5 Creative Ways to Decorate the Sides of Your Fireplace

5 Creative Ways to Decorate the Sides of Your Fireplace Fireplace Maintenance Tips

What is Fireplace Side Decor?: An overview of what it means to decorate the sides of a fireplace.

Fireplace Side Decor is the process of bringing an enhanced, stylish and decorative touch to the sides of a fireplace, which are often overlooked in home decorating. It can give any living room an entirely new look, with an added layer of warmth and elegance. There are plenty of ways to use this type of decoration, depending on the size and shape of your fireplace as well as your personal style.

One option is to find artwork that fits within the dimensions of the sides and mantlepiece. This could be just about anything from painting to prints or photographs – something that reflects you or your family’s individual style. Alternatively, you could opt for a simple yet chic element such as wallpaper or a wooden panel installation which would add texture while maintaining the overall clean lines of your space.

For a cost-effective solution, try adding shelves either side of your hearth; these can work wonders in terms of storage whilst being great backdrop fo books or plants. To give it more character, consider some up-cycled frames or shelving units complete with bright accents like throws and cushions will help bring that extra bit sparkle such as candle holders or glassware that glistens when light hit it at different angles for increased impact.

Fireplace side decor is about taking advantage of available space whereas extending its features by letting it reflect much more than just firewood! With some creative ideas and thoughtfully chosen pieces from various sources this section stands out in any home which creates the perfect atmosphere for anyone coming into the room

Tips for Elevating Your Fireplace’s Look: Five steps to enhance the appearance of your fireplace with decor.

1. Make a Statement with the Fireplace Mantel: The fireplace mantel is arguably the focal point of any fireplace. To elevate its look, choose an eye-catching design that stands out in the room. Whether you opt for a traditional or modern option, have fun with this statement piece and coordinate other accents around it like artwork, vases and candles to give it more presence. You may also choose to add texture or contrast to its frame with painting techniques or wallpapering.

2. Install a Fireplace Screen: While a glass fire screen isn’t necessary for safety reasons when your fireplace is not in use, installing one will help take fireplaces’ aesthetic appeal up a notch by adding extra dimension and color. The vast selection of options on the market gives an opportunity to find something that matches both the style of your home as well as your personal taste perfectly.

3. Add Shelving Above and Beside Your Mantle: Additional shelves above or beside your mantle can really add visual interest, allowing you to show off special items like books, photos and artwork that might otherwise be forgotten in tucked away places throughout your home. It can also offer additional storage space for smaller items like candles and figurines you want on display year-round without taking up too much room on top of your fireplace mantel itself.

4. Adorn with Accent Pieces: When creating balance around your fireplace it’s important to remember that minimalism is key; decor should draw attention but be subtle enough not to overwhelms viewers – consider wall sconces or a painting mounted in either direction near or at the sides of your mantle instead of cluttering objects directly onto it while still keeping layers intact.

5 Refresh the Paint Around Your Fireplace: A good way to upgrade some wow factor at no extra cost? A simple coat of paint! Applying fresh coats along your walls, door frames and shelving surrounding can all make drastic differences when it comes giving any area an “instant facelift”; if you’re really looking for another level update try using stenciled designs (or solid colors) into brick work areas near hearths for even more elevated results!

Ideas for Wall Hangings and Accessories for the Sides of a Fireplace: Inspirational photos of the different items that can be hung on the walls beside your fireplace and how you can use them to achieve desired looks.

Putting the right wall hangings and fireplace accessories on the sides of your fireplace is a surefire way to bring out its beauty, frame it aesthetically, and make it a feature of your room. Whether you are looking for something fun and whimsical, something striking or traditional, there are lots of options to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the best ideas for wall hangings and accessories to dress up your mantel:

Mirrors: Mirrors have been used to add depth and light to living rooms since ancient times. By hanging a mirror over the mantel or an oversized one beside the fireplace, you will be able to reflect more light in addition to creating an elegant ambiance. Additionally mirrors help create the illusion of larger spaces when in actuality they take very little physical space.

Artwork: Art prints give you much scope for personalization – pick oil paintings that depict family memories or get abstract artwork within hues that complement the existing décor. An inspiring canvas print in landscape view creates instant style while framed limited edition photographs on either side can be just what your space needs. To tie in with other elements such as photo frames and candlesticks, find pieces with gilded frames which greatly add value to any corner in a room.

Wall Sconces: An often overlooked avenue for tricks with aesthetics – sconces add soft illumination around fireplaces without taking away from their grandeur; enhance further by adding arrangements consisting of flower petals or ornamental plants that make instant conversation starters! If you want something eye-catching yet understated opt for wrought iron designs painted white; adorning unique candle holders atop either side makes them stand out even more!

Fabrics & Tapestries: Choose from “art tapestry” wall hangings (in acrylic or wool) depicting country scenes or immortal moments recaptured; use coordinating fabrics running across curtains/ cushions/ rugs also tying into this art genre giving it boldness along with softness all at once!. Large scale fabric covered panels also look great if bordered by contrasting floral design wallpaper creating eye catching panels either side! Similarly vintage patchwork quilts look great when hung alongside totems or tribal masks bringing an ancient connect along with brilliant colour palette thereby increasing depth near fireplaces giving off distinct far east appeal!

No matter what combination you end up choosing – always bear in mind that one should balance beauty along with practicality when designing around any mantle adding just about enough amount of ornamentation as opposed overcrowding leading cause for aesthetic void!!

FAQs About Fireplace Side Decor: Common questions regarding side decor and fireplaces answered in detail.

Q: What type of materials should I use for fireplaceside decor?

A: Depending on the style of fireplace you have, there are numerous materials you can use for fireplace side decor. Brick and stone decorations such as mantle pieces or tiles are popular options for traditional fireplaces – try choosing a color to contrast with the natural tones of your wood and brick. For a modern look, consider metal pieces like sculptures or wall hangings. You can also accentuate your fireplace with glass objects such as vases, lamps, or plaques. When selecting materials, remember to choose pieces that will withstand direct heat from the flames without burning or discoloring.

Q: What kind of furniture should I include in my fireplace side decor?

A: Besides aesthetic appeal, adding furniture to a space around your fireplace can help create an inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating for family members and guests alike. If you want to keep the area cozy and avoid clutter, soft couches and chairs arranged in front of your hearth provide the perfect solution. Maximize seating by incorporating several small ottomans scattered around your room; they’re perfect for impromptu gatherings or just kicking back with a cup of coffee on lazy days at home.

Q: How can I decorate my fireplace sides without cluttering them?

A: Fireplace side decoration is all about staying organized while sprucing up the area with attractive elements. Instead of cramming many different items onto each side table or mantel shelf, pick simple items like candles and books to add style without cluttered chaos. Keeping crockery neatly stored in cabinets rather than displaying it around your burning corner will bring an uncluttered feel to an already-busy setting instead of taking away from its beauty. Additionally, draping sleek curtains along either side is a great way to give any room extra warmth and rustic charm without cramping this important section of your home into cramped alphabet soup!

Safety Tips When Hanging Items on Your Fireplace Sides: Suggestions for safely accessing, planning, and hanging decorations around your firebox (such as artwork).

When it comes to decorating around your fireplace, safety is always a priority. Whether you’re hanging artwork or other decorative items, proper planning and installation are key to keeping everyone and everything safe. Here are a few tips for safely accessing and hanging items around your firebox:

A strong foundation is essential – Before adding any decorations, ensure your structure is up to par by having your fireplace inspected and treated for any potential problems or wear-and-tear. A trusted pro can provide advice on the best materials for added stability if necessary.

Use appropriate fixtures – When it’s time to hang artwork or other decorations, use the proper items like hooks or fittings that meet fire safety standards. To limit holes in walls and surfaces near the firebox, opt for removable adhesive hangers that provide adequate support while eliminating visible fixings.

Keep an eye on clearances – It’s important to leave enough space between items and the stove to reduce strain on the appliances, which could lead to unnecessary wear-and-tear or damages over time; this includes making sure nothing obstructs the glass front of doors should these be present too.

Choose smarter materials – Consider using wall panels made with specialized composite material designed specifically for applications near stoves; they offer immunity from external influences such as extreme temperatures or changes in humidity. This helps add extra security against possible combustion incidents along with looking great decor-wise as well!

Overall, make sure you plan out where and how things need to go before attempting any kind of installation work in or around your firebox. With careful preparation along with quality hardware solutions suitable for each application, you can add some personality and beauty without compromising safety at all!

Top 5 Facts About Decorating Sides of Fireplaces: Highlighting the benefits or advantages of utilizing wall hangings and accessories when it comes to side decor around your fireplace

Decorating the sides of your fireplace can give any living space a finished, polished look that visually warms up both the room and mood of guests. Whether you choose wall hangings, accessories or other fun decorations, garnishing your fireplace with extra flair can make all the difference. Here are five reasons why you should start planning your side decor now:

1. Aesthetic Enhancement

The most obvious benefit of adorning the sides of your fireplace is an upgrade in aesthetic beauty. Wall hangings create subtle textiles that draw the eye and provide color contrast to any room. Whether it’s an extravagant painting to symbolize a family legacy or a small piece of art filled with vibrant shades, feeling inspired by what you see around you can make a significant impact on style preference and creativity within home design.

2. Visual Balance

Choosing items for side decor allows us to bring balance to our space in a stylish fashion by using appropriate size elements for adequate visual appeal without overpowering unnecessary clutter or overcrowding the space around the hearth.

3. Added Functionality

Garnishing both sides of your fireplace with useful items such as sword racks or bookshelves creates purposeful shelving that serves as storage instead of merely being decorative pieces gathering dust at home. Furthermore, these objects individually accentuate each side while blending together moody and modern styles to give definition and personality to one’s captivating focal point – The Fireplace!

4. Ambient Genuineness & Coziness

Nothing says inviting like surrounding yourself with humble yet elegant charm in front of an illuminated blazing fire place – because nothing beats real genuine ambience right? Whether it be a classic print or antique accessory such as silver candlesticks; softening up otherwise bland walls provides one’s living area with cozy vibes – so don’t forget about those photos from long ago hung on fine metal ropes!

5 . Room Temperature Improvement

“Heat rises” is not just common knowledge but also science – making fireplaces ideal for warming up an entire room by radiating atmospheric heat through guided airflow which winds around (pushing) upwards whilst increasing air circulation from minute particles binding onto walls outside those deep sandstone masonry nooks & crannies located behind shelves thus elevating its ambient temperature dispersal rate overall! So go ahead… grab some paint & some pinterest inspiration encourage creative flow when imagining ideas – then pick any hanged decorations suitable enough for maximum cosiness results whilst refreshingly reforming one’s living quarters at same time!

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