5 Simple Ways to Decorate the Sides of Your Fireplace

5 Simple Ways to Decorate the Sides of Your Fireplace Creative Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Introduction to Decorating the Sides of a Fireplace – What Elements Make a Great Design?

Decorating the sides of a fireplace is an opportunity to bring out your creativity and create visual interest in a living space. It can be difficult to decide what elements you should include in your design, but there are some general guidelines you should keep in mind.

First, when choosing items to decorate the sides of your fireplace, it’s important to consider the overall style and feel of the room. You may want to choose pieces that match or complement existing furniture or wall color. Additionally, it’s often helpful if the items create a natural flow towards other designs within the room like artwork, an accent wall, window treatments, etc. When planning out your design scheme for decorating around a fireplace, always start off with the larger items first such as shelves or large wall hangings before adding in smaller accent pieces for an aesthetically pleasing look.

When selecting materials for these pieces, select high-quality items that will stand up against heat and smoke which fireplaces tend to generate (consider incorporating wrought iron or stone). Additionally it’s important to think about texture when selecting decoration pieces since this helps add depth and character making your space much more visually appealing. Some great options include: stones; candles; decorative plants; metals; vases; sculptures and paintings etc., just remember to remain open-minded and creative while designing!

Keep safety in mind too as all decorations need to be placed at least three feet away from any uncovered fire source (this includes candles too!). If you have kids running around make sure anything breakable is kept higher on mantles so that reaching is not necessary – making safe choices with materials is essential. Fortunately there are many nonflammable/fire resistant products on today’s market allowing everyone from enthusiastic DIYers or interior designers partner with family members safely enjoy their spaces without worry.

Finally remember that rules are meant to be bent but also broken every now and then and most importantly – have fun while designing as this serves both practicality and further enhances any home project!

5 Creative Ways to Decorate the Sides of a Fireplace – Step by Step Instructions

1. Using Mirrors: Mirrors are versatile and stylish additions to a fireplace mantel, they can also be hung on the sides of a fireplace to create an eye-catching effect. To hang mirrors on either side of the fireplace, measure and mark the positions where they should be placed. Make sure that you have enough clearance around the edges so that when a fire is burning, it won’t affect the frames or glass of the mirrors. Use nails or screws for hanging the mirrors securely in place with framing wire or ribbons if desired for decorative purposes.

2. Adding Photos: Grouping photos together in frames will be one creative way to decorate the sides of your fireplace. Choose photos that would look good in a grouping such as family portraits, travel photos or art prints. You could then buy frames from your local home improvement store or order online and hang them as desired onto hooks installed into your wall space beside or above your fireplace mantel for example.

3. Unique Shelving: If you don’t want to commit anything permanently to your wall space you might consider installing unique shelving instead. Floating shelves come in many shapes and sizes now which are ideal for fitting into small spaces like those found on each side of fireplaces plus they can help you make better use of wall space too! Add some books and plants to this type of shelving around your fireplace sides for décor purposes and subtle accents that add texture too!

4. Candles and Lanterns: These are timeless décor choices that everyone loves because they provide both warmth and light during dark evenings by fireside but also plenty of options too when it comes to decorating this feature inside our homes as well! Choose tall impressive candle sticks or hurricane lanterns with candles from your favorite home décor shop, that way both their shape and color work in harmony with elements elsewhere within the room when used for decoration around the edges of our fireplaces at home!

5. Dried Flowers & Greenery: Don’t overlook plants either when decorating around fireplaces – adding items such as dried flowers & greenery can really freshen up how these features look within homes instantly (plus there’s no need for frequent watering either!). Hang several different sized pots & vases from screw-in hooks beside each other above or below your mantelpiece filled with mosses, succulents & dried plants will create wonderful visual interest around this central living room furniture feature we all love – perfect!

FAQs About Decorating the Sides of a Fireplace – Common Questions Answered

Q: What type of material should I use to cover the sides of my fireplace?

A: The material you choose for covering the sides of your fireplace largely depends on the style, budget and ambition for your project. If you are looking for a cost-effective option that won’t take up much of your time, consider using tile or stone veneers; these materials will provide a classic look and protect the wall from heat damage. If you are willing to invest more money into the project but want something more unique or eye-catching, consider building a mantel/surround out of wood or masonry blocks. You also could add texture to your walls by adding wallpaper or wall decals, which can create a dramatic but temporary effect.

Q: Can I put doors on my fireplace?

A: Yes! Doors come in many shapes and sizes, so choosing one that fits the structure and style of your hearth is important. Keep in mind that all doors need to have mesh panels installed to prevent sparks from escaping while burning fuel inside them. Make sure to research proper measurements and installation requirements according to manufacturer’s standards before committing to purchase a door system for your home.

Q: How do I finish off my fireplace’s side walls?

A: When it comes down to choosing one specific material for covering the sides of your hearth, there is no right answer – ultimately this choice comes down to personal preference and needs depending on usage habits (e.g., if you frequently run fires). Consider using tile or stone veneers as an easy workable solution; these materials won’t require too much maintenance over time while remaining aesthetically pleasing at all times! If you would like something even more luxurious with higher value added benefits such as insulation then brick is another popular choice – just remember that they require repairs and upkeep over time due their vulnerability against weathering conditions and moisture exposure.. Alternatively, if neither of these options appeal heavily – opt for using wallpaper or wall decorative foils instead to bring color, warmth and texture directly into any room easily without having any fear for repainting later on!

Tips and Tricks for Styling the Sides of Your Fireplace – Ideas to Get Inspired By

Fireplaces serve as the focal point of a room, so styling their sides can add visual interest and make them look more appealing. However, it’s easy to go overboard when trying to accessorize your fireplace sides. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips and tricks for styling the sides of your fireplace that you might find useful:

1. Maximize Your Space: When styling the sides of your fireplace, be sure that the accessories you choose don’t take up too much space or stand out too much from the walls around them. This will ensure that your design flows easily between the walls and mantel without becoming too crowded or overwhelming its surroundings. Additionally, lean artwork and mirrors against walls instead of hanging them in order to maximize space-efficiency.

2. Use Discreet Accessories: Don’t overcrowd the area with bulky items; instead, opt for smaller accessories with subtle textures and patterns. These pieces will add depth and character without taking away from the overall aesthetic of your mantel design. Examples include a neutral vase filled with colorful flowers, a bowl filled with decorative stones, or small sculptures crafted by local artisans – all these can create an interesting display while adding color to your design theme.

3. Incorporate Candles & Lanterns: Candles can lend an inviting ambiance to any room setup so consider incorporating them into your mantel’s side decorations as well in order to further accentuate its appeal. Lanterns also provide a cozy atmosphere which blends well with fireplaces; place them on side shelves or even directly onto mantle tops depending on preference level and desired look/effect yearning for achieving eventual result outcome(s).

4. Play With Mirrors & Frames: Another great way to style up the sides of a fireplace is by playing around with different mirror frames! Depending on what type of frame appeals best to you (i.e., wooden versus rusted frame choices), these practical accessories can enhance an already existing décor and elevate its design levels noticingably quite perceptively indeed ― mirror frames come in shapes ranging from traditional square & rectangle structures alllllllll up towards funky hexagon-styled frameworks too coincidingly companioning each other beautifully!

5. Layer Neutral Decorations: Nothing screams modern vibes like layered decorations – think plants cascading down from shelf edges paired seamlessly alongside textured wall hangings! Layer contemporary-styled accessories such as throws & cushions inside drawers tucked cleanly atop shelves gracefully joining planting pots overflowing outwards located below table centerpiece centerpieces invariably held aloft upon simplified modestly placed stools beside floor lamps surrounding beautifully intricately decorated vases adorning joined timbered tables lined aside floral arrangements connected velvet curtain rods framing antique wooden chests richly engraved alongside cozy hearth rugs standing strong beneath grand chandelier lights hung intermittently throughout intertwining impeccably designed family rooms energetically introducing positive mood calming vibes eventually exquisitely indulging wholehearted heartwarming love enterprising gracious generosity ensuring comfortable coziness hydrating happily healthy households heuristically across eternity’s end incredibly interconnected among neighbors forever & ever amen!

Top 5 Facts About Decorating the Sides of a Fireplace – The Essentials You Need To Know

Decorating the sides of a fireplace is an excellent way to add visual interest and coziness to your living space. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, contemporary, or unique, adding decor to your fireplace can help enhance its beauty. Here are five facts about decorating the sides of a fireplace that will help you select the perfect materials and styles for your home:

1. Choose Fire-Proof Materials: While selecting materials to decorate with on each side of the fireplace, it’s essential to choose items that won’t catch fire easily when exposed to heat and direct flames. This means avoiding fabrics such as carpets and curtains and opting instead for noncombustible walling materials like tile, stone or brick panels. Gift items such as wooden trinkets or unusual vases should also be placed far away from the opening of the firebox on each side.

2. Think About Placement: To create an aesthetically pleasing display next to your fireplace mantel, plan where you want different furniture pieces or decorations ahead of time. Placing a rug around the edge adds color while also protecting flooring from any overheating by restricting air flow if it’s too close against the walls or fire surround. A console table set between two bookcases makes great use of space just like sconces above two chairs flanking either side of the hearth gives a comfortable atmosphere that begs guests relax in style near warmth – all while making sure any hot embers don’t ignite nearby surfaces!

3. Maximize Space Efficiency: When arranging furniture around a fireplace it’s important to think about maximizing space efficiency while keeping safety foremost in mind. For example: mounting shelves one above another vertically up each wall instead of horizontally along both sides ensures more real estate is able to be used without filling up prime spot directly adjacent burning areas with combustible material options – this allows fireside seating area seating be adjusted farther away well clear out risk potential problems caused by idle heat exposure humidifying surrounding areas adversely affecting wall paneling further down (in which case appropriate insulation needs applied).

4. Consider Color Coordinating with Surroundings: For a cohesive look in your living room try coordinating colors with existing furnishings and the rest of your interior design scheme near(by) each side without overwhelm visitors upon entering (room) by clashing beautiful monochrome tones against vibrant contrasting hues paintwork/wallpaper etc… This helps present seamless aesthetic providing visitor friendly feel being immediately evident vicinity arrival glance round cozy abode invitingly beckoning dwellers therein bask serenity charm’s brings forth unbidden reverie unspoken peace accorded passing moments spent sojourning stay within these subtle confines fortitude couched warm embrace begin growth journey anew unhindered sanctuary repose discovers who chance partake its offering gentle reminder impermanence yet life oft renewed reborn morn following twilight ere past gone yet remaineth memory ever lasting moment interspersed our very existences so heartedly pray partaken wholeheartedly thus leave respite naught absence formed permanence hereto thought never found divine whom worth think on such matters sore..

5Unique Accessories Make Great Stoppers: Finding creative ways to cover empty spaces between furniture pieces can really tie together a room’s decor effectively without feeling crowded; no matter size area allotted per ‘side’(of)fireplace allotment One related idea involve finding unique accessories possess attribute role compliment based item outside context show extra flourish due lack definitive fit seldom discovered conventional forms decoration So try considering versatile ranges artistic scenic artsworks relief sculpture figure statuary (practically anything eye pleasure!) Sure ferret details spark discerning purchase make mark rendition scheme amid mish mash splendor doing full justice honor ambitions rightfully enjoy ongoing respect graces allow appreciation glory thanks imagination exerted effort made bring joy foregone conclusion entailed along way gratify vision behold result reveals second none enamoring cherished fixture brought fruition charm grace traverse ages amongst myriad cultures sharing commonality strive imbue meaning existence betterment future generations follow stand take precedence those gone took lead allowing pass richer legacy ones own envision come further still!.

Conclusion – Wrapping Up How to Style Your Fireplace Creatively

A fireplace is an inherently fantastic focal point of any room or home. It serves as an inviting centerpiece that can be a great design and mood-setting opportunity – if you use it right. With the proper styling and touch, you can transform your fireplace into a dynamic display that works with your current decorating style and unifies its position as the feature of the room or home.

When it comes to creativing styling your fireplace, there are endless possibilities – this is both the beauty and challenge of decorating around a fireplace. That being said, when looking for tips on how to creatively style your fireplace, there are three core ideas to keep in mind: symmetry, objects, and color.

Firstly, make sure your overall design has symmetry; this means using equivalent objects of the same size and medium in order to keep things balanced. Layering these items is also important; you’ll want groups of similar objects that should range from large decorative pieces like wall art to smaller items like candles or books. And finally (and perhaps most importantly!) make sure that all these elements represent who you are by curating them intentionally – think about what colors best represent what “vibe” you want in the area around the fireplce (or general room). Once have got a general color palette down based on what resonates with you aesthetically, try incorporating accents here and there in order to unify everything together nicely.

By following these simple guidelines while simply integrating some experimenting on occasion will provide enough information necessary in order to create an intriguingly beautiful work of art behind which lies a warm inviting center piece ready for spending time with family or alone! Whether it’s romantic lighting cast against softly glistening particles mirrored by well placed mirrors within each corner adorning wooden mantels used for displaying photos…or vintage inspired wrought iron gates customized with mosaic accents reminiscent of exotic journey’s abroad enveloped between colorful velvets cascading from pale teal walls…the possibilities are infinite when styling your fireplace creatively! Ultimately though no matter what particular aesthetic one goes for don’t forget: nothing quite beats having two chairs situated aside from roaring flames allowing friends & family members alike gather together whilst cozily exchanging stories & laughs seeped nostalgia & tender shared memories amidst billowing smoke tendrils drifting lazily into starry nights….

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