueness! Fireplaces are not just limited to being cozy warm things and easy-to-use now but also have become important pieces that you can decorate with bringing your personality into focus. Some examples include installing accents like flowers or potted plants on each side of the fireplace, framing it with chic frames or mantels adding personal touches with DIY artwork- anything that reflects your style and what you usually love around will work wonders!

In conclusion, having a corner electric fireplace with TV above is both practical and stylish- perched indeed in whichever living space it adds tons of beauty and sophistication. It’s not just limited to usage in small domestic settings but also perfect for commercial spaces such as restaurants, lounges and lobbies where space is at a premium yet that element of drama still remains desired to create uniquely styled environments.

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